Monday, April 4, 2011

Ty Bello arrives just in time with The Future (We are #Nigeria) music video

My favorite song from Nigeria this year finally has a music video! Oh, you don't know the song? It's simple, artistic and straight to the point. It is no short of vim. It makes you pay attention to the lyrics because you have to. The song sounds as good as the first time I heard it. How can't I fall in love with a song with lyrics like "The future is here, the future is here." You know the song now? It's called 'The Future' by Ty Bello. Nigerian youth, the future is here. Show you know this by voting this month. Invest yourself in the decision-making of Nigeria.

Toyin Shokefun Bello made a huge splash on the Nigerian music scene in 2007 with her song Green land. "The land is green". It was patriotic and Nigerian. And then I heard Freedom, which I also loved. She's a celebrated photographer and award winning artiste. Creativity should be her middle name. So when Nigerian musicians started making inspirational songs in the run-up to the elections happening later this month, Toyin had to end her musical silence and get in the act. And her single outshines every single one in that line in my opinion. "The Future", is a 'Call To War', charging all Nigerians to take back the Glory of their Country. The music video is directed by 'Kemi Adetiba and was shot in Lagos, Nigeria.

The video begins with this message from different Nigerians.
Nigeria hasn't always justified the faith of its people, but it comes a time when you're pushed to the wall and there's no way to go but up;
If we just decide in our hearts that we want to believe in Nigeria and we want to take steps every day to make this country a better place;
This is our dream, and a new Nigeria is that dream that we so much seek and desire;
The destiny of Nigeria is in our hands, we are the country, the country is us;
We are Nigeria;
We are that turning point generation;
We are Nigeria, we are the Future;

Watch the video

The music video ends with this message
The future is not a timezone that is yet to come;
The future is everything that we can be but have not yet become;
The future is everything that we can do but have not yet done;
The future is here, the future is now;
So go ahead and deliver the future;
Because you can, because you must;
Together we build

Much props to our friends at @cpafrica for letting us know about the latest from the Nigerian musician/photographer. Check out the article about the video release.
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