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My Facebook Look back & life

Facebook is 10 this year. Great stuff. I'm a huge fan of Mark Zuckerberg. I've loved using Facebook but never considered working there like I did for Google (and ultimately did). I was watching the Social Network movie just the other night. Awesome cinema. I didn't join Facebook as soon as I knew about it. Took some months to do so. It's been a great ride. Facebook has had its issues but I've loved it. I've made many friends there, some of whom I've never met but are really close with.

Below is a video looking back at my Facebook life. I love that one of the first pictures I have up is of the Akwaaba lady. At some point in the video, it centers on the new Barcamp Ghana sticker logo. That's so appropriate. But erm, maybe that happens because that was and still is my current profile picture? hehe.

Post by Ɔdadeɛ Ato Ulzen-Appiah.

I used to put up so many pictures on Facebook. Ever since I came to Ghana, I've not been a fan of that. I can't even te…

Being recognised as a leader & legend of inspiration

I met +Mabel Blankson last year after +Barcamp Ho. She was introduced to me by +Ali Bukari Maiga. I rode with her, +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor and another lady back to Accra after the event. I didn't get to know her as much as I could have but that's a story for another day. Early this year, she approached me saying she wanted to write about me on her blog. Wow, I thought. Hadn't realised she was the writer type. After some whatsapp chats back and forth, she asked me a number of questions and I answered her. Today. this blog post was born.

yibellla journal: A LEGEND OF INSPIRATION- ATO ULZEN APPIAH: You meet him and you see nothing but inspiration. He has got great brainchildren which are fruits of bold initiatives he took. He dared ...

Read on. It's a good read. I have talked about various things in the post she has via some of these blog posts so you can learn more via these. The Tech (KNUST primary and JSS) years. The Presec years. The MIT years. I don't have a post …

If only I could write lovely emails like this more often

I hardly check my yahoo account, I check it once every two months or so. Or when I am expecting some important information that only goes there. Tonight, I started looking at my drafts. Emails I never sent. One of the drafts reminded me of when I first was in love. I mean that's what it had to be. Just read this email I was going to send to a lady. The whole email was written like a poem :-)

Hey Ma,

rhythmic huh?

u want more?
u can get more.

good u liked the poetry piece
wasn't written with ease

Hope you are doing well
is there any news to tell?

Great news, 
Now there are no rooms for an excuse

I got u a ticket
And it's not for a game called cricket

Wednesday is the day to be on the go
We are going to see Carmelo

For me, it's been long overdue
Looking forward to see you

You have no clue
How I am missing you.

It's Bambino, Ato.

Lovely huh? This is a real email I was going to send. Pity that I never sent it. But hey, I sent messages like this to the lady just not crafted so beaut…