Friday, March 6, 2009

It's about time - Ghana Independence Day poem

I wrote this poem for March 6th, 2007, on the occasion of Ghana's golden jubilee. I made a slight modification for the occasion of Ghana's 52nd. It's titled "It's about time". Happy birthday Ghana and Happy Independence day to all Ghanaians!

He knew himself before they knew him
He moulted into the face they wanted for him
But inside he wanted to remain the same
He fought as he reddened
He sold as he yellowed
He destroyed as he greened
He shined as he blackened
He paced as he faced occupation
He led as he fled domination
It was about time

Pregnant with positive action
United as one at one
Completely free at three
Borders were not very sexy at six
Divided came to a head at ten
Went to pride land at twenty
Happened to be thirsty at thirty
Life had already began at forty
Showing he is nifty at fifty
About to be about that time

It's kind of funny that
He shaped his movement to Jacko's steps
Before he knew what made Daddy move
It's kind of funny that
He first knew Skeletor as He-man's nemesis
Before he knew his own skeleton
It's kind of funny that
He watched out for red, gold, green
And followed the red, white, blue
It's kind of funny but it's about time

We were high on life then
Flying on the waves we played
Now, we live it from the hip
Partying the sounds we learnt
We started to write our own gospel
Inscribing our local culture globally
Now others write the gospel for us
Because of our scribes are global and not local
It's about time we eat what is homegrown
Because we are homegrown

Our life has been like the canopy walkway at Kakum
Others have done it but we feel we can't
Our journey has been like the door at Elmina Castle
Leaving home and not knowing when we will return
Our culture has been like the Kintampo Falls
Beholding beauty we struggle to embrace
Our years have been like the Volta Lake
Everytime it doesn't rain, we are in crisis
This time, our growth calls for a golden jubilation
It's about time our jubilation called for growth

We fought for Akosombo at Ho
We gardened Wa at Kumasi
We dug Elmina at Obuasi
We built Tamale at Takoradi
We welcomed many people in what became Nkran
Nkran congregated people in what became Accra
Accra welcomes many people in what becomes Greater Accra
Accra is emptying into what is becoming the Diaspora
And we waited to see if Accra would give back
Maybe it's about that time

I see her and I see you
You see him and you see me
I don't know you and you don't know me
But it's a big party so let's dance
Because when the Black Stars shine
You are known to me and I am known to you
Because you celebrate what I agitate
You agitate me to celebrate you
It's about time you celebrate what I create
Because I create it for me and you

It's always been about time
And it will always be about time
Because time keeps on slipping
Into the future
As we turn into the sleeper
And wake up for the future
But before we remove our slippers for bed
Let's jubilate and celebrate
Because today I love you and you love me
And we love the anniversary that connects us
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