Ghana Youth Social Entreneurship Program by GhanaThink (+ Digital Opportunity Trust)

In 2017, the GhanaThink Foundation organized the GYSEC in partnership with Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT).
Ghana Youth Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GYSEC) was promoted as #GYSEC2017.
20 budding social entrepreneurs were chosen out of 154 applications to learn, be trained, and compete.
They were and are referred to as trainees.

The training began in on January 30 and ended on March 19, 2017. They took an online course on Social Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking run by DOT.
Within this period, there were 2 workshop at Impact Hub Accra where the trainees received in-person training.
We in this blog post refers to GhanaThink of which I lead :-)

In 2018, GYSEC has become a GhanaThink's 4th program.
It would be referred to as the Ghana Youth Social Entreneurship Program (GYSEP). The other 3 are Barcamp Ghana, Junior Camp Ghana, Ghana Volunteer Program.

Maarifa Ndekezi, DOT Regional Program Development Manager, supported the DOT teams in Africa.
Maarifa run a coaching session about the pitching for the GYSEC trainees.
This was via Google Hangout on March 14, 2017 at 1pm GMT.
5 of the trainees were able to be on the call for most of the duration. Others had internet issues staying on the call.
Ato Ulzen-Appiah, Kofi Yeboah of the GhanaThink Foundation and Aima Noella of DOT were also on the call.
Key takeaways from the hangout were sent to 20 trainees by email.
We shared a number of useful links for the trainees in preparing their pitches.
During the final workshop on March 18-19, Ato Ulzen-Appiah helped the trainees with their pitches and their budgets. This was as part of the last 3 sessions for the SE & DT course. The full criteria for the pitching was created and shared with the judges. The trainees were given aspects of the criteria to guide their preparation, both in person and by email.

Their portrait links were updated on Facebook in preparation for the final workshop.

Final Ceremony
The finale (final ceremony) happened on Sunday, March 19 from 5-9pm at Impact Hub Accra.
There were over 60 people in attendance, many of whom were friends and family of the 20 trainees.
It was emceed by Ato Ulzen-Appiah with support from Kofi Yeboah, Richmond Anane and Marian Adeaba.
Another GhanaThink member, Annabella Boateng, was on hand to handle registrations and sign-ins.
The 20 trainees pitched their ideas to the judges.
They had 7 minutes total allocated time. 4 minutes for own pitch and 3 minutes for Q&A.
It took a long time to get all the pitches done. We had to start cutting down the Q&A part.

The pitches were great but a few stood out.
The trainees were asked to present their budget in the pitch, showcasing what they would use $750 as a budget.
They also presented the problem, solution, why they are suitable to solve the problem, and sustainability plans.
The trainees took feedback from the judges

The judges were
  • Nehemiah Attigah (GhanaThink + Hatua Solutions)
  • Josephine Marie-Godwyll (Social Entrepreneur - Young at Heart Foundation)
  • Alloysius Attah (Social Entrepreneur - Farmerline)
  • William Senyo (Social Entrepreneur Ghana + Impact Hub Accra).

The winners were chosen through a weighted average of judges’ scores and other scores.
The other scores were given based on their participation over the course of GYSEC.
Below is the ranking of winners - the amounts they received - names - and names of their social entreprises.

Cheques were printed and presented to the 6 winners.
They later participated in the DOT Unconference in May 2017 in Rwanda.
We affectionately called the 6 winners the Rwanda Raiders. All the 20 trainees received certificates of participation.

Another GhanaThink member, Edmund Laryea, recapped the #GhanaYouth Social Enterpreneurship Competition (#GYSEC2017) finale via a @SeeDeblay storify.
We also got mentioned in the Business Financial Times online news platform.


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