Saturday, April 25, 2009

Probeverbs - a probe into proverbs

I am due for a blog post and though I have some ideas coming up, I'll leave y'all with this poem titled 'Probeverbs' I wrote a long time ago. Probeverbs is a play on probing proverbs. Chaa. Proverbs are wise sayings alright but sometimes they can be questioned. I definitely questioned some and in this poem, I probe the sanity and sense in some proverbs. Don't know if you will all agree with these sentiments but hey, I sometimes live to challenge the status quo. Rebellion is sometimes fun. Here goes.

Opinions are like noses
Everybody has one
Yet, each has its own smell
A bird in hand
Will fly away to the bush
Because it is safe there
He who laughs best
Is really enjoying the show
And will always laugh last
When the cat is away
The mouse will play
Because it is his day
A cat may look at a king
If it is real hungry
If not, the mouse is safe
Dance like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
And end your life like a bee
Speak up, be heard
Speech is silvern, silence
Not golden, it means consent
A hungry man is an angry man
Man is not only stomach
After eating, don’t irritate him
Who made all those proverbs
Early to bed, let’s debate that quote
Makes man wealthy, wise and remote

Friday, April 17, 2009

NBA Awards 2008-2009 - I love this game

The NBA regular season ended on Wednesday and ze MIghTy African is going to chip in on the debate for various season-ending awards. I am also going to hand out a few awards that I have patented (in case, the folks at ESPN) are reading. Yes, Bill Simmons is my hero. Let's get into the awards already.

Most Valuable Player (MVP)
I think this year's MVP decision is the easiest as far as I can remember. Lebron James was the most dominant player in the league and his team had the best record. They had basically the same team with the addition of Mo Williams but Ben Wallace, Ilgauskas, Delonte West all missed time. The guy led his team in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals. That takes the cake right there. Second on my ballot is Dwyane Wade, third is Dwight Howard, fourth is Kobe and fifth is a tie between Chauncey Billups and Chris Paul.

Rookie of the Year
This one is tough and though Russell Westbrook and OJ Mayo should get some credit, this one is between Stanford alum Brook Lopez, and Derrick Rose. Brook Lopez is going to be an All-Star in this league and I think he's been great, he's even dominated some established centers/big men this season. Derrick Rose gets my vote because Chicago made the postseason and he sas near the top for rookies in points and assists.

Most Improved
This award is always the toughest due to criteria selection. Danny Granger was an all-star and scored a bunch of points but the biggest surprise was Devin Harris. For him to command the Nets team from Vince Carter and score like 40 points early in the season, was like 'Booyah! In your face'. In one season, he had become a leader on a team with a big increase in points and assists. Others are Thaddeus Young, Paul Millsap and David Lee.

Sixth Man
Jason Eugene Terry wins this one for his consistency. I know he's supposed to be a starter but these days, people are put on the bench for specific reasons. Terry was put on the bench so that Dallas would have bench scoring and he delivered. Pretty simple. Others will be Travis Outlaw, J.R. Smith, Nate Robinson and Lamar Odom.

Coach of the Year
I know Nate McMillan's team didn't have as many injuries as others but he's my choice here. People expected the Blazers to make the playoffs, but to be the 4th seed? Brandon Roy is a third-year player and they have 4 rookies in their rotation (Rudy, Oden, Batum and Rodriguez). They execute really well and blow out teams. Nate edges out Mike Brown, Eric Spoelstra, Rick Adelman, Stan Van Gundy and Doc Rivers.

Defensive POY
Superman Dwight Howard should win this. He led the league in rebounds and blocks. Enuff said. Dwyane Wade should be considered for averaging more than 1 block per game for a 6-4 guy and being second in steals. Honorable mention for Ron Artest, Shane Battier, Chris Andersen and Marcus Camby.

General Manager of the Year
The folks at Denver made the best trade, swapping Iverson for Billups. That'll win them the award. The Bulls' trade for Salmons and Brad Miller was great too, the Mo' Williams pick up was on point for the Cavaliers and Roger Mason made sure the Spurs didn't lose a step.

Comeback Player of the Year
Chris Andersen hadn't played in two years, and came to provide an inside defensive force for Denver. Flash aka Wade wins though because no one imagined him having this great a season. He led the league in points per game, was one of the top shot blockers and shot a great percentage. He's back, people.

Most Improved team
We can measure this in terms of wins but what's more important here is to look at the players the teams had the year before. Portland improved their teams with rookies and ended up being No. 4 in the West! The Blazers take this one, with props to Oklahoma City and the Atlanta Hawks.

Unforgettable Moment of the Year
The most unforgettable moment of this season was when Dwyane Wade stole the ball at the end of that Bulls' game, run to the three-point line and released a shot that won the game at the buzzer. He couldn't have dribbled the ball one more second because time would have expired. If he released it earlier, it would have been further from the basket. Lebron James would be the first name associated with this season because of the team's record, but Dwyane Wade had many more superstar games.

Game-changer of the Year
I happened to be watching the Cavs-Clippers game in LA one day. The Cavs were in a race with the Lakers, Celtics and Magic to get the best record in the league. The Cavs were down 14 in the fourth quarter. I had a feeling Lebron would make sure his team won the game. I know it was the Clippers, but the Cavs won it. Impressive. The Cavs would not be beaten, no matter how bad they were playing. The game made an impression on me, just saying.

Statement of the Year
In the 2007-2008 season, the Boston Celtics were an excellent team that was untested. They swung through the Texas Triangle, faced with games against San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. They beat the Spurs on their home floor, stopped the Rockets' 22 game-winning streak in a blowout and then beat Dallas as well. At that moment, I knew the Celtics were for real. The league had to pay attention.
This season, the biggest statement came from the Lakers. The Celtics had a 12 game win-streak, after seeing their earlier 19 game win-streak stopped by Kobe's people in LA, the Lakers were in Boston with the news of Andrew Bynum going to miss time. They beat the Celtics in Boston. They then went to Cleveland and handed the Cavs their first home loss after 24 games. The only other home loss for the Cavs was their last game were they rested their three best players. All without Bynum. The Lakers are almost a lock to win this year but we'll see.

Sophomore of the Year
Kevin Durant was the rookie of the year and took his game to another level this season. The Thunder can make a lot of noise next season. They have a great team.

Game of the Year
I know the 6 overtime classic was a Big East Tournament game but can the Syracuse Orangemen and UConn Huskies get some love? The best NBA game I watched this year was the Spurs-Lakers game where Roger Mason got the game winner. Both teams were at full strength and shot more than 50% for the game. No team played bad, turnovers were relatively low and the only player in foul trouble was Matt Bonner. Beautiful game to watch.

Story of the year
That week at the Madison Square Garden was the best. First, Kobe goes into MSG and jaws with Spike Lee then rains 61 points (a record there). Lebron comes in and drops 52 points, 10+ assists and 9 boards. The Celtics also played there that week. What a week for basketball fans in New York! Lekker. I still maintain that Lebron's performance was more impressive though I felt he selfishly wanted to upstage what Kobe had done. Well, he did.

Sickest Play of the year
That 'suulia'/nutmeg dribble by Chris Paul through the legs of Jason Terry? Ownership right there. Stupendous play. Watch here

Most Entertaining POY
This has got to be Dwyane Wade. The guy had more blocks this year than half of the league's centers, as well as countless steals, acrobatic layups, dagger threes, thunderous dunks, etc. Just watch this video and see how many times he appears. One night, he was involved in multiple top Sport Center plays. Ridiculous.

Best Star-struck moment
The All-Star dunk contest was cool with Dwight Howard dunking on an 11 foot rim, Rudy Fernandez trying the most ridiculous dunk ever and Nate Robinson winning the contest with his Kryptonate dunk. The best moment was Shaq dancing with the Jabba Walkies though. That was hilarious.

Interesting sub-plot of season
The NBA has made Twitter popular. Shaq is on Twitter, just as Steve Nash, Chris Bosh, Mark Madsen, etc. In fact, when Milwaukee Bucks' Charlie Villaneuva tweeted during half-time of a game, it was national news and the biggest news about his team all year. Since that time, every NBA announcer talked about Twitter, including the online flirt between Shaq and Mark Cuban. We'll see if the Big Aristotle ends up in Dallas.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garnett out for the playoffs, my first-round NBA playoffs prediction

I woke up to news of Kevin Garnett missing the playoffs. Bummer. The Big Ticket to success for Boston Celtics is not going to be available and that pretty much ends their repeat aspirations. The Celtics have played well without KG but without him, even Jesus Shuttlesworth cannot save them, and that's the Truth. They'll give it a fight; the Ubuntu spirit, a defensive mentality, a big-time player like Paul Pierce, an assassin like Ray Allen and a supporting cast that has grown in stature will make the Celtics competitive. However, missing the defensive stalwart in KG, they may give up too many points to stand a chance winning against some of the best teams in the NBA.

The NBA regular season ended yesterday and the playoff matchups are set. I've picked the Los Angeles Lakers to win this year, Phil Jackson to get ring #10 and for Kobe to win his first Finals' MVP. I thought the Cleveland Cavaliers would make the NBA Finals and with the Celtics down, we can pretty much pencil in a Lebron-Kobe duel in June. The Lakers are the class of the NBA right now, I am actually surprised when they lose games. You have to outscore them to win and you can't really prevent them from scoring much when they are the best rebounding team in the NBA. It's unfair. Let's take a look at the brackets.

Eastern Conference
First round Cavs-Pistons: I am a sucker for rivalries so I am happy these teams will be meeting. The Pistons have been out of sorts without Billups and they don't have the swagger. Where they really miss Chauncey is in defence and leadership. Lebron has too much of that for the Pistons to stand a chance. Rasheed Wallace has been really quiet, I am suspecting we'll hear from him in this series. Cavaliers in 5.

Celtics-Bulls: I really wanted the Celtics to get the 76ers. You know, Atlantic Division rivalry. Iguodala versus Pierce. We have a great matchup here though - Derrick Rose vrs Rajon Rondo. These guys could be the best point-guards in the East for years to come. Without Garnett, it will be tougher to knock out the Bulls, but the Celtics will prevail. Pierce won't have his hands full on the defensive end and the Celtics' bigs would handle the youth of the Bulls. The difference in the series would be the coaching and I expect Ray Allen to go off. Celtics in 7, I doubt they'll close out the Bulls in Chicago.

Magic-76ers: It seems Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis are a bit banged up. I'll still take the Magic if they are not 100%. Yes, Dwight Howard is the reason. The only way the Sixers pull off an upset is if Superman is unlucky with whistles and gets into foul trouble or shoots 40% for free-throws. The Sixers can't exactly defend the three-pointer or make one themselves. They have Courtney Lee and Mickael Pietrus to throw at Iguodala. Magic in 5.

Hawks-Heat: Dwyane Wade has been fantastic this season. Too bad, his team didn't win as many games, he'd have been the MVP. The Hawks pose many problems but one thing they don't have, is someone to stop Dwyane Wade. The Heat has the length to bother the Hawks enough. This series would be close but with the way Wade has been playing, the guy is even making threes, it's difficult not to see Miami beat out Atlanta in 6 games.

Western Conference
Lakers-Jazz: This is the toughest matchup the Lakers could have gotten at this stage. A lot of people felt the Jazz is the biggest threat to the Lakers in the West. The Jazz can rebound, they play tough, they have men to throw at Kobe and they have a good bench. They also have Deron Williams, who could make people forget Derek Fisher is a killer three-point shooter. But like last year, the Lakers will prevail because they have Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson. Kobe can defend D-Will and still make it happen at the other end. The only way the Jazz pull off an upset is if Lamar Odom doesn't show up and the Kyle Korver shoots lights out. Also, Boozer is not what he was last year. Lakers in 5.

Nuggets-Hornets: I like Carmelo Anthony (because he went to Syracuse) and I am excited they have homecourt advantage. At last, they should make it out of the 1st round. The New Orleans Hornets will not go down easily but with no Chandler, who's going to stop the lay-up line of Melo, Linas Kleiza, and Nene? Chris Paul will have his hands full and he wont' be getting as many steals with Billups holding the rock. David West will find a nightmare in Kenyon Martin. The Hornets have James Posey but he can't stop J.R. Smith as well. Nuggets in 5.

Spurs-Mavericks: Another big rivalry. Texas-sized showdown. The two most consistent teams in this decade. Jason Kidd versus Tony Parker. Do y'all know Kidd almost ended up in San Antonio in 2003 if not for Mr. Longoria throwing up tantrums? Kidd can't stay in front of Tony now, Parker's too good. Nowitzki will have his hands full with Bowen and that Roger Mason (who?) - Jason Terry matchup should be good. Tim Duncan is looking good though and the Spurs play too much defense while the Mavericks don't play enough. Maybe if Nowitzki plays well and Josh Howard goes bananas, they may pull an upset. However, when Tony Parker puts Erick Dampier in foul trouble, who do the Mavs have? Right. Spurs in 7.

Trailblazers-Rockets: The young, upstart TrailBlazers are exciting. This Portland team will be good for a long time. The Houston Rockets should have had homecourt advantage in this series. Yao Ming hasn't been in the second round yet and without T-Mac by his side, it will be difficult this year as well. The Rockets play great defense but they don't have a closer. Portland can throw two seven-footers at Ming, what else does Houston have? Ron Artest? You want to see Artest launching fade-aways at the end of games? This series would be close but I think it will be won at the power-forward position. Will Scola out-do Aldrige? Will Aldrige be fazed by the bright-lights of the second season? Portland prevails because they have homecourt and Yao Ming has to wait for next year. Blazers in 7.

Come back later to see my predictions for the second round and beyond.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coca-Cola comes with a Brrr!!! What we drink in Ghana

One of the most popular African commercials in recent years is the Coca-Cola Brr advert with the African king. Turns out the guy who plays this character is a famous Kenyan actor called Charles Bukeko. Charles is also in the only Kenyan movie I've seen so far, 'Malooned', he plays a lazy security guard. Are most security guards in Africa lazy? Do they come to work and sleep? Charles' character did. When he happened to be woken up by shouts of help, he dismissed them as 'demons'. It's tough not to like him for his famous shiver in the Coke advert though. There's nothing like a cold Coke. Especially in Ghana.

You can see Charles Bukekeo in action here (First section)

Read an article about Charles here
In Ghana, we call Coca-Cola Coke or Mineral. Why Mineral? Beats me. Maybe because it has a lot of minerals in there? No one knows what Pop or Soda is. And Pepsi is a form of Coke, if you ask an average Ghanaian. Foreign drinks in Ghana are dominated by Guinness, Malta Guinness and Coke. I doubt it is much different in other African countries. You can even test the pulse of the nation with Guinness. When Ghanaians are happy, Guinness sales are flying off the counters. When Ghanaians are down, you can count the number of Guinness bottles sold.

Ghanaian kids start out having things like Juicee, Coke (liquid one), Refresh (when it was alive) and gradually graduate to Malta Guinness. These days, there's Malt Quench; basically Malta fizzed with Coke. There's also the famous 'Hye me ma' drinks, aka Ghana's version of Koolade. I miss that stuff. Vimto was my favorite. They didn't last long in the fridge. These days, you'll find things like Ceres and Don Vita in many middle-class fridges. Others have to make do with flagging down the 'Asana' sellers. There are many juice drinks in Ghana these days, mostly found in restaurants. There is no big brand; if you bought pineapple juice at 10 social spots on Osu Oxford Street, you may have had at least 5 different pineapple juice brands. Scale up people. We need big production houses, combine your powers and let's export something.

We happen to grow and we must leave childish drinks behind. Sad. In no time, the ladies are lighting up the night with Gordon Spark, the sweet-tooth social drinkers like myself are popping Smirnoff Ices while the revellers chill with Star, Castle Lager and Stone Lager beers. There are many energy drinks on the market too. I love palm wine though so I normally ask for that first.

Let's not forget the successful alcoholic bitters industry. Kebacho, Agya Appiah, Pusher (Shai laa pishua), Alomo, are mainstays and for those who want 'shots'. I tried Akpeteshie once, haven't done so since.

This is all I can remember now. Post will be updated as I am inspired accordingly. Maybe I should watch a couple more Ghanaian movies to 'rediscover' a few.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Africa is not a 'country', but a continent

My friend Oblayoo blogged recently about Annoying people who think Africa is a country. You have met some people like that haven't you? When I met a California bus driver who asked me a very ignorant question about Africa and Africans one summer, what did I do, I laughed. It was unbelievable. It's also unbelievable when you have an Archbishop of Ethiopia character in an American movie (shooter) and his name is Mutombo. I want to wag my finger at the producer of that movie at this moment. But this is the world we live in, and even America is not immune to ignorance about Africa. More often than not, Africa is branded as one country, one people with the same languages, problems, strengths, leaders, and food. Africans are not entirely happy with this, and they'll let you know. Just like I am about to tell you.

Myth: Africa is a country with safaris, wild animals, with a president called Nelson Mandela and a language called Swahili. When you watch the Lion King, only Nelson Madiba Mandela is absent. It'll be lovely if Mandela was Africa's president but no, am sure every Tom, Dick and Harry knows there is some dude called Robert Mugabe. The big question is, does Robert Mugabe make all Africans look bad? Africans who are not from Zimbabwe will be quick to tell you where he is from and how they have better presidents. Some will tell you HIV-AIDS is not a pandemic in their country. Others will tell you their country is not a hub for cocaine money. Others will tell you the idea of 419 or sakawa is unknown in their nation. Different places have different problems, cultures, etc, but the most important thing you need to know is Africa is not a country and 'we' don't have a single president.

This confusion breeds internal racism, where Africans tend to stick to their own. Not their own, as in African, but their own as in Gabonese, Angolan, Malian, Malawian, Sudanese, etc. Anyway, Africa is not a country, it is a continent with many diverse countries. And since we are neighbours, we can't dodge these scenarios but we'll be quick to remind y'all that we ain't the same people, either.

Did I confuse you? Because I am confused and don't know how to progress with this blog entry. So let me leave it short. Africa is not a country, it is a continent. To borrow from a poem I wrote once, what we need is the differentiation of the continent and the integration of our nations. We must remain proud of our nations and keep the sovereignty like the states in the USA. However, we must do business together and work together not even because we face the same problems (or not) but because we are neighbours, we have a lot in common culturally and attitudinally, and we can synergize our strengths to our collective benefit.

We must also force the outside world to see us in a good light by talking about ourselves in a good light. We must be loud and proud and noisy. We can't allow Mutombos to refer to Malian herdsmen while people with East African accents play major roles in movies about West Africa. We have talent everywhere and we must represent ourselves well.

First-rate hospitals and medical institutions in Ghana

When a female soldier in a Ghanaian movie (Scorned) was shot in the line of duty and taken to hospital, she wasn't taken to Korle Bu. She was taken to Lister Hospital, a modern healthcare facility in Accra, not very far from the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange. Lister's website says the Lister Hospital and Fertility Centre is the most technologically advanced private hospital in West Africa. From the movie and the susequent scenes in and around the hospital, it looks modern, clean and high-class. Basically, the healthcare costs there will be high. I wonder if the National Health Insurance Scheme would suffice for costs there. In the era, where countless government personalities have to fly abroad to get excellent medical care, it's refreshing to know about institutions like Lister Hospital, however small they are. There should be more Listers and the public health system should catch up with the needed state investment.

How many world-class hospitals are in Ghana? Last time, this issue came up, someone said there was one; the Trust Hospital. I have never been there before, and haven't known of any friends/family who had treatment over there. Nyaho Medical Centre is also highly regarded, as well as the Ridge Hospital to some extent. Is Dr. Edward Mahama's hospital great? What about Dr. Edmund Delle? Does he even have his own private clinic? With the growing middle-class, it should be prudent to operate more and more private clinics where people have the bang to buck. Or a buck for every bang suffered. You get the point.

The Korle-Bu and Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital are still the biggest healthcare centers in Ghana. Every Asumasi and Naa Korkor goes there when they fall ill, but do they have the adequate resources and personnel to cater to all of Ghana's health needs? The Cardiothoracic center has been a revelation and Dr. Frimpong-Boateng's brain child is becoming a valuable asset for Ghana. Baah-Wiredu still had to fly to South Africa and these hospitals are bypassed for those in the UK. We should check the medical records. Does J.A.Kuffour have a hospital card at Korle-Bu? Or 37 Military Hospital? While we try to keep our doctors in the country, we must also improve existing facilities to encourage them in their work, keep up-to-date with emerging technologies and keep the medical dollars and pounds in the country.

The Kuffour clinic in Kumasi has been around for awhile, and though I've never been there, it's supposed to be a great clinic. Whatever that means. The various regional hospitals have also seen upgrades which make them respectable - Effia-Nkwanta Hospital, and the Sunyani and Tamale regional hospitals. The conditions in other hospitals are nothing to write home about really. Or maybe we should ask the medical professionals in Ghana who have to do their service over there.

I saw Lister Hospital in a movie but imagine if we had some ER, House, Grey's Anatomy type series in Ghana? What hospitals will we use? We'll definitely have the stories and scripts to boot. Imagine how long it takes for ambulances to arrive at accident scenes and transport injured people back to hospitals. That alone can define a television series. I know we could definitely build a series with the central character being the local nurse at my high school Presec. This lady was an 'injector'. Her remedy for every ailment was a chloroquine injection. One of the biggest disappointments at school was to be told to go to the Presec clinic when you were seeking permission to go to a hospital off-campus. Thank heavens, I didn't have to suffer that fate. When I had malaria, our dear Mrs. Akyeampong made sure I was rushed to the Legon hospital. The folks there treated me well. Malaria does not. We have to do more about Malaria. Buying mosquito nets is far from the solution. Why bait the mosquitoes to war?

A Nigerian family is spearheading efforts to build a world-class hospital in Nigeria. The GEANCO foundation is behind the fundraising and planning efforts for Augustine Memorial in Anambra State, which other than being a hospital, plans to train medical professionals in the latest healthcare practices. It's a great initiative and you should support them. The same can be done in Ghana, I know Dr. Kwaku Ohene-Frempong, is working on a first-rate Sickle Cell Center in Ghana. The Noguchi Memorial Institute is another much-publicized institution that is doing some great work. Our many medical personnel abroad can also band together in similar initiatives.

I'll like to learn about more efforts like these and other first-rate clinics or hospitals in Ghana. There have been too many times where a Ghanaian student had malaria at an American university and the local medical folk had no idea what had happened or was happening to Koo Darkie or Adwoa Mansa. Some medical problems are African first and foremost and we must concentrate on those and be the ones at the forefront of those medical technologies needed to curb them.

Before I sign off, let me make a special shout-out to my Odadee friends at MPEDIGREE. They are doing big things, winning international awards and showing that young, brilliant people can make differences. Mpedigree fights counterfeit drugs using mobile (GSM) technology. Check them out at their website.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Winners of 2009 Africa Movie Academy Awards

I saw a Kenyan movie called Malooned a couple of weeks ago and I must say, I was impressed. Easter is coming up, but imagine you (guy) are in Kenya and you find yourself locked in a toilet in an office building - for a whole weekend (Easter Monday is a holiday too). You and this fine mrembo girl. *Smiles*. I want to see more African movies that are not from Francophone Africa, Nigeria or South Africa. Or Ghana. So recommend some. The winners of the UBA Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2009 are out. See the full list of nominees here.

I know am blogging about African movies a lot, but am not done. I am going to watch Jerusalema, the much acclaimed South African movie, and a review would follow. The big winner at the 2009 AMAA was a Kenyan movie, the awards is really diversifying.
Wanuri Kahiu's 'From a Whisper (Kenya)' picked up a number of awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay and two other awards. The Ghanaian reps, 'Agony of the Christ' came up home empty and Lydia Forson could pick up the Most Promising Actress award.

'From a Whipser' is a movie by Wanuri Kahiu based on real events surrounding the US Embassy bombing in Kenya - August 7, 1998. In fact, the guy who plays my favorite Stanford African Alumni character in a movie, GODFREY ODHIAMBO, is in this movie as well. He's the same guy in Malooned and he resembles Djimon Honsou. Now, I am really excited. Please let me know I can see this award-winning movie. Malooned had a great soundtrack as well, featured a song by Necessary Noize's Wyre.

South Africa's Gugu and Andile also won a couple of awards. So I'll like to see that one. Hope y'all get my point. We pushing African excellence in cinema my people. Was nice to see Burkina Faso's Lolo on the winners' board for Best Animation. It's a little too late to get 'Ananse Must Die' (Parables Productions) a nomination.

Full list of winners below

Best Documentary (Short Subject) - Coming of Age (Kenya)

Best Documentary (Feature) - Joint winners:
For the Best and for the Onion (Niger) & Malcom's Echo (Nigeria)

Best Animation - Lolo (Burkina Faso)

AMAA Achievement in Sound - Seventh Heaven (Egypt)

AMAA Achievement in Editing - From a Whisper (Kenya)

AMAA Achievement in Art Direction - Small Boy - Michelle Bello (Nigeria)

AMAA Achievement in Make-Up - Live to Remember (Nigeria)

AMAA Achievement in Visual Effect - Battle of the Soul (Uganda)

Best Original in Soundtrack - From a whisper (Kenya)

Most Promising Actor - Litha Booi - Gugu and Andile (South Africa)

Most Promising Actress - Lungelo Dhladha - Gugu and Andile (South Africa)

.Best Performance by a Child Actor - Richard Chukwuma - Small Boy (Nigeria)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - Farouk Alfishawi - Seventh Heaven (Egypt)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role - Funke Akindele - Jenifa (Nigeria)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role - Joel Okuyo Prynce - Battle of the Soul (Uganda)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Mercy Johnson - Live to Remember (Nigeria)

Best Film in African Language - Gugu and Andile (South Africa)

AMAA Achievement in Cinematography - Cindy's Note - Izu Ojukwu (Nigeria)

AMAA Achievement in Costume - Arugba (Nigeria)

Heart of Africa Award for Best Films from Nigeria - Arugba - Tunde Kelani

Best Screenplay - From a Whisper (Kenya)

Best Picture - From a Whisper (Kenya)

Best Director - Wanuri Kahiu - From a Whisper (Kenya)

See the trailer for From a Whisper.

Watch the trailer for Malooned

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