Happy Father's Day! Dedicate these African songs to your Papa (Museke)

Culled from Museke.com's Father's Day Post

#happyfathersday! We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers - "What are your favorite African songs about fathers?" Based on their responses and our own collection on Museke.com, here are some African Fathers' Day songs for you. We did the same for #happymothersday - Check out our Mother's Day post.

Bread Winners is definitely our favorite. The song by ProVerb, featuring Hip Hop Pantsulawhich celebrates great fathers.Both are South African rappers. Some of the lyrics are

"A lil something for the Fathers/
That know how to be a man and work harder/
To give something to the Fam/
And would rather make sure the kids are fed dinner/
I'm talking to the real bread winners/ yeah you.."

The official song for today was Jayso's single called My Daddy Is A Champ. This song was recorded, produced & written by Jayso and features his 6 year old daughter, Vanessa. This is a gift from Jayso to his numerous fans who have continuously requested he releases a song. Listen below

Jayso - My Daddy Is A Champ by Museke

On a Sunday like this, we cannot forget our Father in heaven. Nigeria's Obiwon composed the gospel track My F.A.T.H.E.R, singing "You are my F.a.t.h.e.r, You are my Fearful. Affectionate Tender-Hearted. Eternal.Restorer".

South Africa's Freshlyground contributes two songs to our collection. The first is Nomvula, title track from their second album. The second is Father please, also from the same album released in 2004. In Nomvula, Zolani Mahola sings "I was raised by my father; Who was bereaved at a young age by his true darling, my mother". She continues "Never have they seen such a girl raised by a man".

Still in South Africa, we revisit Father of my children by the legendary 'Queen of Maskanda' Busi Mhlongo. We return to Ghana to check out Like father like son, a popular hiplife tune by the group Konfi. Konfi brag about their father and how they took kindly after him. We salute all the great fathers out there and pray that we can all take after them.


skyllie said…
could not even think of so many songs! good job
kelvin said…
yeah it was very fine songs to my sweet daddy.....thank you....
MIghTy African said…
you are both welcome!

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