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Barcamp Sunyani 2015 touches on technology training

I will never forget the first time I came to Sunyani. The place looked so serene and clean. Over the last couple of years since I've been in the capital of the Brong Ahafo region, many residents have opined about how population growth has taken the cleanliness shine off a bit but the serenity still remains supreme. We've been hearing about violent acts, but not enough to cloud the region. The region is still known for its agriculture, energy and resources. And football too! I'll be watching the #ElClasico in the SunCity. After, #youknowwhat! +Barcamp Sunyani 2015! This will be the 4th +Barcamp Sunyani. Excited about it. Especially the theme dubbed "Technology tool training for these times". We're underperforming in tech use in Ghana and we must step up our game.

+Jean-Baptiste Mantey, the main cofounder, is not in Sunyani now but his tentacles are all over the organization of the event. In his stead, the diligent +Kofi Kafui Kornu is the current lead, pulling …

Barcamp Kumasi lives and discusses Sustainable Entrepreneurial Practices this Saturday

Kumasi was naturally the next city to have a Barcamp after the ones in Accra. In 2010, the first +Barcamp Kumasi happened at KNUST. This Saturday will be the 6th +Barcamp Kumasi, and the 52nd +Barcamp Ghana event. I'll be there. Kumasi is where I was bred, and where my parents still live. All these years in trying to build a network of changemakers, doers and entrepreneurs in Kumasi, we've been too limited to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology community. As past Barcampers have left Tech and stayed in Kumasi and through the few #KumasiKonnect events pioneered by our own +GhanaThink Foundation, there is a growing inclusion. I pray for the huge number of first time Barcampers this Saturday, with many of them being Kumasi based but not part of the KNUST community. So help us God :-) The team is led by the indefatigable +sampson deklu who is mostly in Ho these days and co-emceed +Barcamp Ho. In fact, he's the first repeat #bcksi coordinator in a while. +…