Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sparrow Productions' Checkmate - a Ghanaian movie review

It was nice to see Nadia Buari finally in a Sparrow Productions movie after Majid Michel and Jackie Appiah. The fifth move from the stable of Shirley Frimpong-Manso is Checkmate. My brother saw it at Tech (KNUST) and gave it a thumbs up. I waited patiently for the next time I could buy or get someone to buy me the movie. After my cousin sent me a text saying she had watched the movie online and liked it, I had to forego my initial plan of buying it to watch it online too. I was not disappointed. I've seen Checkmate twice and I am still going to buy the movie. You should too.

The movie stayed true to this chess game idea the trailer seemed to portray. The movie's tag line was "play smart or lose everything". The movie stars Nadia Buari, Ekow Blankson, Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku, KSM and introduced Khareema Aguiar, Kwaku Boateng and Senanu Gbedawo. There was also a role for Veeda Darko, the former miss Ghana America who's been cast in a couple of Nollywood movies and had some successful singles Biribi yaaye me and Please forgive me. After Life and Living it, Scorned, The Perfect Picture, and A Sting in a Tale (ASIAT), Checkmate is also a great movie. I definitely think it's right up there with Scorned as my least favorite Sparrow Productions' movies though. Real talk. It's still one to watch though. The movie was a little slow for me in the beginning but picked up as it progressed. I love the story because it has a great ending but if you take risks, there is always a sting involved and we saw that at the end of the movie. I love how the movie was a series of chess moves which had to be dealt with by the various characters involved. At the end, there was the 'checkmate'.

A main storyline in the movie is Kwame, a policemen, going about his job and his ambition of becoming a member of parliament. The movie shows a bit of the politics that exists in Ghana. It ties the drug trade with political ambition and corruption. If you know anything about Ghana, you'll know it's been bedevelled with drug problems over the last few years. Checkmate throws some light unto the challenges Ghana faces in getting rid of it. It also shows how many rich people in Ghana may have made their money through foul means, especially using the drug trade.

This movie doesn't feature a lot of local language lines but they were chosen very nicely. Ghanaians always seem to switch to their mother tongues when they are irritated or angry. Ghanaians show frustration through car honking like we see in one of the scenes. In Ghana, it is normal. Elsewhere, it is road rage. "Tu wo car no o! Mini? Aha na wobɛda?" In a couple of sentences, a Ghanaian easily shows his command of two languages. "W'abɔ dam? = "Are you mad?" It would have been nice to use an Abodam Kwaw Kese song during that scene lol. Ghanaians also use their mother tongues in times of unbridled joy. When Christmas comes early, we say "Madi bronya" which literally means "I've celebrated Christmas" or "it feels like Christmas". So if a Ghanaian switches to his local language, depending on his antics, (s)he must be very pissed or very happy.

The part of the movie which dealt with Kwame's political ambition had me thinking about politics in general. His wife, Naana, told him, "You're born to do this". Is anyone born to do politics or lead persay? "The poeple who are going to vote for you, they are going to vote for you because in you they see the potential for you to make their lives better". This is nicely put but if we judge by the elections we've seen in Africa, we might all beg to differ. Because more often than not, it is "You better remember me in your days of glory". Sometimes when these politicians don't see the vision, you can be that politician who can make this possible. Kwame didn't want to get help from his father-in-law who was the Minister of Interior because of how it would look into the political game but you never know what motives drive those who openly ask to help you. E no easy eh.

I liked the soundtrack as well. Fellow Odadee, Elorm Adablah (El) worked on the score and his 'Why' instrumental was used. Trigmatic is a Ghanaian rapper riding high on the Channel O waves at the moment and two of his tracks were used as well, 'My life' (Ataa Nyonmo ei.... nobody knows tomorrow) and 'Move to the Center'. There was also Sunshine by Nii featuring Iwan, both of Bullhaus Entertainment. Iwan's Still love me seemed to be the main soundtrack though I'm not sure how the lyrics "Am a ShoeShine Buoy, But me Gyal Love Me; Am A Trotro Driver But me Gyal love me; Am A Zoomlionist But me Gyal Love Me; I Sell P.K Pon de street But Me Gyal Love Me;" are relevant to the movie. Sante, a Ghanaian-British R&B singer, had a number of songs used in this movie. They include 'Misconception', 'Since', 'Love', 'Another sad song' and also 'So confused' with Mr. Max which was used during a lap dance. Who sings a song called 'So confused' during a lap dance? Watch the movie to find out.

"Let's not forget I wear one too. but it doesn't wear me, I wear it. We're married, not on deathrow". There was also the relationship between Kwame and Caroline as well as Kwame and his wife. It was always interesting how both Kwame and his wife used the "I love you" lines. Funny to watch really. Has anyone else noticed that Ghanaians say "Are you sure?" a lot? It's like second nature to ask it even if we heard what was said the first time. Nadia's character, Caroline, claimed a hopeless case of emotions who let her heart go where her head should be. When it comes to matters of the heart, it's very difficult to choose between what your heart feels and what your head says. Will leave the choice to y'all. I think the right decision depends on the situation, the head may not always be right. Or is it?

The movie had a lot of romantic scenes. As usual, Sparrow Productions did it in a classy way. Romantic scenes in African movies are here to stay, I'm not saying we should do away with them, we just have to do them well. Not in the poor taste ways some other Ghanaian movies have been doing them. The massage scene was something else, with massage oils and all. I really want to go to a massage parlour soon and get indulged in one. They look like so much fun. Dude was massaging the lady's legs, head, everything. Pure bliss. Which married men claim kissing as their favorite food? Kwame does.

A few things caught my attention though. Is a household whose breadwinner a regular customs officer a middle-class family? What do middle-class Ghanaian families have for breakfast? Omelette with tea and apples? Tom-brown with oranges and milo? Hausa koko with koose and coffee? This was the first movie I had seen Veeda in. Her character seemed like one of the Ghanaian ladies who travels abroad a lot. Or maybe it was just her locally acquired foreign accent making her character seem like a fake london boy. I wonder if that's how she actually speaks since she's been living in the US for a while. I loved the use of Kiki's ringtone. We got introduced to it as we realised how rich he was. Every other time we heard the ringtone, it became funnier and funnier. "You are blessed in your family, you are blessed in your money, you are blessed in your finances, you are blessed in your business". Why do gangsters always smoke cigars or cigarettes? What's up with that?

"You don't do alcohol at all?" "Occasionally". "Well, this is an occasion". "I just don't hang drinking anymore, better safe than sorry". Well, the next time, we see Kwame drinking and he was going to be sorry. Drinking alcohol if that's not what you normally do is taking a risk. They say, life: "It's about taking risks and taking calculations, just about making the right moves". "Life is like a big game of chess, before you make a step or move, you have to calculate the risks involved or the gains thereafter". Kwame took different risks in the movie and made a lot of chess moves. In fact, it looked like many of the movie's characters made chess moves against each other. Checkmate is a movie of chess moves which has chess scenes. It shows us how life can be one big game of chess. Sparrow Productions does a good job carrying the message across and the movie is a keeper. Go, get it.

What the outcome of the NBA Finals meant for the Lakers and Celtics

The NBA Finals ended a while ago but I haven't been able to comment on them because of the World Cup. Hey, even Kobe Bryant was in South Africa recently taking in the Mzansi Mundial. I was cheering for the Boston Celtics to win their 18th NBA championship banner but they lost out to the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 7. The Lakers won their 16th championship and more importantly defended their championship won in 2009. This was the first time the NBA champions had successfully defended their title since... yes, the Lakers of 2000-2002. So, I'll call it now, it is very likely that the Lakers will go for the three-peat. Some of these things in the upcoming free agency period may change that, but we'll see. But what does the Lakers win mean for Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Phil Jackson, the Lakers, the Celtics, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Doc Rivers, etc? Here are some thoughts.

The Lakers deserved to win the NBA championship more than the Celtics did. It's clear the Boston Celtics played above expectations coming into the NBA playoffs. Losing Kendrick Perkins for those last two games may have been a blow but the problems the Celtics had all season came to bear. The Celtics had trouble rebounding the ball all year. Against that Laker frontline, it was going to be tough to outrebound the Lakers all series long, no matter how mentally tough the Celtics were. The Celtics played excellent defense and executed well but Pau Gasol was two years wiser and tougher since 2008 and Ron Artest had become a better winner under the tutelage of Phil Jackson.

Kobe Bryant won his fifth ring (along with Derek Fisher), surpassing Shaquille O'Neal and Tim Duncan and moving past them as the best player of this generation. He still has one less Finals MVP than those two which he will need to improve to move past some other NBA greats in the pecking order. Let's be real, Kobe didn't play as efficiently as he should have in the Finals and I could say Pau Gasol maybe won the championship for the Lakers in the end. He couldn't cope well with the Celtics defense and had the Lakers' rebounding superiority to thank. Inspite of that, Kobe is the best shot maker in basketball and because of his ability to deliver in the time he is needed most, it separates him for the rest of the NBA. He has a long way to go before he can be mentioned as better than Jordan. Since I am a big Michael Jordan fan, let me remind you Kobe fans why Kobe may never catch him. Jordan shot 50% for his career, won 10 scoring championships, and the most important stat, 6 Finals MVPs. He never lost in the NBA Finals. Word.

Phil Jackson won his 11th ring, sealing his title as the greatest coach ever. There's no debate here. Doesn't matter that he had MJ, Pippen, Shaq and Kobe. He has an excellent winning record and he gets the best out of his players. There's been talk of Phil retiring, but the lure of a three-peat is too much. He must go for it. He's not leaving the Lakers, and it's not because of Kobe, it's because of his girlfriend, Jeanie Buss. He'll have to take less money though because Jerry Buss is bent on paying him less than $12 million a year. Talk of him going to Chicago or Cleveland to coach Lebron right after coaching Kobe to a championship should end now. I doubt Phil ever coaches another alpha dog like Kobe until Kobe has retired. Book it.

Pau Gasol was criticized heavily after the Lakers got pummelled by the Celtics in 2008. He was called soft. This year, he showed his toughness by matching Kevin Garnett (who was also two years older). He got put-backs and made big buckets. He proved he could play the big-man role even when Andrew Bynum had bad knees and Lamar Odom did his disappearing act. Spain should be proud of him.

Ron Artest has come a long way since he went into the Palace stands in Detroit in 2004. This is a guy who wanted to take time off the NBA to record a rap album. He's nuts. Have you seen him go nuts for the Lakers this way? Apart from taking some ill-advised threes, no. He even had a game winner and played some of the great defense he's known for. After battling with Kobe as a Rocket last year, he came good as Kobe's teammate to earn himself some redemption and Kobe some 'ammo' as a Laker great who could also beat the dredded Celtics in the Finals.

As for the Celtics, you could argue they overachieved in the NBA playoffs or they were just waiting for them to start. I think it's the latter. The Celtics are a mentally tough bunch who know how to win and a team in every sense of the word. They are at their best when the team is functioning at its best. The Cavs and Magic were favorites based on their regular season play but with Doc Rivers' coaching and the toughness of the men in green, the Celtics overcame them. Doc Rivers is a great coach and he nearly handed Phil Jackson another Finals' loss. The Finals came down to the last few seconds of Game 7! I love Doc. He's been thinking of leaving his coaching post to be with his family and that will be a big blow to the Celtics. Especially, after they lost Tom Thibodeau to the Chicago Bulls. I think Doc should take some time off and the Celtics should pursue Kevin Mchale to coach them. Yes, a former Celtic and former KG coach. I think he will do a good job.

Ray Allen had an interesting NBA finals. He made 7 straight 3-pointers and 8 in the first half to lead the Celtics to a Game 2 win and then couldn't get the threes to fall in the next 5 games. Jesus made a miracle and then failed to deliver. If he shot his 3s better, the Celtics would be champs. Now, he's a free agent. There's been talk of him going to another team. I doubt he goes anywhere else. He's too tired to the big 3. He should take less money so the Celtics can add more pieces. The Celtics will challenge next year and he, Paul Pierce and KG won't be much worse off. Besides, Nate Robinson will be fully immersed into the team and Rajon Rondo will be better.

Rajon Rondo became the star player of the Celtics this year. It wasn't even the Big 4, it was like Rajon Rondo and the Big 3. He's a great player and I think he is capable of carrying teams to the promised land. He has to work on his shot a bit more. Not too long ago, there was talk of the Celtics trading him because of chemistry problems. The whole Celtics organization knows he's the best player now so everything should fall into place around him. The Big 3's time will be remembered as a time when the Celtics put together a nice run. With Rondo, the Celtics can be set up for NBA dominance for a long time. He needs continuity and he could achieve some of the things Jason Kidd could not.

The first championship was sweet for Paul Pierce. He was the longest employed Celtic and had been with the team in the terrible times. For someone who grew up hating the Celtics and cheering for the Lakers, that will be interesting. I see him seeing out his career with the Celtics too. He should too and that's the Truth. He can become more of a spot-up shooter as Tony Allen takes on more of the offense. He's a definite hall of famer. He can enjoy the rest of his career playing with KG and Ray Allen while helping Rajon Rondo grow from year to year.

Kevin Garnett is one of my favorite NBA players. The Kid is definitely the Big Ticket. The passion and energy continue to dwindle with his age. He can't even rebound that well anymore. If he could rebound just as good, the Celtics will be champions again. He had said that if he had the chance to leave the Timberwolves earlier, he would have. That's why he should also stay with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and the Celtics. He doesn't have to go ride anyone coattails to win a ring because he has one. I don't know what he wants to do after he retires, but hanging around great veterans and imparting his passion and knowledge into guys like Rondo, Robinson, Big Baby Davis and Tony Allen will do him and the Celtics some good.

Both the Lakers and Celtics are set up to be great for the next few years. As the NBA's best franchises, it should come as a surprise to anybody. The Celtics-Lakers rivalry must continue, both teams being good will be great for the sport. I love this game.

How the NBA free agency period should play out

The conclusion of the NBA season with the Los Angeles Lakers beating the Boston Celtics for the championship officially set the free agency frenzy into overdrive. For a couple of years, we've been made to wonder where Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh would land at the start of the 2010-2011 NBA season. It's a couple of days till July 1st, the first day NBA teams can talk to free agents. There's been a lot of speculation about where players would go, who would join who, etc. As an NBA fan, I have interests in where different players go. Whether these free agency moves change the NBA power play much, we'll wait to see. Here is what I wish would happen.

The LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Orlando Magic are definitely three of the best NBA teams but they are not really in position to sign any of the top free agents. There's been talk of the Lakers signing Chris Bosh through a sign and trade and the Phoenix Suns can also hold on to Amare Stoudemire. I think many people believe none of these will happen. The Phoenix Suns will do quite well even if they lost Amare because of their system and the Lakers? Well, they are the defending champions. Let's talk about the other teams who have a chance to make major improvements in their franchise this summer. I am a big fan of the Chicago Bulls because of Michael Jordan but I don't want Lebron James, Dwyane Wade or even Chris Bosh to go there. I explain below.

Cleveland Cavaliers
The Cavs own the biggest price in the free agency market - the best player in basketball - Lebron James. Before we get into the Lebron talk, I think the Cavs had to fire Mike Brown. The Cavs have lost their last few playoff series simply because Mike Brown got outcoached. Mike Brown may be a good defensive coach but hasn't shown the ability to make great game-to-game or in-game adjustments. I think his replacement should be Byron Scott. Scott has an NBA ring from his playing days with the Lakers and has led the New Jersey Nets and New Orleans Hornets on deep playoff runs. He has the pedigree to lure Lebron to stay and also challenge for championships.

I think Lebron James should stay in Cleveland. He's from the area, his buddies are from the area, and he has unfinished business. He should look at Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Larry Bird, they all stayed with the same team. And he's from around Cleveland! The Cavs' ceiling hasn't been reached, I just mentioned one of the main reasons why Lebron hasn't won a championship yet - Mike Brown. With Byron Scott, a training camp with the Cavs players, especially Antawn Jamison, the Cavs should be ready to roll. Chris Paul is in a shaky situation with New Orleans, they should package Mo Williams, Delonte West and more pieces for him. With Anthony Parker, Anderson Varejao and J J Hickson in addition, the Cavs will be fine.

Miami Heat
Lebron & Bosh join Wade in sunny Miami? Fantasy. This is not the Olympics. It will be tough to pacify all of them even though this free agency threesome may be intrigued. Wade and Lebron are not great stand-up shooters, that's a big reason I think such a combo won't work really well. I am very confident Dwyane Wade is not going anywhere and unless Cleveland pull off the trade of their lives to get Bosh, Bosh will join Wade. He should. He'll turn Miami into a perennial contender together with whatever pieces Miami adds. Mario Chalmers, Jermaine O'Neal and Udonis Haslem are great pieces to have as well.

Chicago Bulls
So Lebron stayed in Cleveland and Chris Bosh went to Miami who kept Dwyane Wade. Does that mean the Chicago Bulls are doomed? No. Derrick Rose is a spectacular player and a potential future finals MVP. Have you seen him play in the playoffs? Surround him with more talent and he'll take them to the promised land. I think trading Kirk Hinrich was a bad move. Kirk's a good combo guard who can defend. I am very happy they got Tom Thibodeau as coach though I feel they should have chosen Avery Johnson. With Thibodeau gone to the Bulls and Doc Rivers wanting to leave the bench to be by his family, what will happen to the Celtics? Will discuss that in another blog post.

The Bulls should sign Carlos Boozer. After the Lebronomies and Bosh and Wade ending up in Miami, it may seem like a good idea to go after Joe Johnson but I think Joe and Amare end up in New York. Boozer would give Rose a great pick and roll buddy which will even make Rose a better player. If John Salmons is available, the Bulls should grab him. Starting five - Rose, Salmons, Deng, Boozer, Noah with Thibodeau as coach. Complementary pieces that will deliver postseason glory.

New York Knicks
For two years, we've been made to see the Lebron to New York drama unfold. Sorry Knickerbroker fans, but Lebron is not coming to Madison Square Garden. There's cap room yes, but no pieces. But James Dolan likes to spend and Mike D'Antoni is a great offensive coach, so all is not lost. That's why I think Joe Johnson and Amare Stoudemire should reunite with D'Antoni in New York. Pretty good story, no? I like this one. And then you have Danilo Gallinari shooting threes and Chris Duhon distributing. Guaranteed playoffs for Knicks every year.

New Jersey Nets
I like the Nets, loved them when Jason Kidd was there. Now that they have Mikhail Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire and NBA's Roman Abramovich, Nets fans must be excited. They also hired one of my favorite coaches, Avery Johnson. I doubt they land any of the major free agents though I think Carlos Boozer or Amare Stoudemire makes sense for them. I think the lure of Brooklyn is too far into the future and the team is just coming from a terrible terrible season. I think the Nets should pick themselves up slowly. I think they should sign Rudy Gay. Gay will like to sign there too, he'll pretty much become a top player on the team and get coached by someone who'll force him to defend and become a top-tier player. I also think the Nets should go after David Lee but shouldn't overpay him or Gay. With Avery coaching Devin Harris, Terrence Williams, Gay, Lee, Brook Lopez, and Derrick Favors, the Nets will have a very bright future. They could add another top player in 2011.

Dallas Mavericks
The Mavs have cap room because Dirk Nowitzki is going to opt-out. Does anyone believe he'll leave Dallas? Maybe, leave Dallas and join Steve Nash in Phoenix. No. Nash and Nowitzki are great friends but I think they have to remain apart for both to achieve their fullest potential. They are both below average defenders. Nowitzki can't really run with Nash. The Mavs are not too far from a championship. They need to play Roddy Beaubois some more and go through a training camp with that core of Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Caron Butler, Nowitzki, Brendan Haywood with Roddy and Marion on the bench. Getting Lebron through a sign and trade will be nice but for once Mark Cuban should stick with his team and see how they do. I don't think the Mavs should get Al Jefferson.

Los Angeles Clippers
Really? The Clippers. Let's just say no one wants to come and live in the Black Mamba's shadow and play for maybe the most cursed team in basketball. The silver lining is, the Clippers can "re-sign" Blake Griffin. That should be enough. They should use their money to sign some solid veterans and role players to surround Blake and other players they have.

With these changes, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat become championship contenders overnight and all the teams get better. Even the Washington Wizards would have benefitted from the Lebron Sweepstakes in more ways than taking John Wall with the NBA draft's first pick. Looking forward to seeing how the whole free agency unfolds.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Africa against Human Trafficking: Vote to end modern day slavery on our continent

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the work of Free Generation International, and their Red Card Campaign to raise awareness about Human Trafficking at the World Cup. With your support, the campaign received wide circulation and the campaign’s logo was featured in the inner back cover of the U.S Government’s 2010 Trafficking Report.

As you may recall, Free Generation International (FGI) is an abolitionist organization committed to fighting human trafficking and slavery throughout Africa. It is estimated that out of the 800,000 people trafficked yearly, 450,000 of them come from Africa. FGI uses innovative and culturally relevant methods to sensitize the African public about human trafficking in the African context, and are mobilizing a Pan-African youth movement against trafficking on the continent. Their programs are crucial to the fight to end human trafficking, but they are doing it with barely any funding.

This is your opportunity to help them without having to contribute any money (but you are more than welcome to donate to them too). YOU CAN VOTE FOR THEM TO WIN CRUCIAL FUNDS TO SUPPORT THEIR WORK THROUGH CHASE COMMUNITY GIVING CONTEST. The contest will award $250k 1st Prize 100K 2-5th prize and 20K. The charity with the highest votes wins. They currently have only 326 votes at number 102.

Click on this link: http://bit.ly/d3p5Ip and
1. "Like" Chase Community Giving (top left hand corner)
2. Click the "Get started to vote" button (green button in the top right corner)
3. Click "Allow" (this step is on a different page that it automatically takes you to)
4. Click "Vote Now" (green button where "Get started to vote" was originally
5. Refresh page or log out & log back in if step 4 fails

WE ARE COUNTING ON YOUR SUPPORT! THANK YOU! Please visit the website at www.freegenerationintl.org to learn more!

PS: More vim for the Black Stars!
Black Stars supporters, believe!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is the moment, the Ghanaian moment, we're going all out: Believe!

Wow! On my way home, I was tired and the first things I was going to do when I got home were check my email, Facebook, etc and then head straight to bed. I saw a friend, Kwabena Poku, post a link from Afroklectic saying the "the weight of Africa is on the Black Stars". What I found at that link was very heartwarming. Later, still on Facebook, I stumbled upon a status of Lydia Forson's on Facebook. It said "The HEAT Is On;GHANA vrs germany.I Lydia Forson Beleive in the Black Stars of Ghana.DO YOU???" This whole World Cup season, I've been calling on all who would listen to 'believe' in the Black Stars. Earlier this week, I realised this 'belief' is even more about things bigger than the Black Stars. That, I will revisit in another blog. For now, let me tell you about what has me excited.

I saw a couple of videos about the Vodafone Flashmob. These videos below will tell you everything you need to know.


The first African flashmob held outside South Africa, held at Kwame Nkrumah circle, Accra, Ghana. 300 people celebrate with Vodafone an African nation holding the World Cup for the first time and to wish the Black Stars good luck! Go Black Stars GO!

This video features songs - Eazzy's Wengeze and then Lynx Entertainment's Africa's moment featuring RICHIE, ASEM, ZIGI, EAZZY AND OJ BLAQ.


VODAFONE makes history by staging WEST AFRICA's 1st EVER flashmob in Accra, Ghana celebrating Africa's Moment! -- Created and Produced by Rockstar 4000

This video features songs - Eazzy's Wengeze, You may kiss the bride by Bollie and Alhaji by DJ Ramatoulaye. These songs follow; Sunshine by Gemann, Let me love you (My sweetie, my sugar) by Bunny Mack and rounded up with then Lynx Entertainment's Africa's moment featuring RICHIE, ASEM, ZIGI, EAZZY AND OJ BLAQ.

Aren't these videos just too beautiful? These folks are believing. Believe with them too for the Black Stars. Because this is the moment, Africa's moment, so stand up and shout. This is the moment, the Ghanaian moment, we're going all out. Now, let me hear you say, "Believe".


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Google Map Directions in Accra! :-)

My friend Paa Kwesi Imbeah sent me this link just now. When I opened it and saw it, I had to blog it. It was directions on Google Maps from from: 10th Street, Accra (Buka Restaurant) to: Kotoka International Airport, Box Ka PMB 36, Kotoka International Airport, Accra (Dgaa). Awesome huh?

View Larger Map

See the directions themselves

It gives suggested routes sef!
Giffard Rd - 7.2 km 16 mins
Liberation Rd and Giffard Rd - 8.2 km 16 mins
Josiah Tongogari St - 7.9 km 18 mins

From Buka Restaurant, 10th Street, Accra

1. Head northwest on 10th St toward 3rd St - 71 m
2. Take the 1st right onto 3rd St - 300 m
3. Turn right at Ring Rd E - 140 m
4. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Cantoment Rd - 1.2 km
5. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Cantonments Rd - 600 m
6. Turn left at Second Circular Rd - 900 m
7. Take the 2nd right onto Giffard Rd - 1.5 km
8. Turn left - 350 m
9. Slight left toward Burma Camp Main Rd - 1.3 km
10. Slight left at Burma Camp Main Rd - 750 m

To Dgaa
Kotoka International Airport, Box Ka PMB 36
Kotoka International Airport, Accra

Try something else today :-)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ghana's Black Stars for World Cup 2010 in South Africa - Ka sɛ vim!

I just watched the Black Stars of Ghana play the Latvian national team in the team's final friendly before the start of the Mzansi Mundial, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa which starts June 11. After the news of Michael Essien missing out due to injury, Sulley Muntari being doubtful, Bra Laryea Kingston left behind at Kotoka, and the poor performance against Holland where we lost 4-1, many Black Stars fans were worried. I wasn't but I believed we had to do and prepare better. After this game against Latvia, I have great confidence. The boys are gewd! They've always been. They have to believe that "Aha yɛdɛ o, beebia awu! Ka sɛ vim, vim! I am excited for the World Cup, the Black Stars will shine and do us proud.

The Black Stars played with some swagger in this game. Hey, I know it is Latvia, but this is the kind of the game they needed. They bossed the game, had some slick passing, created chances, etc. We only scored one goal, and that was by a substitute, Quincy Owusu-Abeyie in the dying embers of the game. I think the coach started a great line-up and I was happy with his changes. We got to see Kevin-Prince Boateng play and he was great too. Asamoah Gyan was robbed of a goal too.

I think Milovan Rajevac named a great 23 man squad which is Goalkeepers: Richard Kingston (Wigan, England), Daniel Adjei (Liberty Professionals), Stephen Ahorlu (Hearts of Lions). Defenders: Samuel Inkoom (Basle, Switzerland), Hans Sarpei (Bayer Leverkusen, Germany), Lee Addy (Bechem Chelsea), John Mensah (Sunderland, England), Rahim Ayew (Zamalek, Egypt), Isaac Vorsah (Hoffenheim, Germany), John Pantsil (Fulham, England), Jonathan Mensah (Granada, Spain). Midfielders: Dede Ayew (Arlese Avignon, France), Kwadwo Asamoah (Udinese, Italy), Stephen Appiah (Bologna, Italy), Anthony Annan (Rosenborg, Norway), Sulley Muntari (Inter Milan, Italy), Quincy Owusu-Abeyie (Al Sadd, Qatar), Derek Boateng (Getafe, Spain), Kevin-Prince Boateng (Portsmouth, England). Strikers: Prince Tagoe (Hoffenheim, Germany), Asamoah Gyan (Rennes, France), Dominic Adiyiah (AC Milan, Italy), Matthew Amoah (NAC Breda, Holland)

I think this should be our starting line-up in case Sulley Muntari is fit. Kingston; Inkoom, Vorsah, John Mensah, Sarpei; KP Boateng, Annan, K. Asamoah, Muntari; Tagoe, Gyan. We should play a 4-4-2 with the ability to switch to a 4-3-3. I am only talking about the switch because Milovan seems to like playing Tagoe on the wing, so when that happens we can switch Muntari to be a 3rd forward. Milovan has been playing 4-5-1 in the friendlies but I just don't like Tagoe as a winger. He should be the striker. He can't cross, dribble or run.

Richard Kingston is not match fit but he's still assured. We can't throw Daniel Adjei into the lions' den yet. Kingston is still better and he'll give the defence confidence. John Mensah played 60 minutes against Latvia and didn't get injured so he's good to go. The Rock of Gibraltar is back ;-) He'll play in the heart of defence alongside Vorsah. These two guys have to score from a header from a set-piece in the world cup. Use your height, folks. I still pick Hans Sarpei over Lee Addy. Sarpei is more experienced and can do more of the same things. John Paintsil is experienced too but Inkoom has a lot of big games under his belt. He can defend and cross better.

Kwadwo Asamoah is going to be our star and I wish he was wearing the #10 jersey. But with Stephen Appiah around, that won't happen. At least, Asamoah will start. Anthony Annan will also be key, he had an awesome game against Latvia. I really like Andre Ayew too. He does hold unto the ball a lot, but he's becoming a maestro. He alonside Quincy, will be our super-subs. Quincy is a special player for us and he can change games in minutes. But because he cannot defend, he should be used in spurts. Asamoah Gyan is balling these days and after doing well in France, his confidence is high. He can definitely play the lone striker. Matthew Amoah should not sniff much playing time, I like Adiyiah better. More goals, Black Stars, more goals.

We need to stop setting those stupid high-line offside traps. John Mensah should desist from doing so and we should man-mark even if we set these traps. We can't afford to lose concentration or be indisciplined with the ball in our own half. If that happens, we should have numbers behind the ball. Moving forward, we should let those who can cross the ball cross the ball. These people are Muntari and Inkoom.

Before the start of the 2006 World Cup, many Black Stars' fans were worried about our preparations. We had had below-par friendlies. But I believed that when the boys camped together and built chemistry, they'll do well. And we saw how they made Afria proud in 2006. This is why it's good that Bra Laryea wasn't selected. He could have disturbed the chemistry in camp. The boys have been together and I know they are shiing jama at this very moment waiting to go do Ghana and Africa proud. They need the fans to believe with them and support them in prayer.

I like our chances at this Mundial. Obviously, we are going into the tournament on the back of a win and should start off with a win too. Serbia's game will be tricky, I expect it to be a close and packed encounter but we have the goods to pull off a win. If we start that way, there's no telling how well we will do because our confidence will keep on building.

"God bless our homeland, Ghana ei! Nkunimdie yɛ yɛn deɛ a!
Osee, osee, Black Stars ei, forward ever! Osee...
Osee, osee, Black Stars ei, forward ever!"

Missed Google's G-Ghana? Find out what happened through these tweets #gghana

I missed the G-Ghana - Google event/conference in Ghana. Of course, I wasn't in Ghana but I also missed taking part through Twitter. Bummer. But that's why I follow some awesome people on Twitter who were going to keep me informed anyway. And because you follow my blog and happen to chance upon my blog through various means, Facebook and even Google itself, you can be a part of G-Ghana. I have some awesome tweets about G-Ghana #GGhana.

Now one thing Twitter needs to do is figure out a way to show the timeline from earliest tweet down to the latest tweet. Wow, isn't that an idea? Sadly, someone is gonna come see this and make money of it. Eureka! I just had an epiphany. I should stop blogging, because people will read my thoughts, have eureka moments and go make money of it before I can even say "'the'; thetime is now". Sigh. But hey, we want to see great things happen for the betterment of mankind. I want to see things happen for the betterment of my pocket and these are all leading to that. Best believe. Let's go. Yɛnkɔ!

In fact, reading through these tweets, there's so much information in there. Some things I knew, others I didn't. Thanks so much to Ato-Kwamena Kubi, Edward Amartey-Tagoe, Yawa Hansen-Quao and the others for tweeting the info. Also major thanks to Googlers Estelle Sowah, Paa Kwesi Imbeah, Ohene Kwasi Ohene-Adu and Aneto Okonkwo for organizing the G-Ghana event. Major props to Jojoo Imbeah for helping with it too.

I learnt my lesson during BarCamp Ghana 2009 that tweets don't last forever. Can't find those #bcghana09 tweets now. Here's why I have saved some great tweets with the #Gghana hashtag. The tweets bring up a lot of issues, some of which I'll try and blog about later. Here are some selected #gghana tweets below.

# dzzydannyboi

@atokubi hw did d #gghana prog go 2dae? about 1 hour ago via Snaptu in reply to atokubi

# Teresa E A Lemaire reggesegge

#gghana was an amazing event, so was the code clinic today. about 4 hours ago via web

# Ngamita Richard ngamita

Learnt alot from developers using Windows OS for appengine at #gghana today . It's a hell to get simple things started ! The trick is DOS :) about 6 hours ago via web

# Kakashi Kobe-Sensei KakashiKobe

#gghana my skin is still crawling with excitement after yesterday's day with Google. Watch out Africa, a revolution is upon us!! about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

# Ngamita Richard ngamita

Hands on coding session on #appengine and Google maps today at #gghana and #gtugs #ghana . Guys code clinics the way forward ! thanks about 7 hours ago via web

# Abocco Abocco

completely missed out on #GGhana. thanks for tweeting, @eokyere @yawahq @Thomas_oppong @essynam @ttaaggooee @gamelmag @atokubi about 24 hours ago via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

#GGhana event over, @ghanagtug event morrow at 9am, see u all there #gghana 11:29 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Gameli Adzaho gamelmag

@ttaaggooee @thomas_oppong True t'was a gr8 event overall! #gghana #ghana #google #technology 1:55 PM Jun 4th via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

#GGhana event over, @ghanagtug event morrow at 9am, see u all there #gghana 11:29 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

RT @essynam: Treat everyone the way you would want them to treat you. #ethics in #business #gghana 10:50 AM Jun 4th via dabr

# Edward Tagoe ttaaggooee

Find ntrsxn of wat u luv doin,wat u r encoded 2 do & wat u ll b paid 2 do #gghana 10:23 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# LordofGoats LordofGoats

#gghana don't have to be first to make a lot of money. Google wasn't first search engine, but innovated (Also see: facebook vs myspace) 10:23 AM Jun 4th via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

be cost conscious and disciplined with ur capital. #gghana 10:18 AM Jun 4th via dabr

# Emily Heart essynam

Be dedicated to what you want to do. How much do you believe in ur project? #gghana #entrepreneur 10:18 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

the ghanaian market is unstructured but one with great opportunity. #gghana 10:07 AM Jun 4th via dabr

# Emily Heart essynam

Be persistent in getting the rite network. Get a mentor! Kwabena Poku frm Databank #gghana 10:04 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

If u know u will fail, fail fast and pick up urself and move on, panel discussion on vc, incubator & tech entreprenuers #gghana 9:58 AM Jun 4th via dabr

# Emily Heart essynam

@legenderrydean don't be too techy... Get some entrepreneural skills... #gghana 9:55 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Edward Tagoe ttaaggooee

If u wil fail, fail quickly! #gghana 9:52 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Muyiwa Alade muyisbox

Is d account created free of charge? @essynam: Use Monetize to make money on ur blog. Create an #adsense account 1st. #gghana 9:50 AM Jun 4th via Seesmic

# Emily Heart essynam

Kofi Dadzie talking abt early days...as an entrepreneur. #gghana 9:49 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Emily Heart essynam

@legenderrydean on a panel @ #gghana 9:37 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

knol, contribute expert articles and make money while doing so. search knol in google to learn more. #gghana 9:30 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

HyperLocal the next trend in search content and services, provide content relevant to the person's location. #gghana 9:19 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Emily Heart essynam

Use Monetize to make money on ur blog. Create an #adsense account 1st. #gghana 9:19 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Thomas Oppong Thomas_oppong

#gghana blogger,sites,customsearch under way 9:16 AM Jun 4th via web

# Emily Heart essynam

Use Google Translate to make users with other languages access your content. #gghana 9:14 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Emily Heart essynam

When writing content, think about what users are looking for. #gghana 9:11 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Thomas Oppong Thomas_oppong

#gghana facilitating creation of local content for Africa 9:09 AM Jun 4th via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

@namanquah we have a 45mins session on Making money with Adsense & a 1hr panel discussion on VC,incubator and tech entreprneurs. #gghana 9:08 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu in reply to namanquah

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

NYTimes used Googlemaps to show how areas voted during the presidential election. #gghana 8:37 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

Connect your GooglePlaces to your AdWords account to have a better idea of how people are actually reaching you. #gghana 8:36 AM Jun 4th via web

# Edward Tagoe ttaaggooee

@gamelmag na 2ru oh. Am learning new stuf VryDay #gghana 8:24 AM Jun 4th via mobile web in reply to gamelmag

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

get a search engine's perspective of ur site: enter "site:domainname.com" in Google. #gghana 8:02 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

having a live SEO session with sites made available by volunteers. #gghana 7:59 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Edward Tagoe ttaaggooee

Google to provide caches in Africa to help with bandwidth problem in Africa #gghana 6:42 AM Jun 4th via web

# Gameli Adzaho gamelmag

#gghana exciting stuff happening here! google apps and all #ghana #technology #google 6:59 AM Jun 4th via web

# Edward Tagoe ttaaggooee

Google to provide caches in Africa to help with bandwidth problem in Africa #gghana 6:42 AM Jun 4th via web

# Edward Tagoe ttaaggooee

Google to partner Gh businesses, yahoooooo!!! #gghana 6:31 AM Jun 4th via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

comparison between Google Apps standard(free) & Premier($50/user/year) | http://google.com/apps/intl/en/group/index.html #gghana 6:14 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

GoogleGears soon to go off the market to be replaced by a better alternative. #gghana 6:09 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

GoogleApps synchronizes data between your phone and computer. #gghana 6:03 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

Kwasi: at Google, we do first and apologize later! #gghana 6:02 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

GoogleApps is free to get started up to 50 users. #gghana 5:59 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

GoogleVideo is like your own branded YouTube outlet for internal messages, executive communications, internal training etc. #gghana 5:56 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

You can host your personal or company webpages using GoogleSites and embed docs, caledar maps etc #gghana 5:55 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

You can save documents at PDF in GoogleDocs. It automatically converts even if you don’t have Adobe PDF. #gghana 5:48 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

GoogleDocs allows collaboration between users and real-time co-authoring and control access with user groups. #gghana 5:47 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

GoogleDocs allows wordprocessing, spreadsheets etc. and can be uploaded and stored online. #gghana 5:45 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

GoogleCalendars allow sharing between teams within the company and externally too. #gghana and sync to phone for easy notifications. #gghana 5:45 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

Gmail can host your company mail with over 7G of space per user using your company domain name. #gghana 5:43 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

Business challenges are changing so GoogleApps is an attempt to give the best applications for free. #gghana 5:34 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

a new session on #GoogleApps by Paa Kwesi Mbeah from GoogleLondon. #gghana 5:32 AM Jun 4th via web

# yawahq

What percentage of visitors to your site come from referring sites? Find out using GoogleAnalytics #gghana 5:21 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

Know who visits your site, how many pages they visited and how much time they spend on your site using #Google Analytics. #gghana 5:17 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

Most visits on websites never get past the first page. #gghana 5:16 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

Christian Miccio now sharing insights about #Google Analytics. #gghana 5:04 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

average website has only 5 seconds to make an impact. --Aneto Okonkwo #gghana 5:00 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

40% increase in site traffic, 2.8 million subscribers, 288,000 volunteers, $57m worth of donations from Obama.com web optimization #gghana 4:58 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

interesting insights about website optimization revealed using a case study of the #Obama campaign website. #gghana @abena_serwaa @kwabena 4:52 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

session on website optimization. showing how #Obama raised $500 million online using these simple secrets. #gghana 4:46 AM Jun 4th via web

# Yawa Hansen-Quao yawahq

it's break-time now. Gonna grab a cup of tea! #gghana 4:24 AM Jun 4th via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

http://google.com/services/ <- a list of all business solutions google provides. #gghana 4:22 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

w/ Google's Content Network u can control where ur ads show up, u can even target particular sites where ur audience go to most. #gghana 4:15 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Nnamdi Abraham-Igwe abrahamigwe

#googleafrica #gghana day 2 is on. 4:06 AM Jun 4th via Twitter for Android

# Afrika Kabissa kabissa

@nnenna Thanks for the #FF! Glad to be connected. #gghana 4:05 AM Jun 4th via Nambu in reply to nnenna

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

use Google Search Insights a google tool for researching keywords | google.com/insights/search/ #gghana 4:04 AM Jun 4th via Snaptu

# Nnamdi Abraham-Igwe abrahamigwe

#gghana. Another nexus phone today. Make sure you register and drop your contact up front for a draw end of day. 3:56 AM Jun 4th via Twitter for Android

# Nnenna Nwakanma nnenna

#FF @love2dreamfish @gbengasesan #gghana @kabissa @love2dreamfish/work-global @234next @atokubi @paulscott56 @eokyere @eyedol @ushahidi 3:52 AM Jun 4th via web

# Ngamita Richard ngamita

Ghana developers let's meet again Saturday 5th June for more exciting coding #gghana #ghanagtugs #gtugs #googleafrica #ghana 3:43 AM Jun 4th via web

# yasmind

#gghana Now understand how ad ranking works! 3:27 AM Jun 4th via web

# nii ayertey aryeh nii_ayertey

Google Analytics + Website Optimiser, Maps, Blogger, Sites and a VC / Incubator Panel Discussion! #Agenda #Today #GGhana 3:07 AM Jun 4th via web

# nii ayertey aryeh nii_ayertey

whats on the agenda today? @atokubi @eokyere @ngamita #GGhana 2:55 AM Jun 4th via web

# Benjamin Ephson bkk3

Rain rain go way, come again 10hrs l8r today, @atokubi and I wnt to attend this #gghana day. Pls pls go away. :) 2:13 AM Jun 4th via DestroyTwitter

# Ngamita Richard ngamita

Headin for #gghana day2 . #accra #ghana #kofiannan 1:20 AM Jun 4th via mobile web

# Hutspace Hutspace

The winner is @kwekud of @hutspace! Dorothy Gordon Director General of AITI-KACE presenting him with the Nexus One. #gghana (via @atokubi) 12:09 PM Jun 3rd via Twitter for iPhone

# Emmanuel eokyere

Whoa! @kwekud, congrats!!! for winning the nexus one at #gghana! we'll raise a glass when I get back. :) 11:56 AM Jun 3rd via Twitter for iPhone

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

picked up my google swag, g-google day 1 ended no heading home see ya'll morrow for day 2 #gghana 11:37 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Ngamita Richard ngamita

#gghana was fun 11:27 AM Jun 3rd via mobile web

# Gameli Adzaho gamelmag

@atokubi pictures pictures! is that possible? #gghana 11:25 AM Jun 3rd via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

And the winner is Kweku of @hutspace!!! yaya!!! Dorothy Gordon Director General of AITI-KACE presenting him with the Nexus One. #gghana 11:20 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# yasmin dolatabadi yasmind

#gghana Nyimbi Odero: "Momentum is a property of mass not of ideas" (advice is always have a prototype when pitching your idea!) 10:33 AM Jun 3rd via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

when seeking investor funding: solve a problem, have something to show and explain the risks. #gghana 10:28 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

how do u handle it when a project failure, find out why and keep it in mind for the future. #gghana 10:24 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Dominic Qaphui Mary Qaphui

has really been enlightened w.r.t. #google products. Thanks 2 the organisers of #gghana 10:18 AM Jun 3rd via mobile web

# imensah59

#gghana: feeling hungry already 10:14 AM Jun 3rd via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

User feedback is very important, get to know what ur user want, u'r developing the app for them it shld appeal in every way. #gghana 10:07 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Only only start from scratch if ur solution does not exist. look out an open source solution and tweak it. #gghana 9:58 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Its better to act and not plan than to plan and not act, bring ur ideas to life, solve problems. #gghana 9:49 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Panel Discussion: from Ideas to Reality. <-- every developer's dream #gghana 9:40 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

google.com.gh/webmasters <-- ur one stop web master central #gghana 8:41 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

next session Search 101: search quality & indexing by Luisella Mazza Search Quality Team #gghana 8:08 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

iGoogle and Chrome extension talk session on going #gghana 7:31 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# nii ayertey aryeh nii_ayertey

#AkwabenaAsumadu winner of #DoodleforGoogle call it GO-GOAL http://bit.ly/9IuIaL #GHANA #GGHANA 7:00 AM Jun 3rd via web

# Gameli Adzaho gamelmag

Who's at G-Ghana? How's it going? #ghana #google #technology #business #gghana #ghanagtug 6:58 AM Jun 3rd via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

The person to finish the code lab and add some cool features wins a nexus one! Me want a nexus one!! #gghana 6:26 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

here comes a tweet about food: launch break!!! #gghana 6:24 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# dkariithi kariithi

#gghana It's possible. Host ruby written apps on Google appengine: http://code.google.com/p/appengine-jruby/(+ supports rails 2.3.5!) 5:28 AM Jun 3rd via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

GWT handles L10n (localization) easily with lots of components for quickly building apps :) #gghana 5:22 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# LordofGoats LordofGoats

#gghana and now my battery lets me down. Goodbye for now Tweetverse 5:14 AM Jun 3rd via web

# LordofGoats LordofGoats

Dolatabadi just slapped my wrist for mis-spelling her name. Sorry @yasmind #gghana 5:13 AM Jun 3rd via web

# LordofGoats LordofGoats

#gghana the double-Ks are doing an epic job of presenting App Engine and GWT. 5:10 AM Jun 3rd via web

# LordofGoats LordofGoats

Dolabadadi claims there is no internet for twitter. I'm doing fine! :P #gghana! 5:09 AM Jun 3rd via web

# yasmin dolatabadi yasmind

#gghana Kwesi: "as a software engineer you cannot be married to your technology" 4:59 AM Jun 3rd via web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

hosting ur web apps on Google makes u benefit from Google's great infrustracture: reliability, loadbalancing, scalability. #gghana 4:39 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

The most important issue with web apps is reliablity when there is high traffic (eg the BBC make mention of ur site :) ) #gghana 4:36 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Point of correction Nelson Mattos is Google VP of Product & Engineering for Europe, Middle-East & Africa #gghana 4:10 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# eokyere

following Google event in #Ghana, G-Ghana, with hashtag #gghana 4:09 AM Jun 3rd via Twitter for iPhone

# dkariithi kariithi

#gghana to achieve landmark based navigation Google Africa needs your help to collect geo points of interest http://www.google.com/mapmaker 4:00 AM Jun 3rd via web

# Papa Kwame Anane pkanane

#gghana is amazing... had this whole google team >10 come down to africa... right approach u definitely gonna get evangelists in Africa 3:48 AM Jun 3rd via threadsy

# Nnamdi Abraham-Igwe abrahamigwe

#gghana - http://code.google.com/apis/kml 3:48 AM Jun 3rd via Twitter for Android

# Henry Sampson henrysampson

#gghana google maps API really cool...zappos.com 3:34 AM Jun 3rd via mobile web

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

U can also contribute map data by using google map maker, google.com/mapmaker #gghana 3:26 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

found a typo or an error in a google maps entry? u can change it, make it better. #gghana 3:23 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

head to maps.google.com.gh click my maps on the left and start adding/saving ur favorite locations for others to find :) #gghana 3:20 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Christan Miccio product manager Zurich office, presenting Google Maps Technologies. #gghana 3:11 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Ghana Internet Exchange up and live, its housed at KACE-AITI. #gghana 3:07 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Improving latency: Google Global Cache -> google data center setup locally in each country :) #gghana 3:04 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

With a set of tools for developers to innovate and build content for local consumption :) #gghana 3:03 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Eliminate access barriers to users: internet affordability, affordable devices, improve latency. #GoogleMissionForAfrica #gghana 2:55 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# atokubi

Make the internet content useful for africans: content,education, relevance #gghana 2:53 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Google really understands the issues with web/internet connectivity & infrustracture in Africa. #gghana 2:49 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Estelle doing a wonderful job introducing all the Googlers #gghana 2:44 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# kafuiday kafuiday

Very encouraging attendance #gghana 2:44 AM Jun 3rd via twidroid

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

Googlers from Nigeria, Switzerland, London, Senegal, India, Kenya, USA, almost every continent is present. #gghana 2:41 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# kafuiday kafuiday

And as usual without the ladies.RT @ngamita @googleafrica #gghana kicking off in few mins . #Ghana developers in the building . 2:39 AM Jun 3rd via twidroid

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

about 20 Googlers from all around the world around for #gghana!!! 2:35 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Kwamena Appiah-Kubi atokubi

#gghana is session, the deputy minister of communication giving his address 2:33 AM Jun 3rd via Snaptu

# Gameli Adzaho gamelmag

missing first day of #gghana :(. #google #ghana #fufugang 2:24 AM Jun 3rd via web

# Ngamita Richard ngamita

@googleafrica #gghana kicking off in few mins . #Ghana developers in the building . 2:14 AM Jun 3rd via web in reply to googleafrica

Canoe Magazine - Celebrating the best of Africa

I first learnt about Canoe Magazine while in Ghana over the Christmas holidays in 2008. I had gone to visit an aunt and she showed me their first issue. She had one mostly because her grand-daughter (one of my cousins I had never met and still haven't met) Efua Odunton was featured in it. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the magazine and the content. It oozed African excellence. They featured rising stars like Efua Odunton, stories about Africa, and other interesting things. If you find a copy of the Canoe Magazine in one of these stores, you should buy it. The magazine aims to celebrate the best of Africa.

It's such a high class magazine that to advertise in it costs $1,500 to $10,000. It's circulated in Accra, Abuja, Lagos and Johannesburg through various outlets. CANOE magazine will be distributed in Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Liberia, Egypt, Gambia and Sierra Leone in Africa; the United Kingdom; and New York, Atlanta, California and Chicago in the United States of America. From BellaNaija - While CANOE is a luxury brand, the editorial in CANOE moves beyond mere consumerism. CANOE is a guide to accumulating real wealth, preserving capital and building legacies that can be passed on from generation to generation. "The Africa I know has intelligent, successful and beautiful people." says publisher and CEO Kweku Ansah, founder of the CANOE Group.

In fact, when I was given this issue, the 5th one, I had to keep it. In fact, every time I traveled, I'll take it with me just to show off. Nah, not to show off my hot 30-something year old cousin I had never met, but show off the excellent magazine Africans were making for Africa in Africa. You can read that issue by clicking here. There was a nice comic series about Yaa Asantewaa called 1900. Folks, is anyone out there going to make a movie about Yaa Asantewaa? We have been talking about this since 2003 and the GhanaConscious days. There was also a feature about the Asantehene and some fashion pieces.

CANOE stands for Creative, Afro-Bourgeois, Naissant, Ostentatious & Extraordinaire. I don't know what Afro-Bourgeois means but it's cool. No, I already searched Urban Dictionary, it's not there. Hey, we still have the Odadee Pidgin-English dictionary but we should have a Ghanaian or even an African urban dictionary. You and I know they are a million words waiting to get their definitions online. CANOE is simply an awesome publication, I can't say enough about it. I know a friend who works there and she enjoys her job there. She asked me to consider writing for CANOE. That'll be awesome too. CANOE, come and grab me lol. Just kidding, I know where to find you. ;-)

Some info about CANOE Magazine from its website
CANOE is inspired to celebrate Africa’s evolving culture and lifestyle. It is a creative initiative by 5 entrepreneurs endeavoured to correct the image of Africa, predict growing trends and portray positively, the continent and its people. The result is a conservative, sexy template, heralding the rebirth of Afro-cool. CANOE seeks to guide ‘Black Diamonds and Pearls’ [your Afro-bourgeois]: Principally, in luxury trends and laudable knowledge through exposure - the power with which they can augment their lives and secure an exceptional lifestyle with a sense of pride and knowledge of self. CANOE is not hesitant to show success through extravagance as a merit of prosperity; but to create a lust, a passion for the rewarding things in life. Sail with us to see the new Africa. We offer you an exclusive Quarterly, with extraordinarily beautiful things from this wonderful chocolate continent. Together, we spearhead a revolution in trends, fashion and technology. CANOE will inform, inspire and breed a calibre of visionaries, influencing your lifestyles in appreciation of the true worth of AFRICA, as is: Our contribution to the long awaited Afro-Renaissance.

Check out an ad that the guys at Phamous People (now Philms) did for them

Friday, June 4, 2010

Songs from Listen Up! The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album (Museke)

African musicians involved are Freshlyground, Lira, Nneka, Nameless, TKZee, Angelique Kidjo, Uju, Siphiwo, Soweto Spiritual Singers, Louise Carver, etc

Listen Up! The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album is a collaboration by various artists, both local African and international. The album was be released on May 31, 2010.

See the Tracklist here. Check out some of the songs
# 1. R. Kelly feat. Soweto Spiritual Singers - Sign of a Victory (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Anthem)

#2. Shakira feat. Freshlyground - Click here for Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) (The Official Song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup)

#3. Nneka - Click here for Viva Africa

#4. Matisyahu feat. Nameless - One Day

#5. Ternielle Nelson, Jason Hartman, UJU, Louise Carver, Aya & Deep Level - Shosholoza 2010

#6. J Pre, Wyclef, Jazmine Sullivan, and B Howard - Ke Nako

#7. Angelique Kidjo and John Legend - Click here for Move On Up

#8. Judy Bailey feat. Uju - Spirit of Freedom

#9. Pitbull, TKZee and Dario G - Game On (The Official 2010 FIFA World Mascot Song)

#10. MISIA feat. M2J + Francis Jocky - Maware Maware

#11. Claudia Leitte and Lira - As Mascaras (South Africa '10 to Brasil '14)

#12. Siphiwo Feat. Message of Hope from Nelson Mandela - Hope

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Museke Online Africa Music Awards (MOAMAs) Winners 2010

Lizha James, Dama do Bling, Amr Diab, Ralph Anselmo and Perola emerged multiple winners of the inaugural Museke Online Africa Music Awards (MOAMAs). The MOAMAs sought to award best of African music over the last year and put the winners in the spotlight as Africa prepares to host the globe at the World Cup in South Africa. The awards were organized by Museke.com, an African music site which seeks to unify Africa through its music and its partners. The winners would be awarded packages where their music will be promoted through various media while their online presence will also be enhanced.

The winners were selected based on African music fan votes. Voting took place from April 6 to May 29, 2010 on http://awards.museke.com/ (http://moamas.com/). Users were allowed to vote once everyday. The nominees were selected over a 3 month period by an academy made up of African music enthusiasts and fans. The organizing team encourages music fans to learn about all the other nominees, since they are amongst the top African musicians of today. The nominees list can be found on http://awards.museke.com/ (http://moamas.com/).

Below is the full list of winners (arranged by song/album, name & country)

African song of the year: Yori yori – Bracket – Nigeria

Artiste of the Year: Lizha James – Mozambique

Best Male Artist: Ralph Anselmo - Angola

Best Female Artist: Dama do Bling - Mozambique

Best Group (tie): P-Square – Nigeria & Sauti Sol - Kenya

Best Album: O Cupido – Ralph Anselmo - Angola

Best African Collaboration: Put it down – Sasha P/Dama do Bling – Nigeria/Mozambique

Best New Artist/Group: Sarkodie – Ghana

Best Music Video: Estilo Xaxhale - Lizha James - Mozambique

Best Video producer: DJ Marcell - Mozambique

Best Beat maker: Bue d beats – Angola

Record of the year: Usinibore - Just A Band - Kenya

West Africa song of the year: Simple - Bradez – Ghana

North Africa song of the year: Wayah – Amr Diab - Egypt

Central Africa song of the year: C’est pas complique – Awilo Longomba – DR Congo

East Africa song of the year: Leo – A-Y – Tanzania

Southern Africa song of the year: Presta Atencao – Perola – Angola

Best Artist based in Diaspora: Suzanna Lubrano – Cape Verde

Best Reggae song: Africans – Nneka – Nigeria

Best Hip-hop song: Casamento – Dama do Bling – Mozamabique

Best R&B/Soul song: Presta Atencao – Perola – Angola

Best Gospel/Religious song: Igwe - Midnight Crew – Nigeria

Best Pop song: Wayah – Amr Diab - Egypt

Best Afro-pop song: Gologolo – Echo - Ghana

Best Dancehall song: Where my baby dey – Samini - Ghana

Best Alternative/Fusion/Rock song: Tukuraka remix - Stewart Sukuma - Mozambique

Best Dance song: Omo 2 Sexy - Justine - Nigeria

Best Contemporary African song: Kuma kwa kie - Yuri da Cunha - Angola

Congrats to all the winners!

CONTACT: help at museke dot com

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