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More great phone choices for Ghanaians - Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 2

#NokiaLovesAndroid! Rapid renewal of  a smartphone portfolio brings next generation Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 2 to Ghanaians.
It is important for Ghanaians to have affordable smart phones. I love my Nokia 8 but it is pricey like other higher end phones. It is well worth the price for what it is able to do though.
Smart phones make life easier especially when you have some of these apps that I blogged about here - Some Ghanaian built apps that people in Ghana use. Here are 3 new Nokia smartphones running Android OreoTM which further build on hallmark design and deliver quality you can rely on. Can you hear the famous Nokia ringtone ringing in your ear? Hear ooo hear!

Accra, Ghana, 28 August 2018 - HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, has continued to rapidly renew its portfolio of Nokia Android smartphones by today announcing availability of Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 2.1 in Ghana. Offering access to the latest Google services, such as the Google Assistant, the trio of smartphone…

Some Ghanaian built apps that people in Ghana use

Thursday is a special day for technology. This is because of #TechThursday. I am a social media fanatic. That's why we also have #JollofJeudi. But we are not talking about #GhanaJollof in this #blogh post, we are talking about Ghanaian mobile apps. I often ask Ghanaians I meet about which Ghanaian built or Ghanaian focused mobile apps they have on their smart phones. Majority tend to have zero. Most Ghanaians have Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and GMail on their smart phones, be it the Nokia 8 or others. So I did some research on Ghanaian mobile apps others use regularly. I discuss my findings below.

One of the most popular apps was ExpressPay which is an app for bill and other types of payments. I have used to buy internet credit for family, as well as mobile credit for myself, family and friends. I also use it to send mobile money (especially if the amounts are lower than 100). I just started using the Kwese iFlix app and I have been using expressPay to pay my Kwese bi…

Stories of various GhanaThink members 'recruitment' for Barcamps

It has been 10 years since we at the GhanaThink Foundation started organizing Barcamps in Ghana. These free networking forums have been the major way to recruit most of the current members of GhanaThink. Earlier in May, Duncan Gablah, one of our most active members, had a wish. He asked me: "Tell us how you recruit members of GhanaThink Foundation". It was a question that has spurred this blog post. I initially answered by saying "I have hardly picked out people to be recruited for GhanaThink". In fact, only a few fall into this category. Some of those are ⁨Adelina Martey⁩ (@justdellez), ⁨Gerald Sowah⁩, ⁨Enoch Robot Boy Appiah Junior (@iamrobotboy), and ⁨Sabina⁩ Pwasam (@spwasam). In fact, almost all GhanaThink members asked to be part of the organization. They showed interest, were willing to volunteer, put in the work and were given more responsibility as time went by. Basically, I like to test people and see how they perform. The things to test are activity, pro…

CVs - Resumes and matters arising from Jobcamp related conversations

It is never too early to do a curriculum vitae as a friend told me recently, even at age 13 (which is how old you have to be to have a Twitter and a Facebook account :-D. I did my first one using my experiences in Presec while I was applying to MIT for undergraduate study, in a unsuspecting way. We discussed CVs in the 10 Jobcamps that we GhanaThink Foundationorganized in May 2018, one in each regional capital. May 1st is May Day and we have since crowned May as the workers' month. These networking forums were funded by STAR-Ghana. We had several great discussions about unemployment, underemployment, gainful employment and entrepreneurship in Accra,KoforiduaHoCityKumasiSunyaniWaTamaleBolgatangaCape Coast and Takoradi. These CV discussions have also occurred in Whatsapp groups, which have become extremely popular in Ghana and in Africa. I share some of my major thoughts below.

Resumes are apparently one pagers, CVs are supposed to be longer with more info. I think resu…