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First Pan-African Women in Tech Meetup on August 2nd

Ever since we started organizing our +Barcamp Ghana events, I've wanted the numbers of women attending these events to increase. We started with a huge tech focus, the theme for the first event was "The Business and Tech Renaissance". We had only 2 female resource personnel - +Estelle Akofio-Sowah who was with Busy Internet at the time and +Esi Cleland-Yankson of Afrochic. I believe tech and forward-thinking events held with a focus on women are really important in increasing the network and net work of both interlocking communities. Enter the First Pan-African Women in Tech Meetup
It's happening on Wednesday August 2. Some of my friends are involved as organizers or speakers - all awesome young women - +Ethel Cofie+Enyo Kumahor+Ella Ethel Mbewe+Chisenga Muyoya and +Barbara Birungi who I am still yet to meet. Check out this VimTechList post on #VimTechList: 11 young female African technology leaders to know about. Read the Press release below and participate. 


The #AskAto story - in conjunction with Vodafone Ghana

Director at the GhanaThink Foundation which mobilizes and organizes talent for the primary benefit of Ghana.
— Vodafone Ghana (@VodafoneGhana) July 15, 2014

My friend +Ivy Enyo Nam had approached me about being featured in a series that Vodafone Ghana was going to undertake. The working title was #PowerfulPeople. This is the message I received from them - Based your influence within the Ghanaian community on Twitter. We will like to officially invite you to interact with the Vodafone Ghana social media platforms (especially twitter) under the topic “Using Social Media for Good”.
This happened on Tuesday 15th July, 2014. It was to be between 12pm-1pm,  a Q&A session on Twitter with hashtag #AskAto. It was hoped that I would answer all questions directed at teaching Vodafone's followers, amongst others how to use social media more effectively.
Well, 1 hour turned out into much more. I had so many questions to answer, well, some of them not social…