Saturday, April 25, 2009

Probeverbs - a probe into proverbs

I am due for a blog post and though I have some ideas coming up, I'll leave y'all with this poem titled 'Probeverbs' I wrote a long time ago. Probeverbs is a play on probing proverbs. Chaa. Proverbs are wise sayings alright but sometimes they can be questioned. I definitely questioned some and in this poem, I probe the sanity and sense in some proverbs. Don't know if you will all agree with these sentiments but hey, I sometimes live to challenge the status quo. Rebellion is sometimes fun. Here goes.

Opinions are like noses
Everybody has one
Yet, each has its own smell
A bird in hand
Will fly away to the bush
Because it is safe there
He who laughs best
Is really enjoying the show
And will always laugh last
When the cat is away
The mouse will play
Because it is his day
A cat may look at a king
If it is real hungry
If not, the mouse is safe
Dance like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
And end your life like a bee
Speak up, be heard
Speech is silvern, silence
Not golden, it means consent
A hungry man is an angry man
Man is not only stomach
After eating, don’t irritate him
Who made all those proverbs
Early to bed, let’s debate that quote
Makes man wealthy, wise and remote
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