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Why I love Africa (poem for #AfricaDay)

In honour of Africa Liberation Day which is today may 25, I want to post this poem to pay tribute to where my heart calls home - Africa. #tobeAfrican is to love Africa, and love our sweet motherland. Happy #AfricaDay
It takes a village to raise a child It takes a male child to start a village It takes a female child to educate them all In Africa
One man’s inactive car Is many other men’s community service Because you will need others When your own car breaks down in Africa
It doesn’t fall into winter And then spring into summer People may be raining away But life and warmth never run dry in Africa
Tangerine tree, football field, sugarcane seller Very different but similar Who needs Mapquest? In directing and navigating All landmarks are on deck, in Africa
What if the peanut seller is sick with malaria? There are a hundred and one people Minding and carrying their own business on the streets Of Africa who would give you some help
Cock-a-doodle-doo, hold up, kokrokoo… Meat that has been frozen for three week…

54 African songs to dedicate to your Mama! Happy Mother's Day! #happymothersday!

I am posting this through From their Mother's Day post, here are some African Mothers' Day songs for you. Mama was sang by BrendaFassie, which remembers her mother, sang in the early 90's. She asks her to rest in peace and that she will always be in her heart and asks God to bless her soul. Given that Brenda passed away in 2004, I am sure her son, Bongani, will sing this for her too. The following song was suggested. Too late for Mama is by BrendaFassie. The song is very popular and was also sang by Alicia Keys at the opening kickoff concert at the Mzansi Mundial - World Cup held in South Africa in June 2010. Mama is by Nigeria's Bantu ft Ayuba. He thanks his Mama - "For all the efforts, For all the sweat, For all the comfort" and how her love is so unconditional. Asa also joins in the fun with So Beautiful from her debut album. She sings "Queen of my life you are so beautiful mama; You’re beautiful". Check out Bantu's tra…