Not your regular party night #partycrew

What a night I had last night! I have a lot of nights like but this one was good to write home about :-)

After spending the last weekend in Africa's unofficial party capital, Kampala, I was back in Accra and ready to show my sister and a couple of friends who were in Ghana for a short time a good time. Before I proceed to tell you about last night, let me tell about my last night in Kampala, Sunday September 9. I finally found a "popping club" to enter - Ange-Mystique and they (bouncers and all) wanted to charge me to enter. But I don't pay to enter clubs so I made them know it. So I left but on my way out, I saw a couple of ladies who were coming in. I asked them which other club would be lively now (and free) so I could go there. They said Ange-Mystique was the only one. After I told them I was from out of town, one of the ladies gave me a complementary pass to enter the club. The bouncers couldn't believe it. They were like "Where did you get this?" Them "bera-mu-class" people, they don't know I'm "kyaba-too-much" eh? :-)

So for last night. First, I told a friend (guy) we were going to the Farenheit night club (in the Best Western Hotel premises) in #Accra & we might be charged. He replied: "I don't have heels". He seemed to say "this girl here doesn't have heels so they won't let her in so let's not go". She must be wearing sandals so not to bother with Farenheit. But I'm really not paying that money so let's say I don't have heels either. Best ever excuse! :)

They were charging 20 GhC (only for guys) at Farenheit. My #Partycrew collectively agreed it wasn't worth it. So we left for Firefly in Osu. At Firefly, we had to wait outside because it was packed. Of course, folks who probably given the bouncers money in previous times were allowed to go in, but I'm not to indulge in such things. The bouncers almost didn't let me into Firefly because I said I wanted to come azonto & that they thought that meant I only wanted to dance for a bit and I wouldn't buy drinks. Wow! Maybe they decided that's what I meant because I took the liberty to announce to a merry-goer that Firefly is free to enter.

Well, I eventually entered and bought a drink, but not enough. I mean, was the bouncer going to leave his post and come and check if I was buying enough drinks? Lol. There's always a 1st time. At one point while at Firefly, there was no deejay @ the DJ booth. A playlist of old American songs was left to play. I could have easily turned the tables at that moment, in fact I pretended to. The music sucked. I didn't dance once while at Firefly (no azonto) and they didn't play a single African song for the hour I was there. Shame.

And then when we were leaving, I found out that Firefly makes a big deal of buying drinks because some people go to Firefly & get tables and don't pay and leave? How can the bar people allow that to happen? So a number of the VIP people at Firefly actually don't pay for their drinks when they must be doing so? Lwkmd! Fake! Take!

I had decided to never go to Twist cos it's always packed and they 'charge'. We still left for Twist after 2:33am to go see what was happening there. And then I found out that they actually don't charge. Don't get it twisted. They only charge to enter in December when all the Bogas are in town :-). I am twisting my tongue now. Twist might just become my favorite club. I caught them playing "Chop my money". I do care but Twist can chop my money small.

In the other news, Phelele called me from Kenya when I was leaving Twist. I could have gotten down from the car and done some "Twist dances". Just super. In fact, I was thoroughly entertained by Firefly especially tonight. That's what I paid for (in drinks). Thanks everyone :-)


Kafui said…
Great to know you continue to enjoy yourself. I believe most clubs charge entrance fees when they feel they have monopoly in an area. The two clubs in Sunyani charge though. Klub Tyco doesn't charge ladies on Fridays, Secrets Pub, I'm not so sure of.
Anyways, party on, ma brotha...
Clue said…
The MIghTy African is such a social animal!

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