Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eaton INTU Ghana - powering ourselves better

On Monday, May 11th, I attended a media briefing which launched Eaton Corporation's operations in Ghana in partnership with a local group of companies INTU. Eaton is the 4th largest electrical company in the world with over 100000 employees globally. With offices and manufacturing lines in South Africa, Tunisia and Morocco, Ghana is a new point of call to drive their business more intimately. Monday marked a milestone in Eaton's business as they launched their operations in Ghana, in conjunction with the INTU group of companies. This launch was organized by Global Media Alliance, the same company which houses YFM, ETV, Silverbird. They do a lot of press relations and marketing work as well. Eaton's interests here were represented by Jerry Sawyerr, who handles their PR in the sub region. Sumaya Abdool, the head of marketing for Eaton Electrical in Africa, welcomed us.
Shane Kilfoil, the managing director of Eaton Africa, gave a presentation with some more insight into Eaton's business and organization. "We don't manufacture power, we help out customers manage power, safely". A lot of light has been thrown on how Ghanaians manage and/or waste power & energy. A bit part of the problem driving this #dumsor crisis is the heavy consumption while we don't generate power to current capacity.

About Eaton, Shane mentioned "We make equipment that operate in harsh environments and still do so in safe ways". This is extremely important. With their South African operations, Eaton makes so many conveyor belts that are used in mines all around the world. We see a lot of unsafe galamsey practices in Ghana, whose business is not crippling the formal mining sector in Ghana. If our tech companies are hard hit by the power crisis, imagine the mining sector, the bread upon which our natural resource economy is based. Their ability to use power and even contribute to the power grid is important for Ghana and Eaton's entry will make this even better.

Everyone likes to talk about the 50MW power projects, forgetting about the smaller ones for end users". I bought a generator for the first time this year to cope with dumsor. I had considered solar power, and inverters before this. Many SMEs are suffering in this current climate, and solutions that target them to manage their power consumption are key. Eaton and INTU understand this clearly and will be driving these solutions in the market. It may have taken them a while to launch in Ghana, but there is no better time than the present.

How do you build one of the world's largest electrical companies with billions in revenue and a 100,000 employees? By working with partners and acquiring others to grow. Eaton already does business in Ghana but by partnering with INTU, one aspect of business often overlooked in Ghana is done better. "With people on the ground, manufacturing & delivering quicker, means better customer service", Shane said.

I must have heard about INTU before, especially INTU-IT. Though the INTU group of companies has done extensive work in Ghana, because it is B2G - Business to Government, I have hardly heard of them. INTU has a great track record in the services industry in Ghana. Bryan Akyeampong, their CEO, shared a lot of this.

INTU will be starting out with Eaton power quality products & others that can help companies & communities manage power better. Bryan mentioned how companies like Global Media Alliance could wean themselves off the grid and even sell power for distribution. The more intriguing revelations were around towns like Nkawkaw using Eaton power systems and products; A plug & play power container into to provide power for all its needs. A strong local leadership could take such a project on with other forward thinking partners. We need great examples like these to inspire change and innovation around the country. After the presentations, Eaton's Shane and INTU's Bryan signed their partnership into agreement and posed for photo opps, short of the two of them taking a selfie and posting it on Twitter with the #EatonIntuGhana hashtag.

I was curious as to what roles many of the 100,000 Eaton employees were in globally, why there were only 900 of them in Africa and what they did differently. A journalist asked about the unemployment issues in Ghana and Eaton will help resolve that. Shane answered saying many of the employees are in manufacturing and distributing roles. Partnering with local companies also brings new business and capacity that creates more jobs as well.

You can find more information about the media briefing via #eatonintughana. Let's welcome Eaton into Ghana. Eating Intu Ghana. See what I did there? :-) Akwaaba INTU Ghana, Eaton. Eaton's mantra is powering business worldwide but in Ghana, we can use Eaton and INTU 's partnership in powering ourselves better

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My passions, #getstartedafrica!

It's your voice that everyone wants to hear. Have an idea or dream? Get Started, With a Nescafe.
Here's a video where I talk about my passions, +Barcamp Ghana amongst other things. Watch it and be inspired to get your dream started.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

JCIP - A paid internship program for Ghanaian high school students

I've blogged about the +Junior Camp Ghana program started and grew. As part of providing value to high school students in Ghana, primarily through, we organized Junior Camps in Ketasco, Kalpohin and Augusco+GhanaThink Foundation's Junior Camp Ghana program has grown into 21 events since January 2013. It includes a collaboration with the +Ahaspora Ghana Young Professionals in mentoring some senior high school students. Our first major partner is +Webster University's Ghana campus, which we truly appreciate. Our +Diaspora Camp member +Thelma Boamah applied for a grant to run an internship program for high school students last year. After working through it, getting the grant and supporting more junior camps, we are at the point where the Junior Camp Ghana Internship Program is live.

Before I leave you with details, I'll like to recognize those who have led us to this point under the leadership of Thelma. +Gameli Adzaho has worked on the curriculum that will prepare the interns, with help from +Priscilla Esinam Yevu+Kofi Kafui Kornu takes on a role working with our 6 confirmed companies. +Nathaniel Alpha +Eunice Mintah Young +francis kumadoh and +Pedel Oppong continue to support the success of this under their Junior Camp Ghana program. Get in touch with us for more information and how you can help, support or partner. (juniorcamp at ghanathink dot org). The most important link is the application :-)

From July to September 2015, Junior Camp Ghana is rolling out a Ten Week Internship Programme for Senior High School leavers. This programme is meant to expose them to the world of work. The Internship Programme will focus on grooming 10 participants in their various fields of interest, as they undergo 8 week internships at companies in Ghana. These will include Agriculture, Technology, Art, among others.

The Junior Camp Internship Programme (JCIP) will boost their confidence and capacity to improve their employability. “Experience is the best teacher, which is why internships are so valuable for career development,” Thelma Boamah, the JCIP project lead said. “JCIP participants will be supported to gain a better understanding of their career interests and, through practical experience, develop the soft skills employers want to see.” Final year students in Senior High Schools in Ghana should apply via before 1st May, 2015.

Junior Camp Ghana is a career guidance and mentorship programme run by the GhanaThink Foundation. This foundation believes in investing in the potentials of young Ghanaians, especially at the Junior High School and Senior High School level. They believe this will help heighten their interest and participation in ensuring the progress of the country. The main message in the Junior Camps is to encourage students to build skills. JCIP will give 10 senior high school graduates the opportunity to experience work and implement learning as they continue to build skills.

Last year, over 3,000 students benefited from the career guidance and counselling sessions on their campuses with mentors from various industries. This is an extension of the overall vision of the GhanaThink Foundation which has the slogan; “Less Talk, More Action”. JCIP is an effort to put more action to all the talks where students learnt about building skills in the previous year. The internship programme will offer successful applicants a unique opportunity to gain vital work experience and industry exposure.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Recapping the Vodafone Ghana AppStar Awards & Exhibition

I've done what people will call emceeing at many Barcamps in Ghana. I'm the default +Barcamp Ghana emcee, but am trying to change that. I won't be emceeing +Barcamp Accra this Saturday. This year, I've emceed the weddings of my two sisters. I'm not sure I did a great job but I will do this better and better. Who knows? I should get +Kafui Dey MC's "How to MC any event" book. Maybe I'll become a professional emcee.  On December 3, 2014, I emceed the Vodafone Ghana AppStar Awards and Exhibition at the Fiesta Royale Hotel. This was the first I had emceed a professional event. I wasn't able to experience the event like an attendee because I was a different kind of participant. But that's why there is Twitter and hashtags :-)

I announced the day on Twitter.
Vodafone also welcomed us.
I then started reading a number of funny #appstargh tweets. I blogged about those earlier here. This was when fuel Tracker was demoed. Alongside a radio app whose name I can't remember now.
I introduced the judges. My +Party Crew buddy +Derek Bossman+Julius Owusu-Kyerematen who I knew from the States and +Todd Holcombe from the +Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.
After wondering who will be finally especially be in the established app category, we learnt about it at the event.
The Vicinity App was demoed first. This app helps users find waakye spots, ATMs, and other places of interest around them. +Priscilla Haizel who I met this year was on the team with other MEST EITs Aberdeen Adelu and +Barnabas Nsoh.
I had missed most of the +VodafoneGhana #IconsRemix goodness because I didn't have a TV. So I didn't realise @AliceTwum and co when they came in. I thought they were media people because we were asked to vacate some seats we were in for them. Anyway, Alice, who was the 2nd runner up of the Vodafone Icons Remix edition sang a song after. Because I never knew the song, I thought it was hers. "I blast!" :-)
Smart Doctor was the next app to be demoed.
The Vodafone Icons first runner-up Titi (@icons_titi) and then the winner Chris (@Icons_Chris) performed after.
I released my first tweet while at the event. My phone's been having staying alive problems. Sigh.
Africa's Legends. That's what +Eyram Tawia and +Nana Kwabena Owusu will become part of. Kobby asked about African superheroes and someone in the audience mentioned my name. Honoured. Eish, I just remembered I have to write that blog post about how I do all I do.
GH Vigilante demoed next.
I was very happy when Africa's Legends won! More money and bragging rights for +Leti Arts. Kobby, Eyram and I go way back. Really proud of them.
Vicinity won! Another team from MEST? The +Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology schools just keep on #winning.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Father Christmas of Barcamps in Ghana is here - Barcamp Accra 2014!

It's been a busy year for the +Barcamp Ghana program. On Saturday, we have our 14th Barcamp this year, which will also be the 8th Barcamp in Accra, since 2008. Barcamp Accra 2014 is a free networking forum where people will learn from, share and network with each other. It's a place for you to get inspired, motivated, connected, learn about opportunities, learn, share, promote in a fun environment. You won't get the full picture until you come. Or check out some photos. We've championed people starting up, making change, doing and being entreprising. For this Barcamp, we'll focus on how to grow what has been started and is doing well. Go on, register here!

The +Barcamp Accra team has seen a lot of changes, and this is also mostly because the +GhanaThink Foundation is growing. Folks move on to new roles, responsibilities, etc. As such this year's team is pretty new. In fact, most of the core team was not directly involved in organizing Barcamp Accra 2013+nii nai-kwade is now our coordinator, while +Bubune Sorkpor focuses on our resource personnel. What a lineup of mentors we have! +duncan qwame joins from the +Barcamp Koforidua team, as well as +Andrews Otoo from the +Barcamp Cape Coast team. +Barcamp Kumasi's +Yayra Tay, while transitioning to help keep a sane structure for GhanaThink, is on the team, joined by +Nana Fynn Class-Peters from the +Barcamp Takoradi team. +Atitsogbui Patrick Keli is a new member, rounding up the core team with +Watson Bedzrah. The +Barcamp Ghana team members +kofi yeboah +Leonard Hagan +Senam Aseye Bridget +Kobe Subramaniam and +Rachel Hormeku are playing their supporting roles as well. We foresee many Barcamps around Accra next year. If you want to organize one, contact any of them.

We've seen many startups win local and international awards, especially this year. We're looking to celebrate a lot of them. A lot of things have also happened in 2014 around Ghana. We'll find a way to incorporate a lot of them at the Barcamp. It's the end of year shindig for positive change in Ghana. You don't want to miss it. Join us to discuss this at the event or via the hashtag #bcaccra. Read the press release below to learn more.

BarCamp Accra 2014 is a free networking event to bring people together for a day of discussion, demos and dialogue about Accra, Ghana and beyond. The event shall be held on December 20 at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology. The theme is also “Expanding Excellent Entreprises”. This Barcamp event will be the 42nd organized by the GhanaThink Foundation, as part of its Barcamp Ghana program which is building a network of change makers, doers and entrepreneurs.

GhanaThink celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Over the 6 years of Barcamps in Ghana, we've championed 'starting up'. We've seen the creation of many Ghanaian-owned entreprises. Now, we need to see these entreprises grow. At Barcamp Accra, we will discuss, in interactive sessions, what some Ghanaian entreprises are doing well and how they can expand. We'll cap off the day with breakout sessions.

There will also be the popular speed mentoring sessions with many inspirational people. Confirmed mentors include Bridget Otoo (TV3), +Rosy Fynn (Surfline), +Anima Misa Amoah (Sapphire Productions), Gifty Bingley (Tigo), +Afua Ankomah (Open Data), Stephanie Aboagye (EY), +Tanko Mohammed (GNFoods), +Kwabena Poku (MediaPop), Inna Patty (MissGhana), +Christabel Dadzie  (Ahaspora), +Alex Adjei Bram - [SMSGH] (SMS GH), +selorm branttie (mPedigree), +Anita Erskine  (Viasat1), +Nana Yaw Asiedu (Oxford & Beaumont), +Caroline Sampson (YFM & ETV), +Raja Owusu-Ansah (Republic), +Regina Agyare  (TechNeedsGirls), Hamdiya Ismaila (Venture Capital Ghana), +Franklin Cudjoe (IMANI Ghana), +Esi ! Ansah (Axis HCL), +Godwin Etse Sikanku (Legon), +Beryl Agyekum (Echo Haus), etc.

Register at You can also register by sending “Barcamp Accra Your Name Your Email Address” to 1945 (example - Barcamp Accra Esi Eshun . Contact us via barcamp at for sponsorship or partnership opportunities.

Barcamp Accra is supported by the +Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, +Making All Voices Count, +Kimathi Kuenyehia Foundation, SMS GH, mPedigree, +Saazaa Shoes+Surfline GH, Nandimobile. Our media partners are +Spy Ghana, Modern Ghana, Echo Haus, +TV3 NETWORK LIMITED GHANA, +viasat ghana, +Citi97.3FM, Y 107.9 FM, and X 95.1 FM.

Check out Barcamp Accra on Twitter |Facebook | Google+

Friday, December 5, 2014

Marking International Volunteer Day in Ghana via #volunteeringh

Today, I was on TV3's New Day morning show talking about the +Ghana Volunteer Program. I went with +Dieu-Donne Gameli who organized an NVDay activity this year, as well as Utopia Wishlist's +Kofi Asare Aboagye who organized NVDay activities last year and this year. Bridget Otoo asked us some great questions, especially about +GhanaThink Foundation too. Many thanks to +nana aba Anamoah who set up this interview. On this occasion of International Volunteer Day, the GVP team is using this opportunity to promote volunteerism in Ghana and account for its work so far. You can read more about this from our press release below.

Aside our TV3 interview, we have a lot of media engagement as part of the anniversary. +William Osilaja Boampong of the GVP team was joined by +klenam fiadzoe, an NVDay14 activity organizer with the Rotaract Club of Accra South, interviewed by +Benkoku Avle. The GVP lead +Ela Asare was joined by team member +krystabel vorsah and Chris of the CSR Hub on Live 91.9 FM. +duncan qwame, a GhanaThink member passionate about volunteerism was interviewed by +Kwaku David on XFM 95.1, joined by +Rita Kusi who also organized an NVDay activity this year in conjunction with Klenam's group.

In Kumasi, +Baaba Forster-Forson of the +Creativity Group and +maame ama tuFfet of #One4TheKids were interviewed on Focus 94.3 FM about today's subject matter, pertaining to what they did in Kumasi this year. In Ho, +Barcamp Ho members +Elvis Bomasah & +Courage Christson Tetteh were interviewed by Kuul 103.5 FM about NVDay in the Volta region. +Barcamp Tamale's +maccarthy lomotey was joined by +Ruka Yaro & +portia dery on Bishara Radio to talk about NVDay activities in Tamale this year+Jon Mydaz will be

See the full press release via the GhanaThink website. A few highlights of that are below.

GhanaThink's Ghana Volunteer Program (GVP) is marking one year since it’s inception. As some of you might be aware of, the National Volunteer Day Initiative (NVDay) which started on September 21, 2013, metamorphosed into GVP and was launched on the 5th of December 2013 - International Volunteer Day - across social media and traditional media.  

The focus of GVP at present is to acquire volunteers for volunteer opportunities around Ghana. GVP also helps volunteer activity organizers find volunteers. This program seeks to encourage volunteerism in Ghana, and to market and make attractive volunteer activities. In furtherance of this focus, in 2014, GVP sourced for Volunteers for three events namely: Dain Agribusiness Workshop, Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Lifebuoy Global Handwashing day.

The second National Volunteer Day spanned across from 20th - 22nd September. Volunteers used the holiday and weekend to create, support and join volunteer activities. Many people joined to volunteer in GH for NVDay14. About 80 activities were documented, in 8 of our 10 regions and this involved 1,022 volunteers. There was a lot of online and offline engagement and publicity before, during and after these activities.  Reactions and feedback were captured via Storify.

On the occasion of 2014’s International Volunteer Day, the GVP team engages the media all over Ghana discussing the work done so far under the program and what the future plans are for our nation. Through these engagements, we will encourage more people to do community service within Ghana. The GVP lead, Eleanor Asare commented: “The volunteer spirit is the same our founding fathers engendered within our citizenry. We would be cherishing the ideals of founding Ghana and joining a national effort to work for Ghana”. Volunteering demonstrates initiative and hard work, two ideals that many organizations look for while hiring. The GVP team and all of GhanaThink believes that by volunteering, volunteers would be building their CVs and experience.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The 2nd Barcamp Kasoa is finally here! #bckasoa

I sit in my father's home office in Kumasi as I type this blog post. +Barcamp Kasoa is tomorrow morning. I won't be there. I'll be in Kumasi like I was today for my sister +Stacey Mensah's engagement. She gets married tomorrow and aside collecting 'akonta sekan' amongst other things, I have to emcee the reception. Just like I did for Tracey Mensah's wedding which fell on the same day as Barcamp Ashesi. I trust the +Barcamp Kasoa organizing team, ably supported by the +Barcamp Ghana team, to hold a successful Barcamp tomorrow. This will be our 41st Barcamp, after +Barcamp Sunyani last weekend, which was the 40th. Go, +GhanaThink Foundation, go!

Barcamp Kasoa was born out of the initiative of +Elorm Billy-Awittor & +Mawuli Tsikata who wanted to bring the Barcamp goodness to Kasoa. The first event faced a number of challenges, including the serious thought of considering having it at Methodist University College with the help of the +GDG Methodist University College Ghana, especially +Raindolf Owusu & +Jeffery Abas. Elorm & Mawuli were supported by +krystabel vorsah+Emelia Agblevor and +Edmund Laryea, and the first Barcamp Kasoa happened in April 2013. +jennepha omueti who attended that event and +Danshiki Lapido joined the team this year. I'm excited to see how Elorm, Krystabel, Emelia, Edmund, Jennifer, Danshiki work with the +Barcamp Ghana team members - +kofi yeboah +Leonard Hagan and +Senam Aseye Bridget.

Kasoa is growing steadily and now there is also the presence of the West Hills Mall. I know it's in Weija, but we can't discount how it will affect Kasoa. The Kasoa interchange is also in the works. There's so much to discuss in contributing a healthy market for business in Kasoa. Join us to discuss this at the event or via the hashtag #bckasoa. Read the press release below to learn more.

BarCamp Kasoa 2014 is a free networking event to bring people together for a day of discussion, demos and dialogue about Kasoa, Ghana and beyond. This event would take place on November 29, 2014 at Hase International School, Kasoa. The theme is 'Contributing to a healthy market for business'. This 2nd Barcamp Kasoa event will be the 41st Barcamp in Ghana. This is part of the Barcamp Ghana program run by the GhanaThink Foundation, building a network of changemakers, doers and entrepreneurs.
At Barcamp Kasoa, we will discuss ways to make Kasoa a more attractive place to do business with a focus on health and sanitary conditions. We would discuss the present state of Kasoa, its emerging growth and how it will be affected by the many projects happening around it. We would also discuss how Kasoa and its surrounding areas can be positively affected by youth and how the youth can tap into the many opportunities around them. “Many young people have innovative ideas that needs funding and mentorship support, that is our focus for Barcamp Kasoa”, says Kofi Yeboah - Barcamp Ghana lead, “we want to bring together mentors and agencies that fun ideas to be under one umbrella”.

Barcamp Kasoa will feature a team from Ushahidi in Kenya, which will discuss Making All Voices Count, an international initiative that contributes towards effective governance and accountability by enabling citizen engagement and open, responsive government in 12 countries in Africa and Asia. The consortium is seeking additional innovative ideas for funding as well as an opportunity to learn from current actors across various fields in Ghana. Reach for Change is organizing a Digital Changemakers competition sponsored by Tigo. Come learn more about these opportunities at Barcamp Kasoa!  

Thought and business leaders in various areas will share insight and inspiration. As usual, we will have multiple user-generated breakout sessions about topics relevant to Kasoa and beyond. Our speed mentoring session will help participants gain insights and answers to questions. Our confirmed resource personnel include +Monica Nthiga ( +Ushahidi), +Francis Addai (Rancard), Awura Abena Agyeman ( +WEAR Ghana GHANA ), +Angorkor Nai-Kwade (WEAR Ghana), +George Anti (Concerned Ghanaians for Responsible Governance), Samuel Agyemang-Prempeh (WEAR Purple), +Derek Bossman ( +AdsBrook), +Gerard Yitamkey (, +Sam Dogbatse (Reach for Change), +Kwaku David ( +Kwaku DavidPhotography) etc.

Register at Barcamp Kasoa Eventbrite site. You can also register by sending “Barcamp Kasoa, Your Name, Your Email Address” to 1945 on all mobile networks.(example - Barcamp Kasoa Esi Eshun Contact us via barcamp at for sponsorship or partnership opportunities. Barcamp Kasoa 2014 is supported by Making All Voices Count, mPedigree GoldKeys, Saazaa Shoes, +Reach for Change, Nandimobile, +Inform Ghana, +BloggingGhana. Our media partners are +Spy Ghana, XFM, Radio Universe, +CitiFM Fanpage.

Stay tuned via our social media. Hashtag is #bckasoa. Twitter | Facebook | Google+

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