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This is the 233rd blog post I'm writing in 2013

I set a target of writing 233 blog posts this year. This is the 233rd blog post of 2013. Thank you all for giving me vim to do so. Here are a selection of tweets capturing some of what I blogged about.  Google remembers Miriam Makeba with a Doodle - #MiriamMakeba
— Ali Bukari Maiga (@Abm233) March 4, 2013
"some mighty african experiences from #Lagos" via @Abocco#Nigeria
— Jennifer Ehidiamen (@disgeneration) March 11, 2013
read @Abocco's blog Part 1 of the "Retrieving pick-pocketed items in #Accra, #Ghana" story. Nollywood movie script.— AfricanInvestor (@AfricanInvestor) March 14, 2013 read @Abocco's blog Part 1 of the "Retrieving pick-pocketed items in #Accra, #Ghana" story. Nollywood movie script.
— AfricanInvestor (@AfricanInvestor) March 14, 2013
2:33pm. I'm releasing Part 4 of the Retrieving pick-pocketed items in #Accra#Ghana s…

A year of #233moments - moments that made us think of Ghana

233moments was started as a hashtag where we'd share where we are and what we are doing at 2:33pm and 2:33am in honour of Ghana. This year, it's become more than that. People have shared various things they call Ghanaian moments as #233moments. In fact, it's become a hashtag to promote and brand Ghana, as captured by +Donald Ward & +Edward Amartey-Tagoe in a tweet below. Here are a few top and selected tweets to capture the essence of this in 2013.
This has to be one of the saddest #233moments ever RT @comedyghana: disappointment
— Efo Dela (@Amegaxi) January 4, 2013
I was asked to talk about something in 300 words or less on some form. So then I submitted 233 words exactly. :-) #233moments
— Ato Ulzen-Appiah (@Abocco) January 10, 2013 Last Saturday, I donated blood to save 233 lives in #Ghana#giveblood#savealife#233moments cc
— Ato Ulzen-Appiah (@Abocco) February 27, 2013 I love microwaving food for 2 min…

A year of #233moments - posts at 2:33pm & 2:33am with Ghana in mind

2013 has been a great year. Here is one of the recap posts I am writing. For this, am choosing to share some favorite #233moments tweets. Praying and will work to make 2014 an even better and more interesting year :-)
Past 2:33pm in #Ghana. Almost getting home to #Kumasi with my sister. I feel incredibly blessed. May I do more to bless others. #233moments
— Ato Ulzen-Appiah (@Abocco) January 1, 2013
<23.3 minutes to 2:33pm in #Ghana. It's a Joseph New Year celebration here in #Kumasi while #Edina Bronya goes on in #Elmina. #233moments
— Ato Ulzen-Appiah (@Abocco) January 5, 2013 Past 2:33pm in #Ghana. It's #TraditionTuesday via @GhanaThink. Get a Ghanaian name today! :-) by @faddai. #233moments
— Ato Ulzen-Appiah (@Abocco) January 29, 2013
2:33pm in #Accra, #Ghana. It's #FashionFriday. Wearing a nice #Ghanaian shirt my mother gave me. I love wearing these. #233moments.
— Ato Ulzen-Appiah (@Abocco) February 8, 2013
Just past 2:33pm in #Accra, #Ghana

Learnt how to say "Happy birthday" in 13 African languages

Today is my birthday. For all of you who've been wishing me Happy Birthday, I will like to say Thank you in these 23+ African languages and in these 16+ non-African languages. I asked my friends for how to say Happy Birthday in African languages. Some exist. Now you can wish birthday celebrants in an African language. With some help from my African friends, we have a list to work with. I wish I could get to 30 but I've tried ahh.  Akan: Mema wo awoda pa. Mema wo awoda mu anigye. You have another version? Add it in a comment. :-) The +kasahorow gurus like +Paa Kwesi taught me this.Ga: Afi o afi. You have a better way to say it, Let's hear it. Otherwise, this from +Naa Oyoo Quartey & Naa adjeley hold.Ewe: Dzigbeza bɔkɔɔ nawo! h +Enock Seth Nyamador of +Planning Wikimedia Ghana wished me this via Twitter today. So I didn't even have to ask gurus like +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor & +Doris Anson-Yevu yet :-)Swahili: Siku ya ulizaliwa njema. I've used this for a long t…

A poem for the The Mighty African

Look at this cool poem that Cecilia Amoafowaa. This is too awesome!

Ɔdadeԑ bԑsene abrempong Ɔdadeԑ a ↄde neԑmapa wuso wiase Yԑbԑfrԑ wo nnyuma akrobԑto
The unsinkable ship, The unshakable great tree, Your birth must be noted with grandeur! The MIGHTY AFRICAN with the spirit ‘CAN DO’ Lie on your back and take a rest Yes! A well deserving rest In just a day out of the many, Where you restlessly fret to see life’s best for all. Celebrating life’s celebrant must be done with sewn wordsthat sparkle This is the only gift from afar I can give For you to see the impact of your birth No need to say more, the sun is shining it out Beckoning the world to pay its respect On the score of the MigHTy AfriCan!
Ɔdadeԑ Ato Ulzen Appiah a ↄsene abrempong Ɔdadeԑ a ↄde neԑmapa wuso wiase Yԑbԑfrԑ wo nnyuma akrobԑto        Happy, happy birthday!
      Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia for the Mighty African Ɔdadeԑ Ato Ulzen Appiah.

Guess who's also born on a 31st December?

I share my birthday with some awesome people. Here is just a number of them.

+Emmanuel A. Gamor is someone I've known since Presec and we've done many things together. We are both members of the Global Shapers Accra hub. +Mac-Jordan Degadjor & +Jemila Abdulai wished us both today.

Just discovered Gloria Buckman Yankson of Plan IT Ghana Events is also a 31st December born. I met her briefly at TEDxSpintex Women and she was a speed mentor and panelist at the recent +Barcamp Accra+Elijah Ekow Atta-Aidoo & +Kuukuwa Manful let me know.

I met +Chioma Ileagu at +Barcamp Cape Coast 2011 and we've been close friends since. We've seen our ups and downs too and our friendship is going strong.

Yaw Owusu of Ghana Cyber City was also born on a 31st December.

Also discovered today on Twitter that Raquel Soni, who interviewed me on +Homeboyzradio HBR in Nairobi in 2011 was also born on this special day.

I also share the same birthday with a mate from MIT - Hubert Roberts and …

More vim birthday wishes from GhanaThink members

I work with a really awesome team at the +GhanaThink Foundation. Seeing the team come together this year to do more than +Barcamp Ghana has been really great. Now we have +Junior Camp Ghana+Ghana Volunteer Program+Party Crew, #FiestaDebates and more to come. Kudos to the whole team. Thanks for making this year a great one. More vim to all who've been involved in the +GhanaThink Foundation's +Barcamp Ghana events - +Barcamp Accra+Barcamp Kasoa+Barcamp Kasoa+Barcamp Tema+Barcamp Ho+Barcamp Koforidua+Barcamp Kumasi+Barcamp Kumasi+Barcamp Sunyani+Barcamp Sunyani+Barcamp Tamale+Barcamp Takoradi+Barcamp Cape Coast.

Thanks so much for your birthday wishes! Here's a selection of some. I'd be adding more.

its 12:00 am. happy birthday @abocco had to stay up to wish u this one... more viiim!!!
— Dominick (@nickhotor) December 31, 2013
@Abocco Happy birthday Ato. More Vim!!! To much more greater heights!!! Bless You!
— Peters Fynn (@Nana_fynn) December 31, 2013
Happy birthday

Thank you for your Happy birthday wishes on Twitter

Just a selection of Happy birthday tweets so far. Thank you all! Accept my gratitude and thank yous in 23 African languages.

@Abocco Happy birthday vim master. God be thy guide
— Kweku Ananse ® (@ANANSEMANSOH) December 31, 2013
Happy birthday @Abocco! Undoubtedly a mover!
— prince boadu (@princeboadu) December 31, 2013
@Abocco happy birthday
— retornam (@retornam) December 31, 2013
@abocco happy birthday!Of all times,you chose the last day of the year to be born.nice!!God bless and increase you!Remain a blessing!
— I NO DEY FEAR!! (@AmaTuffet) December 31, 2013
Happy birthday to @Abocco Let me bless you with some #WAAKYE~~~ :D May the coming years revamp your faith in #YOUTH advocacy! God Bless You!
— ODOI-LARTEY Benjamin (@odlabenonline) December 31, 2013
A special bday mention to @Abocco of @Ghanathink. Happy 30th. Njoy d party and Godbless.
— hephziangela (@hanat_akordor) December 31, 2013
@Abocco Happy birthday #vim #2014
— Mohammed Jaward (@MaltitiJaward) December 31, 2013
@Abocco Ha…