The second Barcamp in Bolgatanga - BarcampBolga is here!

It's early in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I've returned home after being at the Odadee Torch & Bonfire night at Presec. I was wearing a black +Barcamp Tema tshirt. Many Odadee recognized me but also recognised Barcamp. Branding. I am not unable to be at +Barcamp Bolga which happens today due to prior engagements and personal reasons. I am sad though. I really wanted to be at Barcamp Bolga for the team. But like I've told many people, the Barcamp will run smoothly without me. That's the mark of maturity. The +Barcamp Ghana team is taking leadership, spearheading #bcbolga through +kofi yeboah and +Leonard Hagan+Rachel Hormeku and +Senam Aseye Bridget have done their part too, with +Kobe Subramaniam in the background. +Abdul Razak Dimbie and +Baawuo Gloria together with +Daniel Yakuba +Jon Mydaz and +Frank Bruce are making the second Barcamp Bolga happen, with support from +Joachim Danbo and +Enoch Robot Boy Appiah Junior.

The second Barcamp Bolga promises to be better than the first, +Reuben Griffiths Bekoe has ridden into town, and discovered a waakye map. There's more interest from young people around Bolgatanga and the Upper East region and more gender parity. Other +GhanaThink Foundation members like +Mohammed Muntasir Nashiru +Rukaya sukah +Karima Seidu +Antumwini Amos +Jaynie Micado +Joseph Osei Oppong-Brenya will be there as well. I'll be following the Barcamp via the #bcbolga hashtag, especially on Twitter. Read the press release below to learn more.

Barcamp Bolga 2015 is a free networking forum bringing people together for a day of discussion, demos and dialogue on Bolgatanga, Ghana and beyond. It takes place on October 10, 2015 at VAG Hall in Bolgatanga. The theme for this year is "Building partnership for development- the role of private enterprise". Frank Bruce, the coordinator for this second Barcamp in Bolga, said, “The first of its kind in the Upper East region, Barcamp Bolga has shown the way to connecting people with distinguished business leaders for a day of networking, mentorship, and ideas sharing for the development of Bolgatanga, the region while empowering residents particularly the youth to aspire to achieve”.

The GhanaThink Foundation has successfully organized 49 BarCamps in Ghana as part of its Barcamp Ghana program since 2008. BarCamp Bolga 2015 will be the 2nd of its kind and it will showcase of entrepreneurs and innovators in the Upper East region. Frank Bruce recalls, “Since we organised first Barcamp Bolga last year, the team have received overwhelmed response from participants as how our event has inspired them to be achievers and helped them to interact with business leaders in the region who on a regular day is hard to cross them and network

Leonard Hagan of the Barcamp Ghana team said "I'm excited about the second BarCamp to take place in Bolga. I hope this forum is better utilized by the tertiary students, young entrepreneurs and even the unemployed youth to gain ideas on how we can build stronger developmental partnerships. If Bolga for that matter our country will develop, it will take the strong developmental foundations we lay today(our ideas)”.

The 2015 Barcamp Bolga theme explores how the private sector in Bolgatanga and beyond can be active players in pursuing development in this region, especially as partners. Discussions will center on developing various business and industry sectors in Bolgatanga and the Upper East region. Frank Bruce continued, “This year promises to be even invigorating with an array of accomplished individuals in various fields of endeavour assembled to mentor the hearts and minds of participants to spur them for success. You can’t miss Barcamp Bolga 2015, looking forward to meeting you there.”

The Barcamp will feature multiple user-generated breakout sessions in topics relevant to the Upper East Region and beyond. There will be a speed mentoring session where mentors will give insights and answers to questions from attendees. Confirmed resource personnel include +Linda Atibilla (Social Entrepreneur), +Richard Azunre (Lecturer), Jonathan Atuah (Agribusiness), +Fati, Abigail Abdulai (Social Entrepreneur), +Hillary Adongo (Entrepreneur), Ibrahim Dabo (UDS Lecturer), +roger laari (Upright Consult), Joseph Kancha (Agribusiness), etc.
Register/RSVP at the BarCamp Bolga eventbrite website ( or text "Barcamp Bolga [name] [email address] to 1945 through any mobile network (example - Barcamp Bolga Esi Eshun Contact us via barcamp at for sponsorship or partnership opportunities.

BarCamp Bolga 2015 is supported by Tigo Ghana, Making All Voices Count, etc.
Join us to move the Upper East Region and Ghana forward.  
Stay tuned via the #bcbolga hashtag.

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