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Rwanda, Rwanda (poem)

I am pulling out the poems one by one. There goes the anthology idea. Am I ever going to be able to write enough great poems to publish one? Time will tell. This poem is written for war torn countries when they are 'actually war torn'. I wrote this in March 2006 to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. We thank God that human spirit triumphed over selfishness and Rwanda is moving on. Rwanda is slowly becoming 'krabɛhwɛ' (a place to watch) these days with the great work Paul Kagame is doing.

It was specifically for the UCONN Africa Night, and it was recited by two lovely Ghanaian ladies who were at UCONN at the time. The poem was also inspired by the song, Rwanda, by Wyclef Jean, which was on the Hotel Rwanda soundtrack.

Here goes the poem

Rwanda, Rwanda
We wonder, we wonder
And leave others to ponder
Why they wander, they wander
Seeking red from black
Staining their own back
Blood is thicker than water
Family is thicker than enemy
We wonder who is family
But w…

Leading into leadership – the Syracuse year

One fateful day in 2000, I heard Arthur Musah (one of my idols at Presec) had gotten into MIT. The excitement that greeted this announcement was big in Presec because MIT was supposed to be the best engineering institution in the world. I had sworn not to do anything related to biology because I hated my biology teacher and I was quite strong in Math. It was the first time I heard about the Massachusetts (not Minnesota, Michigan or Montana) Institute of Technology. I declared that I was going to follow in Arthur's footsteps and enrol in MIT one day. Praise be to God, one day in March 2002, I found out I was admitted into my dream school. For a moment, I wondered if it was the Michigan Institute of Technology; I had some doubts. I must have done something right with my time at Presec. Some decisions and goals I set led to this moment, but what happened in that lean year between Presec and MIT. A lot happened, but it ultimately made me a little different from the person I was at Pre…

Scorned may be an even better Ghanaian movie

Afenhyia pa to everyone. Sorry for the long silence. I was busy chillaxing and eating some great food in Ghana. My time there has given me a lot of fodder for blog topics. We'll start 2009 off with a movie review though. I already blogged about "Life and Living it and this entry is about the second movie from the production that brought you Life and Living It. I heard about 'Scorned' in early November from a friend and I got excited. When I got to Ghana, I talked to a friend about the movie and she claimed it was even better than 'Life and Living It'. I had to own this movie before I left Ghana. Surely enough, I bought the two VCDs for the movie and I am really glad I did. Scorned is another excellent film from Sparrow Productions and a movie I have already seen thrice.

Shirley Frimpong-Manso is really doing well and I hope she gets enough support to go into film production full-time. Scorned is about a woman who suffers abuse from her husband, who's the so…