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Another Barcamp Cape Coast chapter starts with #bccapecoast 2015

This year, we shall have our 5th +Barcamp Cape Coast. It's been great to see what has emerged out of Barcamps in Cape Coast these 5 years. There are startups like which now has the +Ahonyabid product. There's the inspiration for +Tech Needs Girls Gh by +regina agyare. But I especially love the growth of people like +kofi yeboah+Kobe Subramaniam+William Osilaja Boampong and +francis kumadoh. The first two are joined by +Rachel Hormeku (also from #Bccapecoast), +Senam Aseye Bridget and +Leonard Hagan to lead the +Barcamp Ghana program in Ghana. With this next theme around 'Equipping the Youth to plan their future today', we at the +GhanaThink Foundation are on course to do more.

Barcamp Cape Coast 2015 is on September 12th at the University of Cape Coast. The organizing team is made up of +Papa Baffoe Aikins+Mantey Joshua+Wilson Seyram Ameamu+sampson oboh+Ansaba Amoah+Kwesi Quagraine and some other volunteers. I'm excited for this event, as always. Especi…

National Volunteer Day (#NVDay) is here again, and growing all over Ghana (#NVDay15)

I've blogged about National Volunteer Day (NVDay) a number of times. It all started with promoting the very first one. People (including some +Barcamp Kumasi members) joined me for an activity at the King Jesus Charity in Kumasi. For International Volunteer Day (IVD) in 2013, +GhanaThink Foundationlaunched the +Ghana Volunteer Program. I encouraged my avid readers to participate in #NVDay14. We used IVD last year to share what had happened during NVDay all around Ghana. I was on TV3 earlier today talking about NVDay with +Andrew Tetteh, we were hosted by Benny Blanco. There was this attempt to keep posted on volunteer activities in Ghana through a calendar that hasn't panned out well. Will try revive again during this National Volunteer Day period. #NVDay15 is here. 19th, 2th, 21st Septemeber. Aren't you excited? Looking for inspiration on what to do? Read my own story.Read the press release below. Or skip it, and go
The Ghana Volunteer Program (GVP) i…

Higgins Memorial Lodge - homely guest house in Kumasi

Many a times people have told me that I am very friendly and helpful. It lends well to a lot of the work that I do with the +GhanaThink Foundation etc. Someone said I have the heart of a mother. If I do, you might imagine how great my mother is. She is :-) Her greatness lends itself well to hosting people. She's hosted many people in our house growing up. And for the last few years, she has a guest house where she hosts more people. If you're looking for a place to stay in Kumasi, a guest house for one, two, three nights, a week, two weeks - look no further than Higgins Memorial Lodge. It's affectionately called Higgins Homes.

You can book your stay there by contacting me - @Abocco or on gmail as well with the same username. Higgins is a great place to stay. You can ask +kofi yeboah who stayed there for more than a week. +Yayra Tay stayed there with a couple of friends for some time. My brother +Kofi Ulzen-Appiah can also tell you more. Higgins Homes is on now