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The 4th Barcamp Cape Coast is here! Check #bccapecoast for upates

Tomorrow, I will be in Cape Coast for the 4th +Barcamp Cape Coast. In 2010, +Kobe Subramaniam attended +Barcamp Takoradi. He was so inspired and motivated by the event that he led a team to organize the first Barcamp Cape Coast in November 2011. Since then, Barcamp Cape Coast has been a fixture where it happens a week after the Fetu Afahye festival in Oguaa - the local name for Cape Coast. Kobe's been supported by the likes of +kofi yeboah who he's on the +Barcamp Ghana team with. This includes +Rachel Hormeku who attended multiple Barcamps last year and is growing into more responsibility. Other leaders that have arisen out of this 4 year growth include +Papa Baffoe Aikins+Kwesi Quagraine and +William Osilaja Boampong who is now part of the +GhanaThink Foundation's +Ghana Volunteer Program team. The theme here is growth but one important theme is also that of branding. That's what Barcamp Cape Coast on September 13th, 2014 will be about. Check out the press release be…

Participate in National Volunteer Day around September 21 #NVDay14

Press releases are long. I don't even know why. But you will read them if you are really interested. Or at least look for the bolded text and numbers. Otherwise, this message is pretty simple. National Volunteer Day - where many people in Ghana volunteer their skills, effort, time and money to make Ghana better around a day (or two or three) is here again. September 20-22. You can do something in your own small way. You should. You should also let us know before hand, so we promote, support, join you. Or you can join us. Interested? The details are in the press release below. The +Ghana Volunteer Program (GVP) is a program being run by theGhanaThink Foundation, an NGO based both in Ghana and the USA. National Volunteer Day, which falls on the 21st of September is our major activity . It was instituted as part of GVP in 2013. The initiative is to get as many people as possible in Ghana to volunteer their time or do community service on the Founder’s Day Holiday. While volunteerism i…

How did you hear about THIS (Barcamp Ghana) event?

One of my favorite things to do at Barcamps and in fact, events in general that I attend or have a vested interest in, is how they heard about a particular event. As someone who is part of a team that organizes many events via the +GhanaThink Foundation, I want to know what's effective and efficient across every thing we do. Working hard is good, working smart is better.

At +Barcamp Tamale 2014, we asked a similar question. How many people heard about this event from Facebook? A good number of people raised their hand. "How many of you heard about this event from Twitter?" A smaller umber but still respectable number of people had their hands up. One of the participants shouted "Whatsapp". It is allowed. So we asked accordingly. A surprisingly good number of hands went up. Much fewer hands went up when we asked about radio. Even fewer for email or from a website. A good number of attendees heard about the event from their friends - for me, the most important a…