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Returning to the source of all my vim - Ghana

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Today is Ghana's Republic Day. Happy Republic Day to all Ghanaians. I took the opportunity to announce a piece of news I have been holding back a while. Besides, I've been meaning to blog (about something) but for some reason, the vim to do so hasn't been there. This blog post was coming though. July 1 is just a nice date lol.

I have become a very "online" person, so it made some sense to use online media to make this announcement. Obviously, I had told my family, close friends, neighbours and others who I just had to tell the news already. So, this is how it all went down, with the following info filtering in through tweets, facebook and google buzz posts.

For the past 10 years, my address has always been a US one. First Syracuse, then to Cambridge (MIT) and then to Stanford. It's time to change that. In fact, I bought a one-way to come to the US after high school in Presec with the goal of going to MIT, the "best engine…