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National Volunteer Day 2018: Let's Volunteeringh for #NVDay18

In 2013, GhanaThink decided to institute National Volunteer Day - NVDay. This was to.encourage many people in Ghana to volunteer, make impact in our communities, help solve problems in ways we could, and help people. It wasn't just to help people, but help ourselves as volunteers : in building skills - especially soft skills, gaining experience, networks, etc. See more about the first couple of years on Wikipedia. We chose Founders' Day - September 21. This was a day the Atta Mills led government instituted as a day to remember the founders of Ghana (men and women) who did great things for Ghana. By volunteering around September 21, we would also be doing something for Ghana. On December 5, 2013 on the occasion of International Volunteer Day, theGhana Volunteer Program program was created by GhanaThink to run National Volunteer Day and match volunteers to volunteer opportunities.

National Volunteer Day's home on the web is

Here is a snapshot of what has …

Discussing volunteeringh with some Volta based students before National Volunteer Day (#NVDay)

On Sunday September 16, I was added to the NUGS Volta Region Bloc Women's Platform to share and discuss volunteering and volunteeringh. It was exciting to do this after Barcamp Ho coordinator Courage Christson Tetteh had done something similar with them earlier. Pamela Klutse is a young lady I admire and it was great to have this discussion with her, Makafui Tsey and other young tertiary level ladies based in the Volta Region, many of which have never been to Barcamp Ho. The various submissions I shared are important for National Volunteer Day so here is another #MightAfrican blog post :-) Remember to join us for NVDay18, see more details at

After sharing some thoughts on volunteeringh, the floor was open for questions. I love people who are curious and ask questions, it is a great trait to have. If people feel they have no questions to ask, then they need to build that skill, trait, knowledge, ability, yada yada yada.

Pamela Klutse asked the first question: Ple…

Why you should volunteer, including to #volunteeringh for National Volunteer Day (#NVDay)

On Sunday September 16, I was added to the NUGS Volta Region Bloc Women's Platform to share and discuss volunteering and volunteeringh. It was exciting to do this after Barcamp Ho coordinator Courage Christson Tetteh had done something similar with them earlier. Pamela Klutse is a young lady I admire and it was great to have this discussion with her, Makafui Tsey and other young tertiary level ladies based in the Volta Region, many of which have never been to Barcamp Ho. The various submissions I shared are important for National Volunteer Day so here is another #MightAfrican blog post :-) Remember to join us for NVDay18, see more details at

Sometime in late 2012 - in lieu of the elections - #GhanaDecides, some GhanaThink members and I were thinking about the lack of great leadership in Ghana. We believed that many of our political leaders didnt inspire confidence in Ghanaians or cause us to act. We believed that we needed to lead more as individuals, and the id…

Leading Into Leadership - Styles

Ever since the year 2003, I have seen people say Iwould be the president of Ghana. They must have seen something in me. Some have been saying #Ato4President for a long time. But that's not the point of this post so we won't get into that. I would rather have people say I am (not I would be) a great leader. I don't think I am a really great leader (which is what we need to see) but I am trying and would love to be known as one of the best leaders of all time. The same way Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest managers of all time. Beyonce is one of the greatest singers of all time. Tim Duncan is one of the best basketballplayers of all time. Oprah is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time. The late Nelson Mandela is one of the greatestleaders of all time. Catch my drift? I have blogged about (my) leading into leadership at KNUST-JSS, Presec, SyracuseMIT, etc. Where am I today? Let's see.

One fine day in May, Naomi Kokuro(the #bcksi logistics lead) asked me &quo…

More great phone choices for Ghanaians - Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 2

#NokiaLovesAndroid! Rapid renewal of  a smartphone portfolio brings next generation Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 2 to Ghanaians.
It is important for Ghanaians to have affordable smart phones. I love my Nokia 8 but it is pricey like other higher end phones. It is well worth the price for what it is able to do though.
Smart phones make life easier especially when you have some of these apps that I blogged about here - Some Ghanaian built apps that people in Ghana use. Here are 3 new Nokia smartphones running Android OreoTM which further build on hallmark design and deliver quality you can rely on. Can you hear the famous Nokia ringtone ringing in your ear? Hear ooo hear!

Accra, Ghana, 28 August 2018 - HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, has continued to rapidly renew its portfolio of Nokia Android smartphones by today announcing availability of Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 2.1 in Ghana. Offering access to the latest Google services, such as the Google Assistant, the trio of smartphone…

Some Ghanaian built apps that people in Ghana use

Thursday is a special day for technology. This is because of #TechThursday. I am a social media fanatic. That's why we also have #JollofJeudi. But we are not talking about #GhanaJollof in this #blogh post, we are talking about Ghanaian mobile apps. I often ask Ghanaians I meet about which Ghanaian built or Ghanaian focused mobile apps they have on their smart phones. Majority tend to have zero. Most Ghanaians have Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and GMail on their smart phones, be it the Nokia 8 or others. So I did some research on Ghanaian mobile apps others use regularly. I discuss my findings below.

One of the most popular apps was ExpressPay which is an app for bill and other types of payments. I have used to buy internet credit for family, as well as mobile credit for myself, family and friends. I also use it to send mobile money (especially if the amounts are lower than 100). I just started using the Kwese iFlix app and I have been using expressPay to pay my Kwese bi…

Stories of various GhanaThink members 'recruitment' for Barcamps

It has been 10 years since we at the GhanaThink Foundation started organizing Barcamps in Ghana. These free networking forums have been the major way to recruit most of the current members of GhanaThink. Earlier in May, Duncan Gablah, one of our most active members, had a wish. He asked me: "Tell us how you recruit members of GhanaThink Foundation". It was a question that has spurred this blog post. I initially answered by saying "I have hardly picked out people to be recruited for GhanaThink". In fact, only a few fall into this category. Some of those are ⁨Adelina Martey⁩ (@justdellez), ⁨Gerald Sowah⁩, ⁨Enoch Robot Boy Appiah Junior (@iamrobotboy), and ⁨Sabina⁩ Pwasam (@spwasam). In fact, almost all GhanaThink members asked to be part of the organization. They showed interest, were willing to volunteer, put in the work and were given more responsibility as time went by. Basically, I like to test people and see how they perform. The things to test are activity, pro…