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Barcamp Ho chalks 5 years of impact and successful #bcho projects

I'll be going to Ho for the 6th time this weekend. This will be the 5th time for +Barcamp Ho, I've attended every single Barcamp in #HoCity. The other time I was in the capital of the Volta region, I was attending the funeral of the late Eli Aidam, one of the Barcamp Ho co-founders. We miss him, one of the true young heroes of Ghana. He'll be proud of what we've achieved with Barcamp Ho, especially +Junior Camp Ghana. The current team continues to do a great job, led by +Courage Christson Tetteh. +Gameli Adzaho is still there to give advice and support to others like +Elvis Bomasah+Ousman Saidy+Courage ES+Mark Hammond+Precious Adade and +Harry Akligoh. We need to mention folks like +Eric Tackie Tawiah Ankrah and +Shika Brown as well. The team needs some awesome ladies though, like +Rachel Hormeku and +Senam Aseye Bridget who are part of the +Barcamp Ghana team alongside +kofi yeboah+Leonard Hagan and +Kobe Subramaniam. I'm looking forward to this Barcamp, and the…

Support as #ReubenRides across #Ghana fundraising for the Cleft Foundation

You might have seen #ReubenRides on social media. It's one of the coolest things happening in Ghana this year and more people need to know about this. 
On August 10th, 2015, +Reuben Griffiths Bekoelaced his sneakers, pumped on his bicycle and started to ride across Ghana to raise money for the Ghana Cleft foundation as part of his action at home for the Latitude Global Volunteering, ICS where he volunteered for 10 weeks in Cape Coast.

His cycling tour has taken him from Tarkwa to Takoradi to Cape Coast to Accra to Ho to Tamale and he is currently in Bolga. He's been taking pictures and selfies, posting on social media throughout his journey, ridden with +Wanlov Kubolor, been on the +Joy 99.7FM Super morning show, etc, getting featured by +cecilia amoafowaa sefa on her blog, etc. Remarkably, he's been taking videofies --- taking videos of himself as he's been riding! See a video montage from his Cape Coast to Accra trip.

Love on Wheels, #ReubenRides Cape Coast to Accra

The second Barcamp in Bolgatanga - BarcampBolga is here!

It's early in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I've returned home after being at the Odadee Torch & Bonfire night at Presec. I was wearing a black +Barcamp Tema tshirt. Many Odadee recognized me but also recognised Barcamp. Branding. I am not unable to be at +Barcamp Bolga which happens today due to prior engagements and personal reasons. I am sad though. I really wanted to be at Barcamp Bolga for the team. But like I've told many people, the Barcamp will run smoothly without me. That's the mark of maturity. The +Barcamp Ghana team is taking leadership, spearheading #bcbolga through +kofi yeboah and +Leonard Hagan+Rachel Hormeku and +Senam Aseye Bridget have done their part too, with +Kobe Subramaniam in the background. +Abdul Razak Dimbie and +Baawuo Gloria together with +Daniel Yakuba+Jon Mydaz and +Frank Bruce are making the second Barcamp Bolga happen, with support from +Joachim Danbo and +Enoch Robot Boy Appiah Junior.

The second Barcamp Bolga promises to…