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Scorned may be an even better Ghanaian movie

Afenhyia pa to everyone. Sorry for the long silence. I was busy chillaxing and eating some great food in Ghana. My time there has given me a lot of fodder for blog topics. We'll start 2009 off with a movie review though. I already blogged about "Life and Living it and this entry is about the second movie from the production that brought you Life and Living It. I heard about 'Scorned' in early November from a friend and I got excited. When I got to Ghana, I talked to a friend about the movie and she claimed it was even better than 'Life and Living It'. I had to own this movie before I left Ghana. Surely enough, I bought the two VCDs for the movie and I am really glad I did. Scorned is another excellent film from Sparrow Productions and a movie I have already seen thrice.

Shirley Frimpong-Manso is really doing well and I hope she gets enough support to go into film production full-time. Scorned is about a woman who suffers abuse from her husband, who's the son of a renowned reverend minister. An opportunity for a more financially secure future arrives and she is bent to take it and right all wrongs done her. Scorned introduces Lydia Forson to movie lovers and she did well in her debut role. She was also the classmate of my sister in Secondary School (Slopsa). The movie also features Kwame Sefa Kayi, Ekow Smith-Asante, Efo Mawugbe, Dzifa Glikpoe, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, Soraya Mensah Kukubor, and Sharon Azeev. Chris Attoh, Deconte Thompson and Nana Kwame Osei Sarpong are the returning cast members of 'Life and Living It'.

Just like 'Life and Living It', the acting is great and on point. You can only imagine that time was spent on getting the scenes and actions right. The sound and video quality was excellent too, as well as the chosen locations. Lister Hospital is about to get popular. Lydia had the hardest role as the movie centered around her and she had to build relationships with more major characters. Kwame Sefa-Kayi's character was quite interesting with many comedic antics like someone pointed out to me. Chris did okay playing a bad guy but I absolutely loved Efo Mawugbe's character! The 'Suncity' man shined and will love to seem him act in more movies. Ekow played the bad cop role which he did okay at too. He's been acting quite a lot lately but this is a different role from he's been doing in the AA and Venus Production films.

If 'Life and Living It' was bold, 'Scorned' was bolder. There was 'blood' in the movie, the snippet shown at the beginnings featured it too. There were a couple of sex scenes (don't get too excited) as well. The movie tried its best not to predictable and it did a good job at that with a very nice twist at the end. I like how Efo had the Fante lines, I'll personally like to see more of those in subsequent Sparrow films. I also loved how the film transitioned between scenes. And who can forget that cool car that Sharon Azeev aka Jimmy was riding? My mother was quite impressed.

One highlight of the movie was when the 'Daa ke daa' song was played. I immediately recognised Becca's voice and how the song was actually about what was transpiring in the movie. I wonder how much Becca was paid to compose the song for the movie? We want to see more collaborations between Ghanaian film and musicians. There was the 'Calling Becca' part which was quite sketchy, anyone who follows Becca would have known she was singing, the reference was unnecessary. Or was it a mishap? Apparently, there is a music video for 'Daa ke daa', I'll furnish the link once I find it. It was probably the only song by a local artiste in the soundtrack. I felt Lydia's solo about Aretha Franklin's R E S P E C T was a little long though.

The movie shows clearly two marriages, one happy and one sad one. Interestingly, two of the spouses hook up in the end which tests the happy marriage. How about the fake bad cop role? You know there are a number of them in Ghana. One of my friends claimed Nana Kwame played a more suitable role in this movie and though he appeared in just one scene, I'll agree. Surprised by Efo Mawugbe's character? There may be more. "The church needs it". "I need more than your thoughts." "It's either you think or you know". "I need that money". Efo Mawugbe was spectacular in my opinion. Is that his real name by the way?

How much money did they get for that PureJoy fruit juice commercial/advert? Scorned is using the marketing and distribution channels that other Ghanaian movies use. While this is good, it may compromise the quality of the production. I had to buy two VCDs for Scorned. They should make some DVD copies and look at 35mm formats too. The movie was premiered at the National Theatre and I hope it was shown at the Silverbird Cinema at the Accra Mall as well. I hope Ghanaians support this production and send a clear message to the rest of Ghanaian cinema that we want better movies. Hey, maybe Shirley should cast Agya Koo in a movie and show them how it's done?

Hell indeed has no fury like a woman scorned. Bad things happened to the bad guys but can you claim Dea (Lydia) was a bad person? She was on a mission, and you should watch to find out if she accomplished her mission. Scorned is highly recommended and personally I can't wait for the next movie from Sparrow Productions. Check out the website for the movie here. The preview is below

You can watch the Scorned movie online at

Found the music video for Becca's Daa ke daa song at last. You can watch the video and sing along with the lyrics by clicking here
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