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A Ghanaian prayer on the occasion of #Ghana's 55th birthday

I had a strong feeling to blog today on the occasion of Ghana's 55th birthday. Ghana has been trending, which is great, and folks have thoughts on social media all around and in conversations all around.

Me, I just prayed this prayer within the last 23.3 minutes :-)

"Almighty Lord, the mightyafrican needs a house, please help me :-). Help me to become independent like Ghana became independent 55 years ago. One year for every African country eh?

Help us Ghanaians realise our potential. You know we love you. Our hearts might not be set right, but we adore you. You keep us going, please, keep us going even further.

Give us unyielding faith, communal purpose, unflappable belief, focused hope, and unshakeable drive. Send us flashes of examples of hard work and stories of inspiration, that we might see that success and progress is not far from us at all.

Help us not get ahead of ourselves, give us perspective but also give us vim. More vim to help us as we help ourselves. Let us preach …