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Secure your & Ghana's future with the Savings Booster

Growing up is not easy. It would have been great to have been more prepared through the years. I am accepting that you can't have enough information, especially from experienced people. We must have one eye on the future as we go about conquering the present. As we are growing up, #WeAreEvolving. Things change, become better especially with technology and we get greater responsibilities as part of our careers and even our ages. We must be prepared for the future. Saving is an integral part of this. Secure your & #Ghana's future.
You can make savings on paying taxes.
Savings Booster.
See for info.#WeAreEvolving — Ato Ulzen-Appiah (@Abocco) February 4, 2016We start to take more responsibility for our communities and countries. We start to understand and pay taxes. I tweeted about three constants. Life, death and taxes. When we were growing up, in mathematics, we learnt about mathematical constants which were signed by 'k'. Now, K has become…

With the Huawei P8, you can particip8 more in cool camera captures!

The Blobla meme has gone viral with many people getting their own at the Blobla link. When I was notified about this, it had given some accurate descriptions of friends. So I tried it. When I saw mine, I knew Blobla had studied my Facebook. Smart. I REALLY like taking selfies with friends. I obviously want to use my phone each time but sometimes, some other friends have phones that take nicer pictures and selfies. With the Huawei P8, I can now do the selfie taking with more confidence due to its great camera. Great news! Now, I can particip8.

As I mentioned earlier, I REALLY like taking selfies. But the truth is, I REALLY like taking groufies, that is, selfies with a group of people. Blobla attests :-) I need my phone to have a great camera. So I set out to test the ability of the Huawei P8. After a small party celebrating the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia, I took a selfie with some (+Planning Wikimedia Ghana) Wikimedia Ghana group members +Felix Nartey & +Enock Seth Nyamador  who …

Saving the future of English as #WeAreEvolving

Ever seen some English words used in scenarios which made you go “huh?”. Me too, several times. As an old student of Presec (Presby Boys’ SHS, Legon) where we used student lexicons, I became really acquainted to English words being used to mean many different things which weren’t in the official dictionaries. Thanks to pidgin English, this notion became popular. In fact, we loved using English words to mean different things so others wouldn’t understand what we were saying. It was and is still cool. The English language has been evolving. We have been evolving. #WeAreEvolving. You bet I was going to have fun with such a hashtag right? Here. And many others too.

Here are some of the coolest and best #WeAreEvolving posts from January. Quite creative too. You are welcome to join in as well.

I felt it was quite odd to see what crush meant when I first encountered this word at the turn of the millenium. A small sound of a bird has evolved into a loud statement from humans on Twitter. My bu…