JCIP - A paid internship program for Ghanaian high school students

I've blogged about the +Junior Camp Ghana program started and grew. As part of providing value to high school students in Ghana, primarily through, we organized Junior Camps in Ketasco, Kalpohin and Augusco+GhanaThink Foundation's Junior Camp Ghana program has grown into 21 events since January 2013. It includes a collaboration with the +Ahaspora Ghana Young Professionals in mentoring some senior high school students. Our first major partner is +Webster University's Ghana campus, which we truly appreciate. Our +Diaspora Camp member +Thelma Boamah applied for a grant to run an internship program for high school students last year. After working through it, getting the grant and supporting more junior camps, we are at the point where the Junior Camp Ghana Internship Program is live.

Before I leave you with details, I'll like to recognize those who have led us to this point under the leadership of Thelma. +Gameli Adzaho has worked on the curriculum that will prepare the interns, with help from +Priscilla Esinam Yevu+Kofi Kafui Kornu takes on a role working with our 6 confirmed companies. +Nathaniel Alpha +Eunice Mintah Young +francis kumadoh and +Pedel Oppong continue to support the success of this under their Junior Camp Ghana program. Get in touch with us for more information and how you can help, support or partner. (juniorcamp at ghanathink dot org). The most important link is the application formBit.ly/JCIPAppForm :-)

From July to September 2015, Junior Camp Ghana is rolling out a Ten Week Internship Programme for Senior High School leavers. This programme is meant to expose them to the world of work. The Internship Programme will focus on grooming 10 participants in their various fields of interest, as they undergo 8 week internships at companies in Ghana. These will include Agriculture, Technology, Art, among others.

The Junior Camp Internship Programme (JCIP) will boost their confidence and capacity to improve their employability. “Experience is the best teacher, which is why internships are so valuable for career development,” Thelma Boamah, the JCIP project lead said. “JCIP participants will be supported to gain a better understanding of their career interests and, through practical experience, develop the soft skills employers want to see.” Final year students in Senior High Schools in Ghana should apply via Bit.ly/JCIPAppForm before 1st May, 2015.

Junior Camp Ghana is a career guidance and mentorship programme run by the GhanaThink Foundation. This foundation believes in investing in the potentials of young Ghanaians, especially at the Junior High School and Senior High School level. They believe this will help heighten their interest and participation in ensuring the progress of the country. The main message in the Junior Camps is to encourage students to build skills. JCIP will give 10 senior high school graduates the opportunity to experience work and implement learning as they continue to build skills.

Last year, over 3,000 students benefited from the career guidance and counselling sessions on their campuses with mentors from various industries. This is an extension of the overall vision of the GhanaThink Foundation which has the slogan; “Less Talk, More Action”. JCIP is an effort to put more action to all the talks where students learnt about building skills in the previous year. The internship programme will offer successful applicants a unique opportunity to gain vital work experience and industry exposure.


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