New Ghanaian movie, Elmina, centers around oil and colonialism

I have blogged a whole lot about the folks at Fienipa but why shouldn't I? They are doing an awesome job with getting African content online and you should join me in supporting them. Their latest project is, sort of an African IMDB. What prompted this post was an entry about the new Ghanaian movie called Elmina. Does Elmina sound familiar? It's the hometown of the MIghTy African, the guy writing this very post. It's also the first point and spot the Europeans landed at when they came to Africa. Yup, on 19th January 1482, 600 men lead by Don Diego d'Azambuja arrived in Elmina. Elmina is historical and important like that. And now Elmina is on the big screen? Thanks to Revele Films, the folks who brought you the award-winning 'Run, Baby, Run' movie.

The producers of the two hit mini-series ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Hotel St. James’, alongside the popular movie "Fire to Fire’ that featured local comedian Agya Koo, and ‘Agyapadie’, are back. The movie 'Elmina' was set and shot in the Central and Western regions of Ghana. From the Fienipa link, it says "‘Elmina’ tells a story of colonialism, greed, hatred, love and betrayal.". The story is about a family in crisis and the main theme is centered on colonialism and the oil which has been discovered in commercial quantities. Wow, someone made a movie about oil as well as colonialism? How brilliant!

The movie was premiered in Tate Gallery in the UK in October 2010 before making appearance in Ghana in December 2010. Some of the actors in the movie are Kofi Bucknor, Akorfa Asiedu, Ama K. Abebrese, John Apea, Kojo Dadson, Redeemer Mensah, amongst others, including Douglas Fishbone from England.

Watch the trailer here

It seems the hero in the movie is a white man? We see him questioning the higher authorities for them making their community members to sell their land. We see him say "We are being cheated by the white people", while he himself is White. And is he the character called 'Ato'? Agya wadwo! I hope he doesn't overshadow the movie, After all, in the trailer, he (Doug Fishbone) is mentioned even before Revele Films. Or is this a Flatbush Films venture whose local partner is Revele Films? Plenty questions.

Anyway, I am so excited about the movie! I have been to Elmina a number of times and hope to identify various places in the movie. There's also Barcamp Takoradi coming up in November which will talk about oil. Ghana's excited about the oil find and as much as Revele Films is excited about this too, the Elmina movie is meant to educate folks about the oil find. Just like what Barcamp Takoradi will be doing. Hey, maybe the Apeas can come to the Barcamp and discuss the movie. Imagine if we did find oil in those colonial times, how different would Ghana be now? Maybe the movie 'Elmina' will offer some answers.

Actor John Apea is interviewed by Ameyaw Debrah about the movie. Dude went to Presec? In lumine tuo, videbimus lumen!



Myne Whitman said…
Why the white actor I also wondered when I saw the trailer, does Ghana have lots of white people?
Gifty said…
@Myne.. no we don't have lots of white ppl here.. i'm wondering the same thing too..
Gifty said…
looolz.. did u guys hear when the white dude said "W'ABODAM?" meaning are u mad in twi? heheh i almost missed that.. had to rewatch it to catch it...
Kobby Owusu said…
@Gifty Obroni ye wo kyere no! Lol....

@Myne I think if you check out the exhibition note for the movie at Tate Gallery, it will be clearer why he's featured prominently...

Elmina Exhibition at Tate Gallery
Clue said…
Check out Kobby's post

Now the whole movie is gonna be about this white person. There was a major white character in Run Baby Run too. Hmm, what's up with that @Revele Films? :-)
MIghTy African said…
Nice post at Kobby

Can't wait to see the movie!

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