Sunday, April 11, 2010

Responses to an Accra resident who rambled some thoughts while watching the 2010 Ghana Music Awards

:-) The Mighty African likes to do some things differently every once in a while. So I started leaving a comment on Abena Serwaa's blog and realised my comment was more like a blog post. So here is one. To get the idea behind this post, you have to read this blog post about the Ghana Music Awards by Abena (Chardonas) of Ramblings of a Procrastinator in Accra. So, it's a direct response to Abena but I feel it's great reading for us all. So if anything is confusing, all you need to do is click here.

1. As for the 70% of the audience at the Ghana Music Awards being females in their 20's - your theories are probably true. the tickets cost a lot, and they probably got them for free. On the other hand, attend things like BarCamps or TEDx and you'll see the crowd is mostly men in their 20's. I won't give any analysis for that one.

Hmm, so Ghanaian women are spending a lot of money on weave-ons eh? Is that why there's this whole hair debate? Never knew what the fuss was about before.

2. Well, that's what I was talking to Ndinda about on the CapeTowntoCairo interview about the Museke Online Africa Music Awards (MOAMAs). Africans seem to listen to mostly music from their own country. Funny thing is, Jozi's videos actually are shown on MTVBase which some Ghanaians watch, albeit a small percentage. If the audience doesn't know you, you have to try extra hard to like them. It's not just Ghanaians. I go to concerts and sometimes feel the same way about artistes I don't know. We have to make a conscious effort to support African musicians, even if they are not from Ghana.

3. VIP is one of the best performing acts in Ghana. I've seen them perform live and they know how to work a crowd. It helps that they finally have a hit song after some quiet years starting circa 2007. You should all check out Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi's documentary about their story called Homegrown - the Hiplife movie.

4. Hehe, I hope you aren't saying Sarkodie should change his name. Like I told a cousin today, my favorite Ghanaian rapper is Obrafour but I think Okyeame Kwame is the best in Ghana. Sarkodie has all the hype now and I believe he is the hiplife artiste who can crossover successfully onto the whole African scene. With Akon and Konvict Music behind him, I believe it will happen. Sarkodie's been great but I am happy he didn't win too many awards. Oftentimes, the most popular artiste wins every award even if they didn't deserve it. It's funny how Tema is on the up. Hiplife used to be between Accra and Kumasi and now the Tema massive is taking the spotlight. Who'll be next? Ho? Tuabodom? Tain?

5. Hehe, yes, remember this name. Because after R2Bees makes a video for 'Kiss your hand remix' with Wande Coal, they'll be known all over the continent. That song's a massive hit. They refuse to be broke. And yes, they are from Tema. Did I hear that they have beef with Charterhouse, organizers of the Ghana Music Awards?

6. Asem was installed as Ambassador for Education? Why not, Ghana's youth listens to him. The funny thing is Asem is not the guy to be making socially conscious songs. I doubt he even made School dey be with that in mind but now look. "School dey be" is an interesting song, he talks about all the bad things he did in school, what he would have done different and encourages people to go to school. And it's a great song to boot. "School dey be, but class dey bore". Obviously, he has some really profane lyrics in "When I get u" but that doesn't make him any less an ambassador for education. At least his song can be a theme song.

7. Hehe, not many people had heard the Jon Germain song that was nominated. If you find the mp3 for Love Zone, let me know. Jon has some talent and has crossover appeal. The market is not Ghana anymore, you have to sell other places too. He says he does pop music. We'll see.

8. Lol, I didn't watch the awards but was at a Ghanaian party dancing to many Ghanaian and Nigerian hits. That remembers me, I thought Okomfo Kwaadee had been resurrected, no one's talking about him? Fresh from London eh? Is he a fake london boy? He should have just spoken Twi. He didn't try to use his locally acquired foreign accent? Who was the artiste by the way?

Becca rocks! Congrats to her for winning best African prospect at the Kora awards.
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