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#HappyBirthdayAto 2015

December 31, 2015- my 32nd birthday. I received a number of #HappyBirthdayAto messages. Thank you all for joining in celebrating my birthday, I'll like to share a few on this blog post, soem of the tweets. I'm a huge Twitter fan now. You can read some of the Facebook messages on my wall.

Happy birthday from #TheAfricanDream to @Abocco; da 1&only @mightyafrican. Tanx4being such a positive force4goodnez! — TheAfricanDream (@oralofori) December 31, 2015
Happy Birthday to the one and only @mightyafrican. May God richly bless u and grant unto you all your heart's desires @Abocco. #Changemaker — Efua Simcha (@Simcha10987) December 31, 2015 — @General_KELI (@General_KELI) December 31, 2015
2:33am in Ashaiman, Ghana.Happy Born Day to a great son of the land @Abocco. More Vim for you and what youu do #HappyBirthdayAto#233Moments — Nathaniel Alpha (@natalpha27) December 31, 2015
#HappyBirthday to @Abocco, …

#MightyAfrican trending on #HappyBirthdayAto

I've not done a great job blogging in 2015 like I promised I would, Life happened. But am cool with it. I'll try again next year with more efficiency and great results. Today is my 32nd birthday. Yeah, I grew. I used the #mightyafrican hashtag quite a lot in celebrating my birthday. It trended as a result. Here's evidence below and a few selected tweets.

2:33am in #Ghana. Am 32 years old today, full of #mightyafrican moments. I just wanna be happy & successful. #HappyBirthdayAto. #233moments — Ato #mightyafrican (@Abocco) December 31, 2015
Missed #WaakyeWednesday. So on #HappyBirthdayAto, am having my favorite #mightyafrican meal. #Waakye fans r invited. — Ato #mightyafrican (@Abocco) December 31, 2015
2:33pm in #Accra, #Ghana. Overwhelmed by the #HappyBirthdayAto messages & wishes. May they overflow to you. #mightyafrican#233moments — Ato #mightyafrican (@Abocco) December 31, 2015
I want this generation to be the best ever. Patriotic, p…

The Father Christmas of Barcamps in Ghana - Barcamp Accra - is here to fight corruption, etc

We call +Barcamp Accra the Father Christmas of Barcamps. It normally happens on the Saturday before Christmas but the festive season is not the main driver behind this choice. It is to cater for allowing Ghanaians from all over the world to meet, those in Ghana and in the Diaspora. The Borgas have been arriving and we can see it in the Accra traffic. They'll quickly realise that the top issues in Ghana in 2015 are #Dumsor and #Corruption. The latter is still rife and is the main topic driving Barcamp Accra 2015. Corruption clearly for me are the symptoms of bigger systemic issues we have in Ghana. But why and how do we become corrupt? What can we do to fight this canker? It will be addressed via a panel discussion at +GhanaThink Foundation's 55th Barcamp in Ghana.
The team putting this together is led by +Duncan Elikplim Kwame Gablah alongside +Atitsogbui Patrick Keli+Watson Bedzrah+Bubune Sorkpor+Dieu-Donne Gameli+Esperanza Yakubu+Nana Fynn Class-Peters+Andrews Otoo and +Kuuku…

Barcamp Koforidua 2015 champions practical education for successful careers #bckdua

Koforidua is an interesting town in Ghana. It's arguably the closest regional capital to Accra, actually it is. But it's not the biggest town in its region, Nkawkaw is. I'll spend a night there this weekend as I attend +Barcamp Koforidua, the 3rd edition. I love how Barcamp Koforidua finally took off. It was thanks to +Nkansah Rexford digging in, the reality that +Samuel Tinagyei was based there, +Billy James Dega's efforts in getting +Eric Amonoo and +Samuel Mari Twum involved from the All Nations University side and the heaven sent +Duncan Elikplim Kwame Gablah and +Jemima Abochie due to the first National Volunteer Day.

This year, after 2 years of taking over All Nations University College's Engineering school, the venue for Barcamp Koforidua will be at the Kama Conference Hall. Yes, Koftown is about 90 minutes from Accra but the Eastern Region's Barcamp won't be happening in Osu. It's in Kofcity! I hope the break from ANUC lends a bigger Koftown fe…