Sunday, November 2, 2008

The war child 1.0 (poem)

I am praying for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo now and for peace before, during and after the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana. Below is a poem I wrote with a cousin about peace in 2004. It's been a while, I have to write something new.

He came mild
Into the wild
To be trained to be wild
Oh, poor child
Trekked here via
Freetown and Monrovia
But he ain’t free, you see
Found and bound by refugee
A child grows
To star in fiery shows
No room for a doze or pose
As death comes as close
The future has arrived
It arrived too early
The mantle is here alright
To fight already
Taken as freedom’s hire
Shaken by gunfire
Overtaken by rebels’ ire
Making justice the desire
Strong child of Adam
The hurt hurts some
And comes home to Buduburam
Together with the same some
We watch but we do not see
We look but we do not see
We stare as we drink tea
While bread is not free
He won it with a fight
This song would not last long
The child is at war with wrong
And we fail to see the right
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