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HMD GLOBAL engages digital influencers and bloggers in Ghana

HMD Global, makers of Nokia Smartphones on Android OS have engaged a cross section of the blogging community in Ghana through a blogger hangout session. The engagement, which is the first of several blogger engagements anticipated for the year 2018 by HMD Global had about 15 bloggers in attendance. It was really good to bring these bloggers together since some of them hadn't met each other.Nokia - Connecting People!
All the bloggers who were present at the event - including Ato Ulzen-Appiah (#mightyafrican) were given brand new Nokia 8 to boost their tech related news platforms as well as enhance the news content on their platforms using the bothie feature which allows tech consumers to take two angled videos simultaneously because it activates both the front and rear cameras to capture photos and videos. Various millenials and other digital natives have seen the Bothie ads on TV and YouTube. Nokia has married old iconic technology and future trends in this feature.
The Nokia 8 is…

How I manage social media & tech tools, work, etc while increasing productivity

I've been a lazy blogger but I hope to change that in 2018. Posting on Twitter took over blogging for me and then Whatsapp took over from Twitter. People ask me how come I have a lot of time for social media. The simple answer is: Social media and social communication are very powerful tools that have really helped me, so I continue to use them while finding ways to make them bring more value to me and things I work on. But let's get into this particular blog post. :-)
A GhanaThink member, ⁨Mohammed M Jaward of the Barcamp Tamale (#Bctamale) team asked me a few questions sometime last year. These are questions I have been asked a lot. I want to share the answers here. I hope you might learn one or two things from this.
Q1. What courses did you take on social media? Editor's note: Maybe this question comes from our certificate issues in Ghana? :-) You can take courses on social media, but I like learning by doing more.
A1. #MightyAfrican: I didn't take any courses. I jus…