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The 3rd Barcamp Kasoa discusses "Education That Counts" #bckasoa

The third +Barcamp Kasoa happens on Saturday. Before we get into the press release and other info you need to know, I'll like to highlight the team making this possible. Kasoa is a very interesting town, some might call it city. It's one of the fastest growing cities in West Africa, and that also means its growth is pretty disorganized. It's densely populated with many private schools (even tertiary level). We run a Twitter discussion on #famouspeopleinkasoa recently and thankfully, before people jumped on it to make fun of Kasoa, we discovered many great sons and daughters of Kasland. It's clear that the many people in Kasoa are in the informal sector and many who succeed and live there have not had the best education. That's why the +Barcamp Kasoa theme is - Education that counts. Intrigued? Go here.

The main Barcamp Kasoa team is made up of +Elorm Billy-Awittor+Emelia Agblevor+jennepha omueti+Edmund Laryea+Danshiki Lapido and they are ably supported by +Barcamp …

Barcamp Ghana - All about Barcamps in Ghana

This is also posted on the Barcamp Ghana website. See here -

Recently, someone sent a message to the +Barcamp Koforidua  page asking - "What do you do at the (bar)camp and for how long and how much?" This article addresses his and others’ questions. The Barcamp Ghana program is a GhanaThink Foundation initiative. This program is building a network of young changemakers, doers and entrepreneurs. At Barcamps in Ghana, there is learning, sharing and networking. The aim is to bring people together to learn from each other, share with each other and network. A lot of the conversations are broadly around entrepreneurship, leadership and technology.

What is a Barcamp? A Barcamp is an ad-hoc informal gathering of people. Barcamps in Ghana are an evolution of what regular Barcamps are and a revolution around which certain goals are being met. Barcamps in Ghana have become "networking forums". Events whe…