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Museke Ɔnlaen Abɔdin ma Afrika Adwontofo 2011 - Wɔnnfa wɔn ndwom mbɛdi akan

I told you I was go ing to blog in Twi. Here is the first post. I translated the Museke Online Africa Music Awards (MOAMA s) press release into Twi. More coming. Check out today.

Mo nsɛm pa!

1 Obirade 2011

"Museke Ɔnlaen Abɔdin ma Afrika Adwontofo" 2011
Wɔnnfa wɔn ndwom mbɛdi akan -

Ɛyɛ Museke, Inc. anigye paa sɛ wɔbɛbɔ Museke Ɔnlaen Abɔdin ma Afrika Adwontofo (MOAMAs) a ɛtɔ so mmienu ho dawuro. Abɔdin yi bɛwie Ɔbese wɔ 2011 afe yi mu. Wɔresrɛ Adwontoni, ne wɔn nnansimufoɔ sɛ wɔnfa wɔn ndwom a wɔpɛsɛ wɔdebɛsi akan wɔ abɔdin yi mu.

Ndwom a wɔdebaa adwa mu na wɔbɔɔ wɔ efidie nyinaa so firi da kan wɔ afe 2010 mu kɔ si da kan wɔ afe 2011 no na ɛbɛtumi asi akan. Te sɛ abɔdin kan a wɔyɛɛ no afe 2010 no, abato ho ekuo no bɛyɛ wɔn a wɔn aben wɔ Afrika ndwom mu, wɔn a wɔyɛ Afrika ndwom ho adwuma, ɛne wɔn a wɔbɔ ndwom wɔ efidie so ɛne nhyiamu. MOAMAs nhyehyɛmu nyinaa wɔ hɔ ma Afrika adwontofo a wɔwɔ Afrika mman nyinaa ɛne wɔn a wɔwɔ amanɔne nyinaa. Sɛ adwontofoɔ bi pɛ sɛ wɔbɛnya abɔdin yi a, ɛwɔ sɛ wɔde wɔn ho asɛm ɛkɔ http://awards.museke.comwɛbsaet no “nominate” .

Museke Ɔnlaen Abɔdin ma Afrika Adwontofo (MOAMAs) wɔ hɔ ma Afrika Adwontofo nyinaa sɛ wɔbɛhyerɛn wɔ Afrika ne aman nyinaa, na wɔanya adɔfo bebree. Museke fo panin baako, Tumi Diseko se, “Abɔdin yi hyɛ nso sɛ adwontofo ne wɔn kyigyinafo wɔ sɛ nea Afrika ndwom ho nsɛm nyinaa rekɔ sesa na ɛrekɔ n’anim” gu so regye din no, akwanya afoforo pue mu: de dwumakuw bi redi nkɔmbɔ fa dwuma a daakye bi wɔbɛtumi ɛdi abɔ mu. Bere pa mu no, yɛ bɛma obiara aso ate.

Voter’s Choice
Ekyiri koraa no, ɛyɛ abato na ɛbɛkyerɛ abɔdin no nkunimdifo - wɔn a wɔ dɔ adwom na wɔ yɛ Museke Online Africa Music Awards atɛmbuafo. Esan sɛ wɔ pɛ sɛ wɔ de tumi ma Afrika ndwom adɔfo nti, Museke de Abatofo Apɛde Abɔdin aba. Abɔdin yi bɛma yɛn abɔ Afrika adwontofo a wɔ resi akan wɔ MOAMAs no a yɛnnim wɔn yie aba so.

Diseko san ka sɛ, “Wɔn a wɔ dɔ Afrika ndwom na wɔ hyɛɛ ase na wɔ san hwɛ so seisei ara, na wɔ pɛ sɛ wɔ hu Afrika ndwom ahorow na wɔ san hu adadawmu nso. Ɛyɛ yɛn anigye sɛ adwuma a yɛyɛ wɔ Museke no ama Afrika ndwom adɔfo bebree ahwɛ aman foforo ne ndwom foforo, na Voter’s Choice Abɔdin yi wɔ hɔ ma Afrika ndwom adɔfo.

Ɛfa ho
Afrika ndwom adɔfo a wɔ firi Afrika aman ahorow ho kuw bi hyɛɛ ase wɔ afe 2006 mu. Nna wɔn adehunu ne sɛ bɛyɛ beebi a Afrika ndwom ho nsɛm nyinara wɔ. Wɛbsaet no enyini wɔ ahoɔden mu, na ɛwɔ nsɛm ne ndwom ho nsɛm pii firi adwontofo apem a wɔfiri Afrika ne amanɔne. MOAMAs ba so afe biara nti no, de fahodi de Afrika Abɔdin a edi kan wɔ ɔnlaen aba na ɛno nti no, ate ase sɛ Afrikafo a wɔ de Intanɛt ne abaefo akasahoma fidie anaaso mobael yɛ adwuma.

Sɛ wo pɛ nsɛm ɛka ho ne ebisae a, kɔntakt AWARDS@MUSEKE.COM

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day! Dedicate these African songs to your Papa (Museke)

Culled from's Father's Day Post

#happyfathersday! We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers - "What are your favorite African songs about fathers?" Based on their responses and our own collection on, here are some African Fathers' Day songs for you. We did the same for #happymothersday - Check out our Mother's Day post.

Bread Winners is definitely our favorite. The song by ProVerb, featuring Hip Hop Pantsulawhich celebrates great fathers.Both are South African rappers. Some of the lyrics are

"A lil something for the Fathers/
That know how to be a man and work harder/
To give something to the Fam/
And would rather make sure the kids are fed dinner/
I'm talking to the real bread winners/ yeah you.."

The official song for today was Jayso's single called My Daddy Is A Champ. This song was recorded, produced & written by Jayso and features his 6 year old daughter, Vanessa. This is a gift from Jayso to his numerous fans who have continuously requested he releases a song. Listen below
Jayso - My Daddy Is A Champ by Museke

On a Sunday like this, we cannot forget our Father in heaven. Nigeria's Obiwon composed the gospel track My F.A.T.H.E.R, singing "You are my F.a.t.h.e.r, You are my Fearful. Affectionate Tender-Hearted. Eternal.Restorer".

South Africa's Freshlyground contributes two songs to our collection. The first is Nomvula, title track from their second album. The second is Father please, also from the same album released in 2004. In Nomvula, Zolani Mahola sings "I was raised by my father; Who was bereaved at a young age by his true darling, my mother". She continues "Never have they seen such a girl raised by a man".

Still in South Africa, we revisit Father of my children by the legendary 'Queen of Maskanda' Busi Mhlongo. We return to Ghana to check out Like father like son, a popular hiplife tune by the group Konfi. Konfi brag about their father and how they took kindly after him. We salute all the great fathers out there and pray that we can all take after them.

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