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Dusting off the new house with stories of its own

So after a story like this last one, I had to move it fast, chale! It's happened, as of Easter this year. For the first time in my life, I have an address I own (if even for two years). My home will always be Kumasi, there's just something about it that Accra doesn't quite have for me, but my house is now officially in Accra. See me in chambers (like Ghanaians say, I have no idea where the phrase came from) to know where the address is. Since this is a monumental thing (moving into my own home), there had to be some story and drama behind it. I finally have three distinct ones to share so here's the blog entry.

Because I am care-free, I am sometimes careless. "I don't care" just started playing in my head. Before I could actually spend a night in the house, I actually managed to lose the key (at the airport no less). But because I am such a lucky person, I found it after a day. I had gone to buy a ticket for a local flight to Kumasi to spend the Easter …