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My Kenyan alter-ego

Ever since I went to Kenya for the first time, I have been imagining what my Kenyan alter-ego would be like. I have many Kenyan friends, most of which I met in the USA. I actually have more Kenyan friends who've returned to Kenya after sojourns abroad than for all other African countries. Like one friend said, "As for Kenyans, we move back". "I'm coming home, narudi nyumbani". So afterAyooluwaato Eze from Nigeria andRichard Nshuti Mayanja from Uganda, I introduce to you all David Ochieng Mwangi.
Yes, you heard it right. What a strange set of names? Kweli. Lakini kuona. My father is from the biggest tribe in Kenya, the Kikuyu. During my time abroad, most of the Kenyans I met were Kikuyu too. We're a proud people but you will always see us speak Sheng to feel as Kenyan as possible (instead of Kikuyu). Mwangi is a popular name you say. Yes, I am related to every popular Kenyan Mwangi you might know. We run deep mabibi na mabwana.
My mother is Luo. My f…

Participate in Barcamp Sunyani happening April 21 #bcsyi #bcsunyani

I have been to Sunyani maybe two times in my life. The first time I went there, I fell in love with it. It looked so green, fertile, clean, peaceful and welcoming. Since I like to dream, especially about Ghana, I have some big plans. Sunyani factors very much into that. For me, I hope this weekend starts the process of starting to realize that dream. Don't sleep on Sunyani. If you are there or know someone who is, get them to come to Barcamp Sunyani on Saturday. More about Sunyani to come.

BarCamp Sunyani 2012is aFREEnetworking event to bring people together for a day of discussion, demos and dialogue about Sunyani, Ghana and beyond. It hopes to assemble Brong-Ahafo Regional stakeholders to network, build a supportive entreprising community and partner. BarCamp Sunyani 2012 will take place on April 21, 2012 at the Faculty of Forest Resources Technology on the KNUST Sunyani Campus. The working theme is "Harnessing our potentials and resources to cultivate positive change in our…