The #AskAto story - in conjunction with Vodafone Ghana

My friend +Ivy Enyo Nam had approached me about being featured in a series that Vodafone Ghana was going to undertake. The working title was #PowerfulPeople. This is the message I received from them - Based your influence within the Ghanaian community on Twitter. We will like to officially invite you to interact with the Vodafone Ghana social media platforms (especially twitter) under the topic “Using Social Media for Good”.

This happened on Tuesday 15th July, 2014. It was to be between 12pm-1pm,  a Q&A session on Twitter with hashtag #AskAto. It was hoped that I would answer all questions directed at teaching Vodafone's followers, amongst others how to use social media more effectively.

Well, 1 hour turned out into much more. I had so many questions to answer, well, some of them not social media related. In fact, I answered questions till it was 2:33pm. If I have to tell you why 2:33pm then you are a learner. Go ask Olamide. "Are you a learner?"

It was a nice feature by Vodafone which I appreciated a lot. In the buildup to the event, it was great to see the support from various GhanaThink members, promoting the discussion on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  One of our +GhanaThink Foundation . members, +Christian Junior Worgbah  also created a cool graphic for the event as well. 

I'd be doing a series of blog posts touching on some of the questions proper. You can catch up on most of the questions and answers via this storify that +Ali Bukari-Maiga created. 


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