End your search - the Infinix Zero is here, via Jumia

facebook cover.png The first things that come to mind when looking at the features and the attendant accessories for the Infinix Zero is “this is built for the African terrain”. It’s great to offer choices to cater for the diversity in tastes of the African user as well. No wonder my friends have dedicated Whatsapp statuses to the Infinix Zero2 as their wish for birthday gifts. Let’s rate how high it should be on your gift scale by exploring its features.
The Kevlar® fiber used is ultra flexible, highly resistant and 5 times lighter than steel. It achieves toughness for the phone while maintaining it as a light, handy phone. Other attendant properties allow the phone to endure high temperatures synonymous with Ghana and Africa as well. 5 inch. How’s that for slim things? Thin, light, sleek.
Different advancements have been made in the industry to guard against wear and tear and the Infinix Zero2 is up to date with the cutting edge technologies. Using Corning Gorilla glass 3, scratch damages and screen failure are reduced by almost half from the last generation of the phone. The Super AMOLED Display features a HD 720 X 1280 resolution(294 ppi). This allows the user to experience high quality streaming media, quality experience in video and photo.

The screen response touch time goes under 1 millisecond. This is due to a 0.001mm thickness layer which makes the screen ultra responsive. It also makes it energy efficient by reducing energy consumption by 17%. The previous line is very relevant to us in Ghana with the current dumsor crisis. Do you know what you can do with 17%? Watch a couple more funny videos to reduce your frustration and stress level at work. Adwuma. Hold that thought.

GH_W25_Infinix_C1_S1.jpgThe Infinix Zero2 has one of my current favorite phone features - the Palm feature. I’ve become very enamored with selfies, even if I am taking pictures with non-millenials. Being able to put out my palm, almost as a “get ready, the selfie is about to be taken” sign, is always fun. With a 5-megapixel, 85 degree super wide-angle front camera, I might as well give high-fives to the phone as I take selfies. 5 MP is becoming industry standard with a few higher end phones outdoing it. The f/2.0 aperture provides more light to allow for better shots in dark places. The Auto-Focus feature supports sharper pictures as well.

An unnamed phone I am using currently doesn’t perform very well with too many applications installed. A 2GB RAM allows the Zero2 to perform better with a large memory space for concurrent running tasks. It’s important for the smart phone to run multiple programs - browsing, chatting, multi-media apps - without affecting internal storage. Now, that’s smart!

All of this goodness could be yours for just GHC 639. It’s a DUAL SIM phone as well. If you’ve seen the cedi-dollar recently, you’ll agree this is a great deal. You can buy this via Jumia, which is everywhere in Ghana. Find out more about this deal here, it confirms the great features I’ve sold you on already. Want to get ahead of the pack in grabbing this for yourself? You can place a call to Jumia - 055 402 10 42.


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