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Building Responsible Citizens For Ghana - Barcamp Tamale 2018

I have been speaking about Responsibility all year. Barcamp Tamale is on it. See this tweet, that tweet, and another tweet. I was just in Tamale for the Ghana Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program - also run by GhanaThink, see #GYSEP2018. I'd be in Tamale again for #bctamale! Join us!
It is a well-known fact that every successful country was built by responsible patriotic citizens. Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Rwanda and many more, will not have successful stories to share today, but for the dedication and commitment of responsible citizens who work earnestly to contribute to National development.
The Ghanaian youth have many challenges yet have the opportunity to transform these challenges into opportunities for Ghana to tell a better story in the future. This however, will remain a dream if the youth are not equipped with resources to aid this transformation process. A crucial element required for this is ‘Mindset Change’. How can we get young people to think differently a…