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A trip around Ghana with Aero Shutter

I love traveling around Ghana. I think I have been to more places than the AeroShutter drones have been. Arguably. I think I might get a drone one of these days. The AeroShutter drone have been around paa!
See these lovely images they've captured.

Skintight video
Spot the drone! #SkinTight music video! — AeroShutter (@AeroShutter) March 12, 2016
Mole National Park
The Lana Pond in the heart of Mole National Park. — AeroShutter (@AeroShutter) December 1, 2015
Sofo line Interchange
Kumasi Kumasi! The sofo line interchange.... — AeroShutter (@AeroShutter) December 2, 2015
Zaina Lodge bird's eye view
Zaina Lodge at bird's eye view! — AeroShutter (@AeroShutter) November 29, 2015
New government hospital video
Footage of a new hospital project by the government. — AeroShutter (@AeroShutter) October 7, 2015
New Protea Hotel in Takoradi
The a…

Let's #volunteeringh for National Volunteer Day - #NVDay16

3 years ago, the +GhanaThink Foundation started the National Volunteer Day! It's still going strong. It has spread all across the country and spurred a spirit of volunteerism in Ghana. The impact is enormous and continues to grow with volunteer activities all year round. Read the press release below prepared by +Ghana Volunteer Program lead +Ela Asare. Kudos to her and her team of +Enock Seth Nyamador+Adelina Martey+Felix Nartey+William Osilaja Boampong and +Gerald Sowah for organizing this. The Ghana Volunteer Program (GVP) is a program being run by theGhanaThink Foundation, an NGO based both in Ghana and the USA. National Volunteer Day, which falls around the 21st of September each year, is our major activity. It was instituted as part of GVP in 2013. This year, National Volunteer Day activities can be organized on 17th, 18th, 21st, 24th & 25th September 2016 as well as other nearby dates. The initiative aims to get as many people as possible in Ghana to volunteer their time…