The war child 1.1 (poem)

More blog downtime, so here is another poem. Yes, Obama won the election and I am very very very happy. I walk around with my shoulders up these days and that sense that I 'own' the world is even more prominent within me now. I do want to take a moment to thank God for what I have and how He has blessed me. I thank Him for people like Barack Obama who can inspire us. I hope he ends these 'two wars' America is fighting soon and amicably. I am also praying for peace, let's believe that we will have that all around the world sooner than later. Here's another 'war-child' poem I wrote on the same day I wrote this one. Enjoy.

Life has laid its burden on thee!
Oh, innocent son of Junta,
Longing to see a Santa
What has thou to live for?
Bread or blood
For the love of life,
And the death of hate,
Thou have to fight.

Clear your sore eyes,
Thy strength shows in your tears.
Wash your filthy hands,
Thy blood is no different.
Blow your hollow cheeks,
Thou have never been ready.
Guard your fragile heart,
Thy soul has not been stronger.

Violence comes in thy tracks
On your way to Gonja barracks
You see a dove and thou see love
A new day has come your way
Untie thy bloody bandana
You are no longer a bafana.
Return fire with thy ire
Let war out your closed door


Anonymous said…
I had a dream about 3 nights ago.. It showed that someone had calculated that the name Obama means War child.. This is the first site I have seen. I will look for others... : )
MIghTy African said…
obama means war child in what language?

Yes, we will!

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