My Facebook Look back & life

Facebook is 10 this year. Great stuff. I'm a huge fan of Mark Zuckerberg. I've loved using Facebook but never considered working there like I did for Google (and ultimately did). I was watching the Social Network movie just the other night. Awesome cinema. I didn't join Facebook as soon as I knew about it. Took some months to do so. It's been a great ride. Facebook has had its issues but I've loved it. I've made many friends there, some of whom I've never met but are really close with.

Below is a video looking back at my Facebook life. I love that one of the first pictures I have up is of the Akwaaba lady. At some point in the video, it centers on the new Barcamp Ghana sticker logo. That's so appropriate. But erm, maybe that happens because that was and still is my current profile picture? hehe.

I used to put up so many pictures on Facebook. Ever since I came to Ghana, I've not been a fan of that. I can't even tell you why. I do know that I am more interested in Facebook to push things and initiatives am doing than myself. Hence, the reason why I had post pictures of myself, if even for profile pictures. What I am doing must be more important and successful than me. For a period of time, I was putting most pics on Google+. Maybe I'd do some collections and post pack on Facebook.

I've become very sociable. At least since I was in MIT. I have had 5000 Facebook friends countless times and have been removing friends (oops) to create space for new ones. At one point in time, I accepted almost any Ghanaian who sent me a Facebook request. Now, I check for the number of mutual friends and a few other factors. I'm not sure why Facebook won't just increase the friend limit. Copying Twitter's following thing is cool though. I use Twitter more, it's nice that Facebook has copied a few things from them, especially hashtags.

I love using Facebook pages. In fact, I am an admin of over 23 Facebook pages. Yeah, I counted. That number again? I don't want you to grow tired of seeing it. Pages are my fave. I think I use them as much as  I use my own profile. Barcamp Ghana. Barcamp Accra. GhanaThink Foundation. Diaspora CampMuseke. Barcamp Kumasi. Global Shapers Accra Hub. Junior Camp Ghana. Ghana Volunteer Program. PartyCrewGHAmakye Dede sef. I created and managed the Obrafour page but after I gave Obrafour ownership, he removed me. Lol. I no bore. I still love his music. Not sure about that Obra Foforo name though. I can't bring myself to create a Facebook page bearing my name. Too narcissistic for my linking.

I remember when a few friends created a Facebook group called "Ato for president". That was unexpected. I blogged about that. Now about that campaign for president. I've been very public about a lot of things I do, via this blog. Most of my life is on Facebook. In fact, I sometimes start writing Facebook posts and then turn them into blog posts. With this Facebook embed feature, there's more coming.


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