Saturday, June 5, 2010

Canoe Magazine - Celebrating the best of Africa

I first learnt about Canoe Magazine while in Ghana over the Christmas holidays in 2008. I had gone to visit an aunt and she showed me their first issue. She had one mostly because her grand-daughter (one of my cousins I had never met and still haven't met) Efua Odunton was featured in it. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the magazine and the content. It oozed African excellence. They featured rising stars like Efua Odunton, stories about Africa, and other interesting things. If you find a copy of the Canoe Magazine in one of these stores, you should buy it. The magazine aims to celebrate the best of Africa.

It's such a high class magazine that to advertise in it costs $1,500 to $10,000. It's circulated in Accra, Abuja, Lagos and Johannesburg through various outlets. CANOE magazine will be distributed in Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Liberia, Egypt, Gambia and Sierra Leone in Africa; the United Kingdom; and New York, Atlanta, California and Chicago in the United States of America. From BellaNaija - While CANOE is a luxury brand, the editorial in CANOE moves beyond mere consumerism. CANOE is a guide to accumulating real wealth, preserving capital and building legacies that can be passed on from generation to generation. "The Africa I know has intelligent, successful and beautiful people." says publisher and CEO Kweku Ansah, founder of the CANOE Group.

In fact, when I was given this issue, the 5th one, I had to keep it. In fact, every time I traveled, I'll take it with me just to show off. Nah, not to show off my hot 30-something year old cousin I had never met, but show off the excellent magazine Africans were making for Africa in Africa. You can read that issue by clicking here. There was a nice comic series about Yaa Asantewaa called 1900. Folks, is anyone out there going to make a movie about Yaa Asantewaa? We have been talking about this since 2003 and the GhanaConscious days. There was also a feature about the Asantehene and some fashion pieces.

CANOE stands for Creative, Afro-Bourgeois, Naissant, Ostentatious & Extraordinaire. I don't know what Afro-Bourgeois means but it's cool. No, I already searched Urban Dictionary, it's not there. Hey, we still have the Odadee Pidgin-English dictionary but we should have a Ghanaian or even an African urban dictionary. You and I know they are a million words waiting to get their definitions online. CANOE is simply an awesome publication, I can't say enough about it. I know a friend who works there and she enjoys her job there. She asked me to consider writing for CANOE. That'll be awesome too. CANOE, come and grab me lol. Just kidding, I know where to find you. ;-)

Some info about CANOE Magazine from its website
CANOE is inspired to celebrate Africa’s evolving culture and lifestyle. It is a creative initiative by 5 entrepreneurs endeavoured to correct the image of Africa, predict growing trends and portray positively, the continent and its people. The result is a conservative, sexy template, heralding the rebirth of Afro-cool. CANOE seeks to guide ‘Black Diamonds and Pearls’ [your Afro-bourgeois]: Principally, in luxury trends and laudable knowledge through exposure - the power with which they can augment their lives and secure an exceptional lifestyle with a sense of pride and knowledge of self. CANOE is not hesitant to show success through extravagance as a merit of prosperity; but to create a lust, a passion for the rewarding things in life. Sail with us to see the new Africa. We offer you an exclusive Quarterly, with extraordinarily beautiful things from this wonderful chocolate continent. Together, we spearhead a revolution in trends, fashion and technology. CANOE will inform, inspire and breed a calibre of visionaries, influencing your lifestyles in appreciation of the true worth of AFRICA, as is: Our contribution to the long awaited Afro-Renaissance.

Check out an ad that the guys at Phamous People (now Philms) did for them

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