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Ghana Youth Social Entreneurship Program by GhanaThink (+ Digital Opportunity Trust)

In 2017, theGhanaThink Foundation organized the GYSEC in partnership withDigital Opportunity Trust (DOT).
Ghana Youth Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GYSEC) was promoted as#GYSEC2017.
20 budding social entrepreneurs were chosen out of 154 applications to learn, be trained, and compete.
They were and are referred to as trainees.
The training began in on January 30 and ended on March 19, 2017. They took an online course on Social Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking run by DOT.
Within this period, there were 2 workshop at Impact Hub Accra where the trainees received in-person training.
We in this blog post refers toGhanaThink of which I lead :-)

In 2018, GYSEC has become a GhanaThink's 4th program.
It would be referred to as the Ghana Youth Social Entreneurship Program (GYSEP). The other 3 are Barcamp Ghana,Junior Camp Ghana,Ghana Volunteer Program.