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Being bounced by high-class New York clubs

I was pretty excited to be in the Big Apple. I hadn't really been here in about two years. I made sure to spend a weekend here at the start of my Thanksgiving 'week-off' trip. I was disappointed enough to get into the city late on Friday evening so that I would miss the 'night activities'. No p. I moved on. I hoped for a Saturday to remember. I did get a Saturday to remember, and with this blog, a Saturday to be talked about for a while. I arrived at my friend's in Columbia and he and his friends were talking about women, black women, white women, relationships, etc. If I didn't address the topic in my last blog entry what makes you think I will share my opinions here. See me in chambers. So let's move on to Saturday, shall we?

I watched the Manchester United-Aston Villa game at a bar near Columbia University with the news of Chelsea and Liverpool both involved in blank goalless draws earlier. I cheered the Red Devils on but they ended up drawing nil-nil…

I watched "Diary of a tired black man"

Bond. James Bond. I have always been fascinated with Bond movies and the character and personality of Bond. He looks like a pretty cool guy. There's a new Bond movie out and I had the chance to see it yesterday for like 3 dollars. I shunned that opportunity to watch another movie/documentary. Why not? I was going to watch this documentary for free, and as some of you may know, I've been on a 'spending-nothing' spree for some time now. The documentary I ended up watching was called 'The Diary of a Tired Black Man'. Yes, it does sound like 'the Diary of a Mad Black Woman'. This film/documentary supposedly is an answer to its sister of a similar name. But what are Black men tired about? Why should we be tired? We just elected a Black man as president. Nothing should tire us out from achieving our goals, dreams, aspirations or desires. According to this documentary, some things that happen to Black men do tire them out. Let's find out.…

Sometime from now, we will (Malaria)

I wrote a new poem guys. Well, not quite. Truth is, I edited a poem I wrote about AIDS to reflect thoughts on Malaria (Anti-Malaria). After attending the Boston AIDS Walk in 2005, I got so inspired about fighting AIDS, which is probably the most deadly disease known to man. HIV-AIDS affects a lot of Africans and at one point, I heard it kills hundreds of Africans each year and the disease is getting deadlier in other parts of the world.

Anyway, I was pumped to do something about the AIDS epidemic after I took part in the walk. So I wrote about how that enthusiasm could probably die slowly day after day. It's the same for a lot of things. You hear about something really bad, you got worked up, and more often than not, the next day you are not as enthused and couldn't really care. Sometime from now, maybe we may be able to do a great deal to stem the tide and control the spread of these diseases or ready ourselves to make great strides to solving problems that just don't seem…

The war child 1.1 (poem)

More blog downtime, so here is another poem. Yes, Obama won the election and I am very very very happy. I walk around with my shoulders up these days and that sense that I 'own' the world is even more prominent within me now. I do want to take a moment to thank God for what I have and how He has blessed me. I thank Him for people like Barack Obama who can inspire us. I hope he ends these 'two wars' America is fighting soon and amicably. I am also praying for peace, let's believe that we will have that all around the world sooner than later. Here's another 'war-child' poem I wrote on the same day I wrote this one. Enjoy.

Life has laid its burden on thee!
Oh, innocent son of Junta,
Longing to see a Santa
What has thou to live for?
Bread or blood
For the love of life,
And the death of hate,
Thou have to fight.

Clear your sore eyes,
Thy strength shows in your tears.
Wash your filthy hands,
Thy blood is no different.
Blow your hollow cheeks,
Thou have never been ready.

President Barack Obama is the beginning of change

November 4th, 2008 was a monumental day. A black man became the leader of the 'free world' and the president of arguably the most powerful nation on earth. I supported him, because he was the best candidate and I admired his vision, character, personality, ideas and ideals. As the results came in, I thanked God for the impending victory and the lack of 'surprises'. The last thing I could handle was to have the opinion polls heading into Nov 4th say one thing and provide a different end result, especially when it would be going against the outcome I so much wanted to happen. Obama said 'Yes, we can' and yes, 'we' have won the election. Barack made it clear though, that the change he'd preached for more than a year wasn't here yet and that we needed to work hard to see it come to fruition. Yes, we can but we are not done yet.

I received a text from a friend saying: "Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King (MLK) could walk, MLK walked so Obama cou…

The war child 1.0 (poem)

I am praying for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo now and for peace before, during and after the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana. Below is a poem I wrote with a cousin about peace in 2004. It's been a while, I have to write something new.

He came mild
Into the wild
To be trained to be wild
Oh, poor child
Trekked here via
Freetown and Monrovia
But he ain’t free, you see
Found and bound by refugee
A child grows
To star in fiery shows
No room for a doze or pose
As death comes as close
The future has arrived
It arrived too early
The mantle is here alright
To fight already
Taken as freedom’s hire
Shaken by gunfire
Overtaken by rebels’ ire
Making justice the desire
Strong child of Adam
The hurt hurts some
And comes home to Buduburam
Together with the same some
We watch but we do not see
We look but we do not see
We stare as we drink tea
While bread is not free
He won it with a fight
This song would not last long
The child is at war with wrong
And we fail to see the right