Being recognised as a leader & legend of inspiration

I met +Mabel Blankson last year after +Barcamp Ho. She was introduced to me by +Ali Bukari Maiga. I rode with her, +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor and another lady back to Accra after the event. I didn't get to know her as much as I could have but that's a story for another day. Early this year, she approached me saying she wanted to write about me on her blog. Wow, I thought. Hadn't realised she was the writer type. After some whatsapp chats back and forth, she asked me a number of questions and I answered her. Today. this blog post was born.

yibellla journal: A LEGEND OF INSPIRATION- ATO ULZEN APPIAH: You meet him and you see nothing but inspiration. He has got great brainchildren which are fruits of bold initiatives he took. He dared ...

Read on. It's a good read. I have talked about various things in the post she has via some of these blog posts so you can learn more via these. The Tech (KNUST primary and JSS) years. The Presec years. The MIT years. I don't have a post on the Stanford years but hey, I've blogged a lot of those years on this blog.

I really appreciate being recognised like Mabel did. I received a Facebook message from a friend based in the US this week that touched my heart so much. I didn't expect over 233 people liking the status I shared talking about this and the comments that have flowed since. I thought I could embed the post but can't find to do so now. So you could read it here.

Tonight, I was at the AIESEC National Planning Conference and participated in a Leadership forum alongside +Edison Gbenga+Vanessa Kavi invited me. I shared a lot of insight on leadership but I also made sure to make attendees understand the followership is equally important. I picked a not-so-crazy moment to answer a craziest moment question. Folks weren't feeling it haha. I like to take risks, I think I'd write a blog post proving how crazy I am lol. Back to the matter. I encouraged the attendees to not fear failure, and get things done to build experience. For me, leaders, take initiative, get people to buy into the initiative, these people are motivated to support the leader to execute the initiative and the leader drives the team to make things happen.

I appreciate all of you who appreciate what I do. It gives me more vim to continue. I would do this anyway. I want this so bad. I want to inspire - either personally or through stories - people in my cultural neighbourhood to make work to make my cultural neighbourhood. Recognition is nice, it solidifies the fact that that this needs to be done. I don't want to carry this alone. I don't want to do things alone. We don't want to do things alone. Join us. 


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