Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why I love Africa (poem for #AfricaDay)

In honour of Africa Liberation Day which is today may 25, I want to post this poem to pay tribute to where my heart calls home - Africa. #tobeAfrican is to love Africa, and love our sweet motherland. Happy #AfricaDay

It takes a village to raise a child
It takes a male child to start a village
It takes a female child to educate them all
In Africa

One man’s inactive car
Is many other men’s community service
Because you will need others
When your own car breaks down in Africa

It doesn’t fall into winter
And then spring into summer
People may be raining away
But life and warmth never run dry in Africa

Tangerine tree, football field, sugarcane seller
Very different but similar
Who needs Mapquest? In directing and navigating
All landmarks are on deck, in Africa

What if the peanut seller is sick with malaria?
There are a hundred and one people
Minding and carrying their own business on the streets
Of Africa who would give you some help

Cock-a-doodle-doo, hold up, kokrokoo…
Meat that has been frozen for three weeks is not my kind
This particular bird has exhausted my piece of mind
And I’ll have fresh cooked chicken at half-past two, in Africa

Tough love smoothens rough edges
Polishing an individual in responsibility
The rod has its place in Africa
And insubordination is not spared

Where the generation gap seems to grow
Day in day out, year in year out
An 84 year-old man finds a way
To start school, in Africa

Where else does a song, which talks about ‘down there’?
First get banned for its profanity
Then helps an opposition party
Win an election, in Africa

Chains were broken with the slave trade
But shackles remain within families
Every brother and sister from another mother
Is my sibling in Africa

Let everything that has breath
Smile for the camera
Because laughter triumphs over pain
Which is no stranger to Africa

The old man left me with something
Food that taught me maturity
Thoughts that fed me wisdom
To survive in Africa

Diverse yet so much the same
Many but this one name
Several ‘blanks’ but still no shame
Boarder is no bother to Africa

Before corn was popped, it was roasted
Before democracy, there was order
Before makeup, there was beauty
Before you, you can still see Africa

Full of life in the midst of death
Full of strife in the midst of despair
Full of giving in the midst of nothing
The beauty of Africa will fill and fool you

Tradition has suffered various additions
Custom has embraced many storms
Culture has welcomed several mixtures
Africa has still lived Africa

Can you trust respect?
Can you judge hospitality?
Can you explain happiness?
Can you understand strength?

Africa lives in me and I can
That’s why I love Africa

Sunday, May 8, 2011

54 African songs to dedicate to your Mama! Happy Mother's Day! #happymothersday!

I am posting this through From their Mother's Day post, here are some African Mothers' Day songs for you.

Mama was sang by BrendaFassie, which remembers her mother, sang in the early 90's. She asks her to rest in peace and that she will always be in her heart and asks God to bless her soul. Given that Brenda passed away in 2004, I am sure her son, Bongani, will sing this for her too. The following song was suggested. Too late for Mama is by BrendaFassie. The song is very popular and was also sang by Alicia Keys at the opening kickoff concert at the Mzansi Mundial - World Cup held in South Africa in June 2010.

Mama is by Nigeria's Bantu ft Ayuba. He thanks his Mama - "For all the efforts, For all the sweat, For all the comfort" and how her love is so unconditional. Asa also joins in the fun with So Beautiful from her debut album. She sings "Queen of my life you are so beautiful mama; You’re beautiful". Check out Bantu's track. Bantu feat. Ayuba "Mama" by bantucrew

Mama is by Sala from Ghana featuring Fresh Prince. She joins with this 4x4 member to sing "Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama Maa, You are my hero". She also offered through Facebook to choose three lucky mothers to sing for. Mama is by Cwasi Oteng from Ghana. He sings "Mama, I just wanna to take this time; I just wanna take this moment; Say Thank you (2x); Mama, I appreciate all the love, you are to me; I thank you (2x)"

There are many Thula mama songs by but this one by Vusi Mahlasela probably takes the cake though there is another great one by South African group Deep Level. Another super song from South Africa is by Unathi Nkayi called A Mother's Love song, singing "A Mother's Love is irreplaceable". Women is by ProVerb from South Africa. He raps "To all the Women in my life and all the women in the world; Women that are wives and to all the little girls; Still growing up to be women listen to the Verb; I appreciate you and I scribbled a little verse".

Ghanaian hiplife fans will remember the classic Mother's song, Maame by Obrafour. He sang "Sɛ mehwɛ nea woayɛ ama me a; Wosɛ ayɛyi; Nana Nyame nhyira wo o; Maame e". "Maame nyɛ obia anka me ne no bɛdi agorɔ; Ɛsɛ sɛ wo ho Bacteria mentwa wo ntrɔ; Wowerɛafi nea Maame ayɛ ama woɔ; Ɛnnɛ deɛ wose ɔyɛ obayifoɔ". This is another one, hiplfie fans might recognise. Maame is by Bacteria. Mama is by Sugar Ranking. The dancehall star sings a song to his mama, saying "And I will always wanna be a part of you; ama, I will never take myself away from you; I will always be around you".

In Muciari, Kenyan songstress Mimmo knows that though they didn't always see some things eye to eye, she thanks her mother for all she's taught her and adds "Mama, may you be blessed". From Tanzania, we have Mama Kumbena by Banana Zorro. From Namibia, we have Afroshine singing Ti mama. Uganda's Jamal brought us Mothers are heroes. JoseChameleone sang "I am writing this letter to tell you I'm getting better; I tried to call you today, I miss you, I'll try and call you later;
Your sweet love and care can never be compared" in Sweet Mama.

Mama by Khadja Nin is another favorite in Africa. Sang in Kiswahili and Kirundi, the famous singer from Burundi praises mothers. From Sierra Leone, we have Mama loving, which is by Queen da Boss. From Sa Leone as well, Lady Felicia sings a Song for Mama. Baayo (the orphan) and Mariama (the turtle dove) by by BaabaMaal, the famous Senegalese singer also make our cut. Youssou Ndour sings Woman's Day in Shaking the tree. Also check out Maman by Penzy, and Habib Koite from Mali.

Afropolitan pop, reggae, soul, funkadocious group Soulfege took the African Diaspora by storm with their remix of Prince Nico Mbarga's famous African tune, Sweet Mother. Soulfege had Ghana's Derrick Nii Ashong, Kelley Nicole, Jonathan Gramling, and James Shelton at the time. They had three remixes including the Sweet Mother radio jam and then the Sweet Mother Remix. They even launched a whole Sweet Mother Tour!

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