Monday, February 8, 2016

Secure your & Ghana's future with the Savings Booster

Growing up is not easy. It would have been great to have been more prepared through the years. I am accepting that you can't have enough information, especially from experienced people. We must have one eye on the future as we go about conquering the present. As we are growing up, #WeAreEvolving. Things change, become better especially with technology and we get greater responsibilities as part of our careers and even our ages. We must be prepared for the future. Saving is an integral part of this.
We start to take more responsibility for our communities and countries. We start to understand and pay taxes. I tweeted about three constants. Life, death and taxes. When we were growing up, in mathematics, we learnt about mathematical constants which were signed by 'k'. Now, K has become a synonym for constant. Why not save for the future in between life & death while paying taxes? As we have evolved, there has been a lot of great information. One of the best evolutions is saving money as you pay your taxes. Read that again. It's real. You can save some of your taxes as extra savings for later

PetraTrust has launched a really cool online tool that sheds more light on this. It is aptly named It presents information about a PetraTrust product called 'Savings Booster'. The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The pains at which it goes through to make you understand the Savings Booster is quite remarkable. It is that kind of 'attention to detail' that we lack in these parts and must become ubiquitous. Not surprised though. Those who run PetraTrust have been trained and been honed by world class institutions and this is evident in the work they do. After my friend Mutombo checked out the website, he chimed in with advice, He's a very experienced guy, Listen to him :-)
PetraTrust is a leading financial services provider. They are affectionately called the pensions expert.
The managing director, Kofi Fynn, at the launch of ‘Savings Booster’, said workers need to add the 3rd tier pension scheme to benefit from the pre-tax savings provision in Ghana's Pensions Law. You are probably patronising the 1st and 2nd tier schemes because they are mandatory - they are managed by SSNIT. He explained that when one makes a savings booster contribution through payroll, part of the money that would have been paid as taxes will be added to that savings hence, putting the contributor ahead even before the investment begun. You need to ensure yourself or your company is on this! Gain more information at the PetraTrust website today!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

With the Huawei P8, you can particip8 more in cool camera captures!

The Blobla meme has gone viral with many people getting their own at the Blobla link. When I was notified about this, it had given some accurate descriptions of friends. So I tried it. When I saw mine, I knew Blobla had studied my Facebook. Smart. I REALLY like taking selfies with friends. I obviously want to use my phone each time but sometimes, some other friends have phones that take nicer pictures and selfies. With the Huawei P8, I can now do the selfie taking with more confidence due to its great camera. Great news! Now, I can particip8.

As I mentioned earlier, I REALLY like taking selfies. But the truth is, I REALLY like taking groufies, that is, selfies with a group of people. Blobla attests :-) I need my phone to have a great camera. So I set out to test the ability of the Huawei P8. After a small party celebrating the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia, I took a selfie with some (+Planning Wikimedia Ghana) Wikimedia Ghana group members +Felix Nartey & +Enock Seth Nyamador  who are also part of the +GhanaThink Foundation. While we readied for the picture, I was going to anticip8. The results were gr8.
The camera has a couple of great features. The Huawei P8 has state of the art “low-light” shooting capabilities. It also has face and smile detection. You can also put the focus on yourself with the Huawei P8’s “Perfect Selfie” feature. Want to shine brighter when you take groufies? You're covered. You can highlight your best features in each photo, so every side is now your good side. Here is a groufie I took with +Jimmy Othniels +Samuel Mari Twum +Eric Amonoo +Samuel Tinagyei etc in Koforidua after a wedding reception. +Barcamp Koforidua things!

The touch focus feature can be a life saver! Imagine those times where you need to focus your camera to take the perfect picture for your Cam Scanner app. The last time I tried this with another phone, I had to adjust the phone and camera to account for shadows, etc. Tedious! It could make my patience dissip8.
Time travels at whatever speed you want with the Huawei P8 Time Lapse function. Huawei P8's real-time preview helps you choose the right exposure time for the perfect shot! The “light painting” feature allows you to paint with any light source in creating spectacular and unique images. These are relatively new features that I had to take time to figure out.

In addition to the timeless flash option, you can also choose a light option that creates a light source to brighten up the picture taking environment. The night vision pictures are really good! Fret no more about pictures after dark. Here’s a picture I took with a couple of friends - +Nii Oblie Ardayfio & +David Osei
at Republic Bar in Osu during a night on the town.
I tested the panoramic shot a couple of times. The camera app does a good job of guiding you in taking the perfect panorama. Below is a great shot of the Achimota Retail Centre in its full frontal glory.
My first experience with Huawei was when the Ideos phones were released. They were good affordable smart phones which brought many people into the Android family. They run out of Ghana so fast! However, I normally associated Huawei with cheap smart phones that aren't top of the shelf quality. Enter Huawei P8. It compares favorably to other high-end smartphones, at a more affordable price. One of the phone shops in Ghana sells it for under GHC 1700. That’s a steal right there! Grab one while stocks last. Don’t be l8. It can help take a really nice picture of #waakye, especially when you don't use the right camera on #WaakyeWednesday and have to take today like I did. Don't db8. G8 8. :-)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Saving the future of English as #WeAreEvolving

Ever seen some English words used in scenarios which made you go “huh?”. Me too, several times. As an old student of Presec (Presby Boys’ SHS, Legon) where we used student lexicons, I became really acquainted to English words being used to mean many different things which weren’t in the official dictionaries. Thanks to pidgin English, this notion became popular. In fact, we loved using English words to mean different things so others wouldn’t understand what we were saying. It was and is still cool. The English language has been evolving. We have been evolving. #WeAreEvolving. You bet I was going to have fun with such a hashtag right? Here. And many others too.

Here are some of the coolest and best #WeAreEvolving posts from January. Quite creative too. You are welcome to join in as well.

I felt it was quite odd to see what crush meant when I first encountered this word at the turn of the millenium. A small sound of a bird has evolved into a loud statement from humans on Twitter. My buddy +Frank Bruce of the +Barcamp Bolga team threw more light on Tweet with this Tweet too.

The word cassette hasn’t changed, but +Antumwini Amos outlined how listening to music has evolved with this tweet. Mbamuah got in on the act with the evolution of DP, and I loved the statements around the use of the letters cum words in LOL and XOXO. Even punctuations have gotten in on the act! ;)

Surf the waters, and surf the net, ahem the web, now. This image in this tweet answered the age old question of why the thing for navigating our PCs is called mouse. As technology has become more ubiquitous, it’s needed to borrow many words. Now, apple, blackberry, (courtesy +Enoch Robot Boy Appiah Junior) amongst many other things, have really evolved into other things. I mean, how at how tablet has been re-introduced as a word to kids! Don’t you just check check this? :-)

Shuffle cards then, I haven’t played ‘Spa’ in ages though I play ‘Sipa’, the Togolese version via an app I blogged about here. Like +Nii Ayaa Mensah pointed out, the most common thing we shuffle these days are tunes (music). Talking about music, you see how rappers call out lyrics as sick lines or even speak of being ‘ill’ as a great thing? Same with seeing footballers score ‘sick’ goals! Prince reminded us.
Canon is now a popular camera brand but it is still used to shoot! Zoom has evolved and become important in shooting too! Sister +Deborah Vanessa reminded us of another thing in cameras, memory!

The word blast means multiple things as pointed out here. for good and for bad, as people pointed out. And even sound! Many of these word evolutions came about from high school lexicon, as +Mutombo da Poet tweeted about ‘mining’.

William spoke of shark, something I was while at Presec :-) Sometimes. how you say it means everything. So much that these days, I call my better half boo! I must end by saying it was really cool to see this hashtag (which has also evolved from something), trend locally in Ghana on January 24! Go and get creative and point out how #WeAreEvolving via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Don’t be left out.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The state of the Huawei P8 - the review

My first experience with Huawei was when the Ideos phones were released. They had been a major hit in Kenya as a cheap workable smart phone. At the beginning of 2012, while I worked for Google, I, alongside other techies in Ghana, were looking for the Ideos phone. They had literally run out in Ghana. I normally associated Huawei with cheap smart phones that aren't of top of the shelf quality. Enter Huawei P8. It comes from a line of Huawei phones that has effectively put that notion I had to rest.


The Huawei P8 comes in 4 great colours! Prestige Gold is cool, maybe I love the gold plated colour because I am from Ghana (and am golden). The Mystic Champagne model is more elegant though, I love this one. Very sleek! The new metal bodies that many new smart phones have lose some of the elegance. Not this P8, the elegance does not “dissip8” (dissipate) in spite of the durability features it comes with. The Prestige Gold and Carbon Black models come with 64 GB storage while the Titanium Grey and Mystic Champagne models come with 16 GB storage.

It is very easy to use and has a lot of innovative features. Do you ask people to call your phone when you can't find it? What if the phone is on silent or vibrate like I tend to do for mine?
What if you could shout for your phone to do something and just show itself? Well, an even better feature is available for you with the Huawei P8, A voice command feature. Think of how much fun you could have with such a feature. Are you not psyched?

Many people like me want the phones we use to take the best pictures. Even rivaling the Canon cameras our friends carry around. Many people are taking photography as a hobby and a side business. It's cool and dandy but some of us want to maintain our phones as our primary photo taking device. The Huawei P8 serves those purposes very well. The rear camera is a 13 mega pixel camera which gives you some of the best photos around. If you're a selfie addict like me, an 8 mega pixel front camera will serve you very well. So many times I have had to keep my phone in my pocket when my friends need to choose a camera to take our groufie. Groufie means group selfie. Credit my and my GhanaThink folks next time you use the word. The iPhones and iPads are normally the devices of choice for the groufie. With the Huawei P8, I can also rep! Here's another kicker, the camera records video at 1080p@30fps, quality!

I tried a couple of tricks in the book to take a screenshot. Until I discovered there was a button I just click to take a screenshot as part of the Android pull-down menu. Xixie! (Huawei phones are from China, no?) I am particular about how phones present the contacts for use. For the P8, it gives me the option while looking at a group of contacts to choose some contacts to send an email to! Sorry, I haven't seen this on any other phone so pardon my excitement! I can send a mass text too! These Huawei P8 phones #makeitpossible.

I've been a single SIM guy until recently where my line of work requires me to work with multiple SIM cards. I don't need to get a new awesome device because the P8 can take care of my double needs just fine. Whew! In these parts of the world, a major selling is a dual SIM phone. This is a phone built for Africa, which is where I find myself. Sold.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

#HappyBirthdayAto 2015

December 31, 2015- my 32nd birthday. I received a number of #HappyBirthdayAto messages. Thank you all for joining in celebrating my birthday, I'll like to share a few on this blog post, soem of the tweets. I'm a huge Twitter fan now. You can read some of the Facebook messages on my wall.

#MightyAfrican trending on #HappyBirthdayAto

I've not done a great job blogging in 2015 like I promised I would, Life happened. But am cool with it. I'll try again next year with more efficiency and great results. Today is my 32nd birthday. Yeah, I grew. I used the #mightyafrican hashtag quite a lot in celebrating my birthday. It trended as a result. Here's evidence below and a few selected tweets.

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