Secure your & Ghana's future with the Savings Booster

Growing up is not easy. It would have been great to have been more prepared through the years. I am accepting that you can't have enough information, especially from experienced people. We must have one eye on the future as we go about conquering the present. As we are growing up, #WeAreEvolving. Things change, become better especially with technology and we get greater responsibilities as part of our careers and even our ages. We must be prepared for the future. Saving is an integral part of this.
We start to take more responsibility for our communities and countries. We start to understand and pay taxes. I tweeted about three constants. Life, death and taxes. When we were growing up, in mathematics, we learnt about mathematical constants which were signed by 'k'. Now, K has become a synonym for constant. Why not save for the future in between life & death while paying taxes? As we have evolved, there has been a lot of great information. One of the best evolutions is saving money as you pay your taxes. Read that again. It's real. You can save some of your taxes as extra savings for later

PetraTrust has launched a really cool online tool that sheds more light on this. It is aptly named It presents information about a PetraTrust product called 'Savings Booster'. The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The pains at which it goes through to make you understand the Savings Booster is quite remarkable. It is that kind of 'attention to detail' that we lack in these parts and must become ubiquitous. Not surprised though. Those who run PetraTrust have been trained and been honed by world class institutions and this is evident in the work they do. After my friend Mutombo checked out the website, he chimed in with advice, He's a very experienced guy, Listen to him :-)
PetraTrust is a leading financial services provider. They are affectionately called the pensions expert.
The managing director, Kofi Fynn, at the launch of ‘Savings Booster’, said workers need to add the 3rd tier pension scheme to benefit from the pre-tax savings provision in Ghana's Pensions Law. You are probably patronising the 1st and 2nd tier schemes because they are mandatory - they are managed by SSNIT. He explained that when one makes a savings booster contribution through payroll, part of the money that would have been paid as taxes will be added to that savings hence, putting the contributor ahead even before the investment begun. You need to ensure yourself or your company is on this! Gain more information at the PetraTrust website today!


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