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Honouring Charlotte Akyeampong, my favorite teacher of all time

One of the best years of my life was 2001, the year I finished high school aka secondary school. I had so much freedom and chalked so many achievements. 1999 was one of the worst years of my life, this was the year I was a first year (Form 1) student at Presec. I was a labourer while being a student. Presec stands for Presby Boys' Secondary (High) School - Legon. In between the dates of being a Presec student and being within the walls of this great school, my favorite teacher was Charlotte Akyeampong. Mrs Akyeampong trumps all my teachers (for me), she is my favorite teacher of all time (and for some other Odadees too). 2018 is the year of Presec's 80th anniversary. This is a great time to honour Mrs Akyeampong with a #MightyAfrican blog post.

While I was in Form 1, I joined the Quiz Writers and Debaters Club. I was very passionate about trivia and general knowledge while in junior secondary school (KNUST JSS) so naturally, I joined this club of students who were very intere…