Higgins Memorial Lodge - homely guest house in Kumasi

Many a times people have told me that I am very friendly and helpful. It lends well to a lot of the work that I do with the +GhanaThink Foundation etc. Someone said I have the heart of a mother. If I do, you might imagine how great my mother is. She is :-) Her greatness lends itself well to hosting people. She's hosted many people in our house growing up. And for the last few years, she has a guest house where she hosts more people. If you're looking for a place to stay in Kumasi, a guest house for one, two, three nights, a week, two weeks - look no further than Higgins Memorial Lodge. It's affectionately called Higgins Homes.

You can book your stay there by contacting me - @Abocco or on gmail as well with the same username. Higgins is a great place to stay. You can ask +kofi yeboah who stayed there for more than a week. +Yayra Tay stayed there with a couple of friends for some time. My brother +Kofi Ulzen-Appiah can also tell you more. Higgins Homes is on Booking.com now. As well as Trip Advisor.

There are 2 apartments - one 2 bedroom and one 3 bedroom. So you can even rent with your family when you're in Kumasi. Or rent one of the 5 rooms. Versatility at its best. Am sure +Okyeame Kwame agrees. 

You know how you go to hotels and you have to pay to get your attire ironed? At Higgins Homes, an iron is provided for you. There is DSTV as well for you to enjoy a great selection of TV channels. Air conditioning? Down pat. You even have a kitchen to cook that meal you love, in a guest house. Breakfast is for free. Yummy! 

Higgins Memorial Lodge is more than a guest house. It's home away from home. And here's the kicker! The cost hovers around $23.3 per night. What's not to love?


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