#Ghana60YearsOn: #MightyAfrican stories, thoughts and hopes

We called it the GhanaThink Foundation because we thought (and would continue to think) about Ghana. It's been more than 12 years since GhanaThink was born. It's also been a while since I did a blog post, or even wrote a piece for this #mightyafricanblog. Today is a great day to break that duck. Ghana is 60 years old! We are celebrating, marking, reminiscing, criticizing, strategizing, thinking and doing. 

I love #Ghana so much.
It's great to mark #Ghana60YearsOn.#Morevim 4 all that we do.#GhanaAt60: Less talk, more action. More vim to that. — Ato Ulzen-Appiah (@Abocco) March 6, 2017To be frank, I am not as excited about Ghana, mostly because of our growth pace, development we can fell in around us and in our pockets and the politics and antics I've seen that are hurting Ghana and don't seem to be abating. However, I have always been excited about Ghana. More than 10 years ago, I decided to stop bothering and focusing on the negatives, and…

Barcamp Takoradi 2019: Enterprising youth in Sekondi-Takoradi discuss getting capacity to create wealth

BarCamp Takoradi 2019 is a networking forum to bring people together for a day of learning, sharing, networking and mentoring. The theme is "The Capacity of enterprising youth to create wealth". Barcamp Takoradi is on Saturday, August 17 at the SSNIT Conference Room. The lead coordinator for Barcamp Takoradi, Herbert Acheampong stated: “I’m expecting new faces, thrilling ideas and fun”. 
Barcamp Takoradi is organized primarily by the GhanaThink Foundation, an organization based both in Ghana and the USA, which has successfully organized 101 BarCamps in Ghana. This is organized as part of the Barcamp Ghana program, which is building a network of changemakers, doers and entrepreneurs in Ghana. Barcamp Takoradi 2019 is the 8th edition held in the Western Regional capital of Sekondi-Takoradi.

This Barcamp will connect and strengthen a community of motivated and aspirational people in the Twin-cities, ultimately benefiting the Western region and Ghana. Participants will learn…

GhanaThink via Barcamp Ghana driving Tema's communities to be more entreprising and create wealth

BarCamp Tema 2019 is a free networking forum bringing people together for a day of learning, sharing, networking and mentoring. It would be held at the Ghana Ports & Harbour Authority's Conference Room (2nd Floor, GPHA Towers) on June 15. The theme is "Building enterprising communities, and creating wealth." Barcamp Tema 2019 seeks to raise a community of young people who are very able and ingenious in business dealings (enterprising) and would be able to make money and create wealth. The #bctema resources lead, Peter Asare Nyarko who has also run multiple financial literacy breakouts at Barcamps adds: “True wealth is about a lot more than just money. Yes, it’s true that financial independence is all about money, but living a wealthy life isn’t. This distinction is critical”.
Barcamp Tema is organized primarily by the GhanaThink Foundation, an organization based both in Ghana and the USA.
GhanaThink has successfully organized 96 BarCamps in Ghana, as part of its Barc…

#MIghTyAfrican origins: Tertiary Education at Stanford

On January 11, 2019, I joined the Success Drive Whatsapp platform to be featured, share, answer questions, etc.  
This was set up by Derrick Obeng of Campus Radio Ghana. This was similar to the conversation I had with the NUGS Volta Region Bloc Women's Platform to share and discuss volunteeringh, following after Barcamp Ho coordinator Courage Christson Tetteh had done something similar with them earlier. Pamela Klutse made that one happen and I blogged about it as well. 2 awesome people who all were part of the Barcamp Ho 2018organizing team. We discussed many things on the Success Drive show, it was like a hot seat - #KonnectKouch (watch this space). Edith Bannerman, the host, asked me: "So studying at MIT and Stanford? How did that go?" I picked up #MightyAfrican from my tertiary education in the US. Let's dig into that. I hope you find some oil you can use. 

Studying at both places was great and fun. At Stanford, I did my masters in construction, engineeringmanageme…