#Ghana60YearsOn: #MightyAfrican stories, thoughts and hopes

We called it the GhanaThink Foundation because we thought (and would continue to think) about Ghana. It's been more than 12 years since GhanaThink was born. It's also been a while since I did a blog post, or even wrote a piece for this #mightyafrican blog . Today is a great day to break that duck. Ghana is 60 years old ! We are celebrating, marking, reminiscing, criticizing, strategizing, thinking and doing.  I love #Ghana so much. It's great to mark #Ghana60YearsOn . #Morevim 4 all that we do. #GhanaAt60 : Less talk, more action. More vim to that. — Ato Ulzen-Appiah (@Abocco) March 6, 2017 To be frank, I am not as excited about Ghana, mostly because of our growth pace, development we can fell in around us and in our pockets and the politics and antics I've seen that are hurting Ghana and don't seem to be abating. However, I have always been excited about Ghana. More than 10 years ago, I decided to stop bothering and focusi

Activities Around National Volunteer Day 2021 (#NVDay21)

September 21 is NVDay! National Volunteer Day (NVDay) is an initiative of GhanaThink Foundation ’s Ghana Volunteer Program , which seeks to encourage volunteerism in Ghana, on or around every September 21st (Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day). It is a  holiday! For additional guidance, see past #NVDay activities via #NVDay on social media. Our hashtag is  #NVDay21 . Many of this year's activities have been listed on our  Facebook event , join and share with your friends to spread the word! Here are some activities you can participate in or inspire you to do something in your own corner.  More are loading - stay tuned to the hashtags for more! Blood donation drives via the National Blood Service The Korle Bu Blood Bank & Southern Zonal Blood Centre at Korle Bu are taking blood donations all week! Whatsapp the National Blood Service Ghana at 0277501010 to find a location nearer to you! Learn more via this link Reading Clinic in Buduburam on September 19 Contact: 0247513124 Read

Building Entreprising Communities & Creating Wealth - #AfricaDay2021

It is clear I write blog posts when inspired. Today was one of those days . Funny enough, earlier today, I had thought about what am I doing for Africa Day . You know the one that was made a holiday in Ghana within 201 and then was removed as a statutory holiday in 2017? The day on which the Organization of African Unity was formed, even as the OAU is now known as the AU ( African Union ). A day synonymous with Africa's Man of the 20th Century, Kwame Nkrumah. Yes, the guy I like to write to letters to (Letta to Osagyefo) . Anyway, Kwame Nkrumah is also famous for leading the formation of Tema, affectionately known as Ghana's Industrial City. On this Africa Day 2021, I shared about " Building Entreprising Communities & Creating Wealth " at the Rotary Club of Tema 's virtual meeting, inspired by the theme for Barcamp Tema 2019 .  Here is a summary of what I shared. I started by saying  " Happy Africa Day o !" with Diaspora Camp also in mind. I talke

Blogging Tips from The #MightyAfrican

This article first appeared on The Raw Africa in 2017. I have not been blogging as much since but I think these nuggets are still relevant.  Be consistent with what you blog about I started my first blog in 2005 on GhanaThink’s GhanaConscious platform. I was really passionate about Ghana’s development at the time. Hiplife had also become the dominant genre in Ghana and I love it, especially Obrafour. I wanted to marry development and music so I came up with Abocco’s blog — sounds on da ground and see-ins on the scenes . From the blog name, sounds have to do with music while ground means relevance. See-ins was a play on words about what I am seeing and was related to scenes which signifies what was happening in Ghana. I always blogged about Ghanaian songs and how they related to society. An example was a post about Obrafour’s Ako which touched on politics and verbal battles. I blogged often , at least once a month so that the blog didn’t become stale. You do not want a disappointed r

"If you no volunteer, wetin you gain?" National Volunteer Day

In 2013, the GhanaThink Foundation decided to institute National Volunteer Day - NVDay . This was to encourage many people in Ghana to volunteer, make an impact in our communities, help solve problems in ways we could, and help people. It wasn't just to help people, but help ourselves as volunteers : in building skills - especially soft skills, gaining experience, networks , etc. Info about the first couple of years are on Wikipedia . GhanaThink chose Founders' Day - September 21 . By volunteering around September 21, we would also be doing something for Ghana. On December 5, 2013, the Ghana Volunteer Program program (GVP) was created by GhanaThink to run National Volunteer Day and match volunteers to volunteer opportunities. Even though September 21 became Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day, it is still National Volunteer Day. In 2020, NVDay is encouraging the celebration of volunteers and for people to volunteer safely and creatively due to the corona virus pandemic. GVP team mem