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The state of the Huawei P8 - the review

My first experience with Huawei was when the Ideos phones were released. They had been a major hit in Kenya as a cheap workable smart phone. At the beginning of 2012, while I worked for Google, I, alongside other techies in Ghana, were looking for the Ideos phone. They had literally run out in Ghana. I normally associated Huawei with cheap smart phones that aren't of top of the shelf quality. Enter Huawei P8. It comes from a line of Huawei phones that has effectively put that notion I had to rest.

The Huawei P8 comes in 4 great colours! Prestige Gold is cool, maybe I love the gold plated colour because I am from Ghana (and am golden). The Mystic Champagne model is more elegant though, I love this one. Very sleek! The new metal bodies that many new smart phones have lose some of the elegance. Not this P8, the elegance does not “dissip8” (dissipate) in spite of the durability features it comes with. The Prestige Gold and Carbon Black models come with 64 GB storage while the Titanium…